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2023-06-14 19:20:28

Fixing Up The Compound Karts! (First Rips)

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Welcome to today's video .

Our special guest is here and I wanna know how the did you get inside the gate ?

Um Marco and Johan were leaving as soon as I was pulling in .

So , yeah , put me in .

I want is your initial reaction to this place ?

I pulled in and I went , hi .

Hi , I pulled in and I went , well , I don't know where I'm going .

This is kind of out of control and then , so hold on .

Can we talk about two things really quick ?

Your sense of my face ?

Yes , I regret it .

Yes , I shave my face .

Yes , I hate it and yes , I'm growing it back .

Second thing I figured since every time you and I go somewhere you buy a car .

So I figured if I was coming down to you , I had to buy a car .

So , did you buy this ?

Congratulations , dude .

I bought it for 200 bucks a day .

Oh , ok .

Ok .

I'm so excited to be here .

This is great .

So we've got , I think it's four buildings that need plumbing work .

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So that's where it came down .

I knew I was getting finessed into something .

I was so excited to come down and hang out with my friend and then I'm on my way here and I hear James in the background .

I need four things fixed .

Well , Tommy's coming to you so he can finesse you too .

Yeah .

But everybody that's just , I just get finessed .

That's , it's my life .

What's this thing ?

Is it cool ?

Is that an exhaust ?

I don't , I don't think it's stock .

There's no way to stock .

It still sounds really good for stock .

Yeah .

And it pops and bangs on down shifts .

This gotta have an exhaust .

That was my fight .

Oh , will you say that again ?

I , I heard pitch revving .

I thought it was you being annoyed and revving my new bike .

You're about to break .

It's not my bike before we continue .

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Go there .

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Donate good luck and let's get back to the video .

He's here for 30 minutes and he's already work as soon as I get here .

You ever worked at one of these units ?

I wouldn't want to be a plumber in Florida .

It's so smelly .

Yeah , we got like 30 P si we were around zero before .

So you did something .

I think once we get the first one figured out , the rest of them will be easy , but it'll be nice to have it on the stand as we're figuring the first one out .

All right guys .

So welcome to Grant's three easy steps of taking cars and bringing them back to life .

Grant .

Please share with us three easy steps .

Bye , filled with fluid , crash into your friends .

Now , what we're gonna do I think we're gonna try to get them running first .

Uh , they all need fluids , they need brake fluid , oil .

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You said they have like transmission fluid .

It has like a 2 to 1 reduction box .

You use the same oils engine .

Um , we don't have the recoil kits so they are gonna be here till like six , but we might be able to start them with like a drill or .

Yeah .

So that's kind of what our plan .

Well , we think that the level of importance is getting them running first because if we know all of them run , then we can do the brake fluid and bleed the brakes and put the tires on and stuff like that .

So I think that's gonna be the best bet .

So we're gonna try to get them running like a a grant and night red is fine in these , right ?

What happened when you put a night red in your mini bike ?

It stopped working .

This is the gas tank , right ?

No , dude , that's for the brake fluid .

I'm not gonna , I'm gonna put a little bit in so we can have a little bit in all of them rather than a lot in one .

This is all that I have right now .

That's a really good way to think of things out a little bit in everything rather than having my glass half full .

I want everybody's glass to be an eight full one .

So Adam fought .

No , no , no .

No , no .

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Grant thought that the brake fluid goes into the gas .

No , no , no , no , no , no , no , I need to , I need to back myself up .

I thought this reservoir was a brake fluid reservoir .

It's kind of hard to tell when the things were up on a pallet .

Ok .

Yeah , it's real hard to see when it's at high level .

I get you .

So , I'm going home .

We have breaks , we have brakes , brakes .

So probably things in like 20 minutes .

Yeah .

Well , the tires is the , that's sick .

We just need to add fluids for it .

Um , that's , I'm assuming this is for the reduction box .

Yeah .

And then this is the general perfect 32 .

You holding that ?

Yep .

So then you just turn this and it dump right there we go .

Hopefully , hopefully we pick the engine and not the gearbox because we'll be putting double the fluid into the gearbox .

What's the thing called from Culinary ?

The , there's a name for the bottom of the , the liquid .

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You know what I'm talking about from chemistry .

What's it called ?

The , the , the Meniscus , the Meniscus .

That's the word .

I was pretty close to the first time .

I , this is like the most Florida thing we can do .

It really is , see if we live in California , we'd be some , and we'd be buying electric carts .

Yeah .

More electric bicycles .

Yeah .

Yeah , we like to gas .

So we don't have a recoil .

We don't have like a pole starter for these yet .

So we're gonna try to start them with a drill .

Hold on the crank .

We're gonna see if we can just start them that way .

I just , I kind of feel , mate .

I do flow in the breeze .

Yup .

Whoa .

That works .

It does .

I think I already got a few on the lines .

Yeah , that worked perfectly .

One hit with the air and I saw a few go right there .

That's a , I think the impact would work .

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We can try .

I just , I know what you're saying , but I think if it impacts on hard enough it won't , it won't back and click .

Ok .

You know , let's try .

Just , hey , if it starts to start , yank it on , it's not even gonna work .

Yeah , we're gonna get this started right now .

We need to , actually , we can use the , um , the ratchet trap .

We'll wrap it around there and when it starts it's gonna be flinging around , won't it ?

No , because you pull it all the way through it .

It just yanks the rat trap off .

Do you trust me ?

I got this under control .

I'm like , picturing myself getting like tangled up at a rat trap and like hanging upside down from the Go Kart .

I can hold it .

Oh , wow .

Yeah .

All right .

It should start .

I feel like , you know , in the show , Survivor back when you were a kid , like people out in the middle like this would be a good , useful skill to have for that .

So you have to come with us everywhere we go .

Yeah , I'm new .

He hired me .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm waiting to do my burn out , like , in , like , in , in , I just haven't gotten to it yet .

Been busy .

I can't wait for you to , uh , mess up my lawn .

You're not gonna smoke your lawn .

You're gonna see me .

You're like , ok , we're racing around the compound .

I'll just be in the middle just going just in the grass .

Right .

So close , jump , jump , jump , jump .

He was joking that started right up .

Got it running .

It's obviously like we had it up with the choke on , but it doesn't have a leak .

It doesn't have a pull cord yet .

So it's like kind of hard to like get it actually running .

So we know it runs .

So , and it has brakes now .

So we just want to , we're going to pull the wheels off and throw tires on because we're impatient and it'd be fun to like ride these for a few minutes .

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It'll make the , it'll make the other five a lot easier to work on if we know how much fun they are .

What do you do in that face ?

For sure .

There you go .

There's gonna be like , go Kart experts watching this being like , what is your graves too ?

So which way probably this would make most sense ?

Um Yeah .

Ok .

Now push it down as far as on your home .

Here we go .

Mark .

Hold on .

They don't know how long it took us to try to do the first one because it was about 30 minutes .

Well , we only have 1 55 more to do .

I , I kind of 32 .

Wait , three years .

Well , six times four is 24 .

Carry the one divided by three .

Well , I went to a , well , in school , not learn in school .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I tell you what I , hello , she's got the s 15 foot man drags on her .

There we go .

Yeah .

Keep pushing down where you are .

Adam .

That hand .

Yeah , we're using ceramic .

We need it for the hydrophobic , the hydrophobic properties .

It's OK .

This is what it's meant for disperse water .

Showman's all mad that we're using ceramic speech .

I don't know .

This is the first time me and Grant have ever been able to share an experience with our sponsor .

You get , those are the homies .

Thank you .

Thank you for making our dreams come true .

In Schulman's nightmare reality .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's the method , dude .

We're gonna look like a freaking NASCAR pit crew at the end .

There's a restaurant down the road .

We were talking about taking the squad of go Karts to the restaurant rolling up .

We have to go there .

Did you see that ?

Like kind of pissed at so pissed , dude .

Yeah , I'd be pissed too , dude .

You got , I think you got to hang out with .

Now I was on these wheels was behind the bearing .

No , I know the bearing .

Look , there's no bearing in that .

So that should just go .

Right .

Yeah , you're good .

What did you get here ?

What you like flipping you guys off ?

How did you get in here ?

Like this high security , dude , they call it .

I don't need services .

We're in the freaking woods here .

Oh .

What about that thing though ?

No .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Guess how much gas I put it in there all the way down here .

I filled it before I left it .

Like you hit a deer on the way down .

I did hit a deer .

I fill , fill it before I left and I got gas and Myrtle be really fuel fuel .

600 no , diesel , diesel fuel , 600 miles to a tank bend with your back .

Hold on my fingers .

Don't forget what you think that drags on the ground .

This is sick , Brent .

This is Tommy's Go Kart .

I don't fit too bad in this thing .

Grants are getting this , these seats are not comfortable .

Can I have the , the padding ?

There's no faith .

No , there is .

We just said he's a shop and he said , oh , yeah , it got delivered to the warehouse here .

Let's race through the compound , Volkswagen versus the Porsche .

Ok .

I just can't go over 69 miles an hour because t will find out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is that your car you drive here ?

Why are you ?

So , how do you think I got here .

I love it .

Uh , he's around , not wrapping around three times .

You're trying to move 13 65 .

Tried one time .

He thought I might have been flooding from the other time if Tommy get started first try , you owe him 1000 Porsche rides , right .

I'm , well , I don't want to see anything in front of here .

You know , they , they more , you , you see that almost smack , turn the ignition off .

Why didn't you smack the ignition off ?

Yeah , that's what I can't believe you did that .

I didn't do shave your beard .

Then that dude , I don't , I'm really upset that I shave my beard .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't grow back like you say , in a month , but it will really take about four years .

I don't feel the shave your head and think it'll grow back quick .

Yeah , like the layer and Adam's in your way and he said I was fine .

I asked him , I was like , yeah , the beard got knocked off desperate times .

Call for desperate measures , right ?

Yeah , that's right .

It's actually pronounced greet , greet .

I like , oh , Groot was what I always called .

You reminds me of the little dude from uh space Galaxy Warriors .

Oh , that's really sweet .

I don't know if that's what it's called .

It was called the dudes that drive the millennial Falcon .

So , right .

Thank you .

God .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Soon .

Junior .

I don't know .

It seems to be working about it .

Yeah .

Dying , dying .

I close it off .

No .

Love the f , he need glasses .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh , oh , I can start the happy .

Yeah , they're too fast .

They don't turn well .

Nope .

Why do they make mufflers for these ?

They sound like they have mufflers that are blown out .

Do they ?

Like someone hollowed them out ?

So they went past it , see if it starts back up for half ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

No .

Did you loop it out ?

Yeah , he almost went right into the trailer .

Do you think they're sick ?

I better keep it running for you now , dude , like they're loud .

But dude , go , I just did the layout that we do when I drift .

Dude , these are gonna be a blast here .

How close were you to death ?

A couple of times .

Honestly , it doesn't feel sketchy at all .

It's not nearly as bouncy as I thought the debris is a little sketchy .

So like if we have like one of the air blowers to blow off like all the pine cones first , um The tires aren't even inflated anywhere near .

They have what they have to be .

Um Oh , this is why it's smoking .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's not the motor piece of plastic on the fire .

But dude , like they feel fantastic .

It's perfect amount of speed .

They're just too loud .

Yeah , they are loud .

Um How loud was it when I was over there ?

You can literally cannot hear you on the other side from here .

Not at all .

We thought you away from fair when you drive by us .

It's a lot .

But dude , this is gonna like , we'll be able to come up with such a crazy course .

Like they drift just enough , like , so good .

It's like everything I could have hoped for .

I'm so bummed .

I'm just so excited to have everyone here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're doing a barbecue on Sunday .

So that'll probably be uh , I guess like a Monday or Tuesday video .

I don't know .

My math is kind of bad right now and everything's gonna hang out .

We're gonna rip some of the Go Kart .

So today's just get them all ready and um I'm excited .

Hopefully run becomes a paraplegic in one of them .

No , not , not that .

All right .

Just like a broken leg .

It's fine .

Ok .

He fully sent it with that beard .

Tommy .

Say it one more time .

I gotta say it over there .

Best purchase ever .

Best , best six purchases ever .

Yeah , best six purchases ever .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I can't wait for everyone else to experience how fun this is together like six of us all battling side by side .

You're basically living the plot of the movie .

Blank Check .

Have you ever seen that movie ?

But that sounds like someone that would just go buy new new Go Karts that don't need tires on it .

It's the 2021 blank check .

No , it's like this is like 2021 blank check on a budget blank check from like a guy who doesn't have that much money blank check .

But you gotta wait a couple of days before you cash it blank check .

But please be conservative when you , when you take the check .

It is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So yeah , stop .

I would .

There's a lot of bumps but it's so good dude .

The bumps make it more fun .

It is like driving searing in a car .

That's the best way I can equate it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't , I have so much dirt in my eyes and my nose , my mouth from riding on your tail and it's just unbelievably better but where it's not , it is so bad .

This is the best .

Oh yeah , this is why I came out .

Well , we were planning to trail this in today and show you guys us installing coil kits and new carbs and all these things .

But shipping has been just us in the dude you can't say in the same say whatever I want whatever .

Let's give Mike a little more work .

Well , yard boy over here uh who's yard boy ?

Next video ?

We install more parts on Go Karts .

Make all work and have fun .

Wait on the barbecue video .

Wait is the next video actually .

No , that would be that .

Oh , the next video might be the power washing video .

I don't know what the next video gonna be .

It was gonna be good though .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Bye when we behind the bar .

No , I know the bearing .

Mhm .

Don't you get it ?



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