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2023-06-14 19:20:12

My Stay at the Flamingo 🦩 Best Party Hotel in Las Vegas

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Biba .

Las Vegas B B .

How cute of Oh , ok .

Hello and welcome to the Flamingo .

We just checked in .

It was real smooth , great check in process .

So we have booked a room for two nights .

This is the king go room with a high roller view .

The view is incredible .

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You guys uh first impression this hotel is really cute .

Let me give you a quick room tour .

I'm tired of dying .

Follow my mom .

So some people you're talking to on the strip didn't actually know this , but there are actual real flamingos here in the back of the habitat over by the pool .

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The flamingo is actually named after Bugsy Siegel's girlfriend because she had big long legs .

She used to call her the flamingo , right ?

Look at that yellow sky and way off in the distance .

Those follows that direction .

This might be my favorite part of the flamingo .

It's just so relaxing back here and the animals are so cute .

Oh , you got it .

Oh my God .

Yeah , it is because of the beauty .

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That is why a woman time for lunch .

We just walked a little bit up the block over to casino Royale to get a 2 50 ft long hot dog .

Really good , cheap lunch .

Hm .

Hm .

Ok .

Those hot dogs were , they had no business being so good , so good .

Uh , we're just gonna grab a quick coffee and it is absolutely gorgeous outside .

So I think we're gonna relax and walk around the strip and just enjoy Vegas .

Pathetic .

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Bye bye .

Yeah , thanks .

So we didn't realize this , but if you go upstairs there's a monorail entrance , that's kind of this long walkway and it gives you a really awesome view of the pool is .

Yeah .

Ok .

We have made it down to the Flamingo Gold pool and it's really beautiful out .

It's like 75 ish , feels warmer but the pool water is absolutely freezing .

We're just going to enjoy ourselves , have a few drinks and then we will head down to dinner .

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Ok , guys , we just got back to our room from the pool .

One thing I will say their security is like worse than T S A and we ended up having to film all the pool footage on my phone .

So sorry about that if it doesn't look as good , but now we are ready to go have a wonderful dinner tonight at Bugsy Myers .

Thank you .

Cheers .

All right guys , we just got to Bugsy Myers .

We decided to stop and grab a drink while we wait and I am so far , incredibly impressed .

I got the Bugsy Spritz , which is what I saw .

On Instagram .

My husband managed to get a smoked Wisconsin old fashion , which is very different than the old fashioned here in Vegas .

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Ok .

We got seated at our table .

This place is gorgeous .

You guys , my husband has already decided to try the prime rib cap , which is their signature American wa you be going to be amazing .

I think I might just try some soup and salad tonight .

I heard the French onion soup is too diet .

Ok .

We just finished an epic dinner at Bugsy Myers .

It was so great .

One of the things that's really fantastic about staying at the Flamingo is you can walk out one of the side doors and be right on the link promenade .

There is like an epic amount of food and drinks and dinner and so many options here for you really great location .

Now it's time to go and walk around on the strip at night .

Yeah .

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Wanna be a superhero flying around with a cake catching now my head under the water but I ain't in it .

That's it .

Ok , guys , we have just been walking around the Las Vegas Strip for several hours .

There is nothing more beautiful than being out here at night , especially when it's warm .

But now I think it's time to head back over to the Flamingo and maybe do a little bit of gambling .

I slept like a tank last night .

Now it's time for breakfast right ?

Who are now ?

So it's a brioche bun egg ham and Swiss .

It's really hot but I'll try to take a bite .

It's a good breakfast if you're just trying to get something in here .

This is good .

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Ok , so what are my final thoughts on the Flamingo ?

I have kind of a mixed review .

I am staying in a go room which is just one of their non renovated rooms and it could use a little bit of T L C .

They do have other rooms that are renovated .

They look a little bit more nice and updated so maybe make sure you stay in one of those .

However , I love the theme of the hotel .

I love the aesthetic of the hotel and I love the flamingo habitat and those little touches .

It makes it really nice to stay here .

Food options are fantastic .

You are in the best location you could possibly be to get cheaper food , nice food , anything you need .

It's here , price wise .

This hotel typically would run you about maybe $100 a night all in .

Not a bad price for what you're getting for .

The room .

Casino is huge and busy .

It's really nice , but the pool thing is a little annoying .

Turning their regular resort pool into a day club .

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Sounds like a good idea on paper maybe .

But for a regular hotel guest , you can't bring your own coffee in , you can't bring a water in there on the weekends .

No kids are allowed in that pool .

So if you're a family , I wouldn't stay here over a weekend .

The security is nuts .

It's just not a relaxing pool experience .

Overall , if you are partying , if you are coming to Vegas for a crazy weekend , this is a party hotel , you could totally party it up in here and you're gonna have a great time if you're going to relax .

I wouldn't stay here .

My only other big complaint is the wifi situation .

So like every other Caesars property , you can only connect two devices to the wifi .

After that , it's $15 .

Our phones don't work at all in here and even the two devices that we did connect to the wifi really don't work .

We couldn't even call each other in this hotel , just the entire wi-fi and phone service and everything in here really bad .

Those are my thoughts on the Flamingo .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

Thank you so much for being here .

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I will see you guys all in my next one .

Bye .


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