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2023-06-14 19:19:38


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Yeah , what is up guys , cars across Texas here today and we are on our way to Little Galveston cruise hosted by Texas infamous .

I'm super excited to actually start doing these cruises and stuff like that because I never got the chance to do it while I was working .

But here we are , we're going to the first one .

It should be a decent little turnout .

So let's get down to the meeting spot and we'll get on down to Galveston .

Alright guys .

So we're gonna try to get some P O V video for you on this little drive , see what we can do .

But whenever I do these in order to make the GoPro not hit my roof , it's right in the middle of my face .

So we'll see how this goes and uh I mean we need to get some good footage , I guess , man .

We , we're on our way .

We're going to Katie Boys , we're going to Katie .

I got the birthday boy here , Michael Booth .

24 years old , old ass man now .

Yeah .

All righty fellas .

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We're rolling in , we're rolling in , see what we got what we're working with on this cruise .

Oh , nice little turnout and see some , some boys out , got the go pro in the middle of the face looking like a goof looking like a goof man .

All right guys , we have made it down to the first meeting of the Bucks here in .

We got some cars .

So let's take a quick look around .

We're going to be driving down to Galveston with and let me know what your favorite car here is in the comments .

Start off with some uh American muscle sedan .

Love .

I got a Charger Hellcat in a nice G eight here .

Move on down to the G T 500 the Mustang bullet .

There we go .

So we got the one to wide body .

Mustang .

He's now a little lower but he's missing his over fenders .

Where did they go ?

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You just get bags and they couldn't fit the wheels and tires on the , with the over fenders .

You got the tape there for the oven .

Would you rub your bumper off ?

You rub your bumper off ?

Oh , ok .

Ok .

All right .

This is gonna look sick when it's done a little bit of love for your J D and boys out here got a nice little 3000 G TV R four .

It looks like out here .

Very tastefully modified .

Look nice little fox buddy , man .

Definitely want me one of these in a little fire hop .

Yo , what's going on , boss ?

How are you ?

What's going on , man ?

How are you ?

This thing is sick , man .

I want one .

I want one .

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This is clean D A here .

Got some secrets under the hood .

It's a Bill Ellis .

Yeah , that's awesome .

It's a Bill S3 with an L S A blower .

That's sick .

Sounds good .

So , with all the COVID going on and stuff , I mean , we got to protect Texas Star Soldier .

Bucky the beaver .

Nice and safe .

Alrighty boys .

So we're rolling out .

We're rolling out .

You got Michael , I'm so quiet .

No one can hear me .

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All right boys , we're rolling out , we're rolling out , we're rolling deep man .

I love Grabber blue on the mustang man .

So nice .

Pretty nice , pretty nice .

B D E drift around here one time , maybe , maybe I think it was there like brother .

Hell yeah , brother .

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Hell yeah , look at that .

Yes , sir .

Look at that .

That is beautiful little scat pack action scat pack .

Tony .

Yes , sir .

Yes sir .

That's he .

He came from super far away from my car mate that I hosted and he came from like or something like that .

I I don't remember but he came from a couple of hours away man .

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We're we we're mobbing down the freeway boys .

Let's throw this hoe and track mold man .

Looks so much better .

The box body rolling by if you gonna fight I should .

Here he comes .

Give me some picture , get me picture me .

Give me that thumbnail boy .

You me that thumbnail boy , I can't wait to finally have rolling shots of my car , man .

Go on , brother , go on , brother the GP , I just said see it .

Yes , sir .

Have been doing with brother .

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She's uh , ok , its infinity .

Has to be bad , dude .

We were like fox dude .

Brother are the mustangs lining up the race , I think .

Er , what are you doing ?

She has to be mad brother .

She has to be my brother .

She got around the G T 500 .

Can't let her pass .

She got around him .

Now he came back around her .

Yeah .

Ok .

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She mad ho man , angry Karen , angry Karen weaves in and out of crazy crazy uh highway takeover .

There she go .

Little mama go , little mama , little mama's coming .

Go little mama .

You should pass her just to piss her off .

The mama was angry .

Oh man .

Look at that .

Oh yeah , brother .

Oh my goodness .

That is beautiful old school charger .

It looks like you can't see with this .

Go in the middle of my face , brother .

You freaking truck , man .

I'm trying to get a look at this old school charger brother .

Look at that man .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look at that .

Look at that man .

Yes sir .

Look at that .

That is beautiful .

I'm outnumbered by Mustangs .

Oh good .

Nat and Martin joining the cruise .

Look here it comes here it comes , brother .

Yes , sir .

DB nine old James Bond over here man .

92 3 .

That's so nice man .

That's another one of those like cars that'd be sick daily .

Imagine a manual E 92 M three .

Yes , sir .

Oh , oh .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , man .

A stretch bike .

You're flying by hell .

Yeah , brother .

We ain't catching that .

Boy .

He moving batman .

What a play .

Oh , the veloster with the fly by hell .

Yeah , brother .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes , sir .

We're getting rowdy , brother .

We're getting rowdy .

Oh , the little Mazda sedan ?

Oh , the Camaro .

Oh , yeah .

Yeah .

Marin Boys .

Right .

Folks on today on today's episode of cars across Houston going on a little speed to , to our left here .

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We have Reliance Stadium Stadium now , folks .

Very nice .

That is a marvel of engineering accomplishment right there .

Fitting that in the back of that little thing .

There's so many mustangs though .

I'm worried .

Uh-huh , old worn out mustang joke .

Uh-huh , that Mustang is so goddamn loud , man .

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Oh , fuck nice .

Well , brother , this isn't fun .

Like date .

We just gave a little scoot and now we're rolling , boy , we're swinging and banging age town style out here .

Oh , man .

Swing and banging baby .

Everyone's doing it behind us .

Hell yeah .

Yes , sir .

We're back in the group and the highways open again .

How lovely man .

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I love that color on that mustang right there .

It's like the off white from the o with like the , the cream and the blue stripes .

It's pretty nice , man .

Oh , the bullet .

Oh , yes , sir .

Uh Yeah .

Oh my God .

See the flames that , that focus .

Yeah , bro .

Give me some flame action .

Oh , I don't know if you're going to be getting caught on camera .

There's a little baby flames but they're coming .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look .

Oh , oh my God , man .

She jeez .

Brother 3000 G T .

Yes , sir .

The V R four you were swinging with us earlier .

Yeah , this wall is sketching me out .

It's like some of the pieces are not laid on where they're supposed to be like randomly juts in the lane .

I want to get away from the wall .

Right .

Mr Motorcycle , man , we have some good round on the road .

That's fun .

Yeah .

Holy moly with my windows down it so goddamn bright Mike .

That green , that Krypton green Z 01 sounds crazy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is that an S S might just be an S S but it sounds good .

But after some spirit of driving on down to the Texas City Buffy , I mean , some gas is obviously going to be required here .

We're gonna chill here for like an hour or so and then get back on the road to Galveston .

All right , boys , we've made it to Texas City bus .

We're parked up , we're chilling and all that stuff .

That was crazy .

I'm not sure how much I can put in the video without incriminating myself .

But that was awesome .

Homeboy's car here is stupid loud , but we got a big group here now , I guess we met up with some south side guys or something .

But jeez , brother .

There we go .

Nice airing it out on this episode of Dogs across Texas .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , my gosh .

Oh , my goodness .

Oh , my goodness .

So he's Siberian husky and American Eskimo .

That's awesome .

His eyes are so pretty .

Oh my gosh .

Look at the camera .

We got Bella in the building .

What's going on with the glittery Instagram stickers and everything , dude .

I love it .

I think I need me one .

This is amazing .

Oh no , this is really my , my mum alone .

OK .

Look at this .

That's a unit right there .

Oh my God .

Look at this rat rod rolling up .

That's amazing .

Yes , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like in the car , the L S3 L S A supercharged G eight .

That thing is crazy , man .

It makes me kind of want one .

He does look like a little kid .

Yes sir .

Swing it and bang .

Oh yeah , brother H Town right here , got people behind us doing it .

It's amazing .

They're just going like 10 cars back .

Let me get this all .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You should raise that G eight .

I love the rat rod , man .

I love it .

Here goes the bag .

Hell yeah , brother .

Yeah , man .

My favorite favorite favorite feature about this car , man , ac seats and record seats in Texas life .

Saber , man .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , brother , I'm getting the thumbnail right now .

There he was , but that's what's going on .

We're almost the Galveston boys .

We're almost there .

There it is .

There's the ocean boys .

That's , this is my tender picture .

I have so many pictures after this rally .

It's going to be awesome .

Are you ready for some fire new Instagram content from these guys too ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And speaking of which follow me on Instagram .

If you don't already , you're looking to find out about stuff like this in the Houston area .

I posted up there .

If you just want some clean picture of the I do that too .

Just make sure to uh drop me a follow boys .

Maybe I'll just move down to Galveston and have my base down here .

My headquarters cars across Texas International .

Nice little C five gave me a nod of approval .

It's the micro truck .

Yes , sir .

In case you were wondering this is what Texas beaches look like .

Kind of terrible .

At least in Galveston a little brown , a little green , not , not like a good green but like a kind of sewage green .

You know , he's got the blue mustang .

No .

Oh no .

They closed the resort path .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're going to brother , they have a top down sunburn .

There is a police that pulled over a grabber blue sang oh skirt skirted in front of the cop .

Wonder what he got them for ?

We got it for .

All right guys .

I'm very sorry for the wind noise .

I know it's terrible right now .

I don't have my mic on but we're here .

We're parked it with the boys .

Let's take a look around real quick .

This car is just so unnecessarily loud .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Think you said 3 50 are rolling by that vote is not good , man .

The cops are here in numbers , brother and the Explorer .

Wait , what did you , what did you get pulled over ?

Wait , what did you get pulled over here ?

Hanging out the window ?

Yeah .

Ok .

Ok .

At least she was cool about it .

So we've quite literally shut down the whole sea wall here in Galveston all the way down .

So we got the boy king to here and I got Bella , what did you get pulled over for ?

I heard you had like four cops on you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's like you killed somebody and then he just get out of here .

You know , it's great , you know , it's amazing .

My car is still registered in Oklahoma , so I don't need front plate yet .

Thank you .

We got the painted tan desert mustang fresh on bags with the matching painted brakes .

There's the mustang that got pulled over there .

It is nothing for you to see on the bed buddy .

Alrighty guys .

Hopefully the wind noise isn't too bad .

We're about to roll out from Galveston , get some lunch and maybe go to another .

Hopefully the video home boys home and showing some love and it was a good time .

Hopefully the cops don't pull me over for no front or whatever like they've been doing for just about everyone else .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And uh yes , sir , what's going on ?

So , on that note , I'll see you next video guys .

Hopefully we enjoyed the .


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