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2023-06-14 19:19:34

I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at The LINQ in Las Vegas.. 😁

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Hey , holy shit .

Is that my car ?

Hey , everyone .

It's Ruby .

And today we are staying at the cheapest room at the link .

We booked their standard one queen and let me give you a tour .

You know what ?

So when we booked the room , it said it was only 275 square feet .

Hence it being a queen bed instead of a king , I thought this was going to feel so tiny and claustrophobic , but it's actually the opposite .

You can tell these rooms were done pretty recently and the designer was really smart .

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The furniture is compact .

They've made tons of floor space .

We really don't feel tight in here at all .

It's light and airy and looks really clean and fresh .

Our view is really bad and I bet at night you could totally see into people's rooms .

The bathroom is not huge but it doesn't feel too small .

You have like a walk-in shower , it does have a curtain .

They do those pump bottles on the wall for your shampoo and conditioner and stuff .

I don't mind that at all .

I think it's less wasteful than those plastic bottles .

But I mean , this is perfectly decent .

He's handling things here that he is quite proud of his job .

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Overall , the rooms really modern and nice and I think we're gonna be pretty comfortable .

We did check in at around like 10 o'clock ish and if you check in before one , they charge you $60 for early check in .

We haven't been to the link in a while and since we've been here last , there's been some changes to the casino floor .

They've added new restaurants .

There's a ton to look at and I remember the pool being a lot of fun .

So we definitely have our hands full .

We should get going too much .

So , one of two restaurants that Buddy V has opened inside of the link is called the Boss Cafe .

This cafe has like square cut pizza sandwiches as well as his like classic Italian bakery .

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But we really wanted to try something unique and they have a Mutz bar .

It's just fresh mozzarella with and we got spicy peppers on top .

It looks really good and kind of a unique snack .

This is a really yummy snack even better .

You guys , we bought a soda , five bucks total .

Rip off right wrong .

You get free refills all day long with this cup .

That's an amazing deal .

If you come , stay at the link check in and buy a cup from here and drink for free .

The link is definitely like a fun party hotel for sure .

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So the casino is a fairly decent size .

It's kind of weirdly shaped , like they'll have clusters of slots .

You kind of have to walk around a lot to see everything .

However , the table minimums like roulette and blackjack right now were like $15 on a Saturday , which isn't terrible .

And it's a very lively and popular casino just got back from exploring the casino floor .

Holy cow .

Is it busy down there ?

We had a little snack .

I think it's time to head to the pool and I'm guessing it's gonna be just as busy and crazy there too .

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So you're gonna love the Link pool or you're gonna hate it .

It is a party .

It is basically a day club .

It is 21 up only no kids .

But as you can see everybody is just partying , splashing , having a great time , not a relaxing pool .

We love it .

It's always fun coming here .

It's even more fun than I remember .

So , if you're here at a party in Vegas , like the link pool is a definite , definite thumbs up in my opinion .

It's so fun .

We're pretty hungry and every single time I look at our key card , it just really , really makes me want to go to Flavor to , I made it to the Vegas kitchen and bar .

This is like the big restaurant inside of the Link .

They have an outdoor patio , but it's super hot out right now .

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So we're gonna see what they have on the menu .

I'm imagining a lot of gooey delicious par food .

All right .

Yes , we have .

Ok .

You guys .

So we looked at the shareable menu and they had trash can nachos and we said yes , please .

These are 25 bucks .

Easily shareable .

There's pickled red onions on here .

Super , super gooey .

Like every chip looks wet .

These look so good .

I cannot wait .

Oh , there's barbecue sauce because the meat is pulled pork .

So the barbecue is balancing against like the black beans and I got a little bit of that sweetness from the onion and there's a little heat from jalapenos .

These are like not just regular nachos .

They have a lot of flavor .

These are awesome .

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Our food was really good .

25 bucks and we're both full .

Now , you guys keep talking about this drink and I'm gonna see if I can go find it .

Wow .

It is hopping inside o'shea's o'shea is the little mini casino inside of the lin casino .

And you guys were raving about this Bailey's freeze .

So I thought I would give it a try .

It was $11 and it's basically like cappuccino flavored with Bailey's .

It's like a boozy Wendy's frosty .

It's really good , really cold on this hot day .

So thank you for the recommendation .

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I'm really enjoying it right outside of o'shea's is the Barney bar .

It's a fun people watching spot .

They have beers out here that you can just pick up and grab and being on the link promenade is a huge perk to staying at the link .

Its location is really great .

I only just so hot today .

We had a ton of fun , but all of that sun just made us like exhausted .

I am going to take a shower and wash my hair .

Go to bed , see you guys in the morning .

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So , so like good morning , you guys , we slept pretty good .

We got some coffee at Duncan this morning , but we're getting pretty hungry for breakfast .

And the other new restaurant in here is actually a food truck and it's by Buddy V as well .

And I think they have some breakfast sandwiches and stuff .

So we're gonna go and check those out and see how they are .

Good concern .

All right .

So the food truck is called Buddy Bee's Jersey Eats and it's basically just like sandwiches , waffle fries , things like that .

But they have breakfast sandwiches here too .

So we got the sausage breakfast sandwich with a Kaiser roll .

It's got egg and cheese , 10 bucks , put a little hot sauce on it .

It's a cool , quick , easy option .

One thing it was like , didn't open until 10 , which is a little late for us .

Also , both buddy be restaurants .

You can't charge to your room , which is annoying because you don't get Caesars points then .

But we'll see how this is .

I hope it's good .

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I'll just try it without hot sauce first .

The sausage is real breakfast sausage , like real breakfast sausage and it's got wonderful flavor and spices to it .

Good sandwich , 10 bucks .

Not bad .

It's a big size to see us time for me to give you guys my final thoughts on our stay at the link .

So let's start with the room .

We paid about $250 all in with resort fees and taxes and everything .

Not including the $60 early check in fee , which is outrageous , but it was a Saturday , a really busy Saturday and $250 for a Saturday in Vegas is actually super reasonable , believe it or not .

Normally , during the week , these rooms are like 80 or $90 a night .

So very reasonably priced .

There's a lot to like about the link if you want to party .

If that pool didn't seem like your vibe , that's kind of the vibe of the whole property .

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It's partying , it's loud .

There's a ton of people you're going to get bumped into and it's fun .

If you're in the mood for that .

If you're not , you're not going to enjoy the that much .

It's gonna be way too claustrophobic for you .

Although I'm telling you right now , the biggest drawback that we've noticed is how busy the elevators are here at the link .

It's crazy .

They're so busy .

It's just so it's not for everybody , but I do recommend it to those of you that I think would like this one and I would come and stay again , especially for a good price .

I hope you guys enjoyed this one .

If you did make sure you subscribe so you can catch all of my videos in the future .


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