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2023-06-14 19:19:15

Is Planet Hollywood the Best Cheap Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip 🤔

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Just checked in .

Couldn't have gone smoother .

We went up right to the desk and did the $20 trick to get ourselves a little upgrade .

Now , I have to say I get asked all the time , where should I stay for my first time in Vegas ?

Where's a good hotel ?

And I'm , I was thinking of a few things like center strip , good price point , lots of amenities for some reason .

I always forget about Planet Hollywood and I have no idea why I don't know why I overlook this property , but we decided it was time to stop that and just stay here and see how it is .

Ok .

So like I said , we just booked a standard king room .

I was completely comped with Caesars .

I do have a video on how I do all the comps if you guys want to see that .

But I did try the $20 trick and we got upgraded to a junior suite .

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So that is this room and so far very impressed right when you walk in , you have sort of like your entry area with a little table and chairs .

You have a wet bar area , two big closets .

It's a huge entryway .

Super nice and it does smell really good in here , by the way , right away .

Let me show you the bedroom area and then we'll go to the bathroom .

We have an incredible view , incredible view and you have a nice little like chair and table here .

Big bed , nice , big TV .

There's a little bit of space down here .

Fancy artwork everywhere .

Very much models and fashion kind of thing going on .

The beautiful view carries into this bathroom .

Incredible window by your tub .

There's also a big shower .

You have your mirror , your sink .

So that is this awesome room .

I'd love to stay here , but we're starving and we need to go to the pool .

So let's go do that .

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Ok .

Starving .

Just have the earl of sandwich .

I've put this place on my best breakfast list before because it's got some really cheap eats , but there's also some really cheap and great lunch options .

I am doing the Thai chicken wrap and I'm dying .

This Thai chicken wrap is so fresh , so delicious .

Their sandwiches are like seven or eight bucks like really affordable for a lunch and just get some ice water and you are good to go and ready to head to the pool after this to love .

Ok , we have made it down to the planet Hollywood Pool , also known as the scene .

There are two main pools here .

One is for families one is 21 up only .

And there's also a gigantic deck for lounging .

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The water feels so nice and warm .

So I love the vibe here at Plan in Hollywood Pool .

But if I had one complaint , it said if you want a lounge chair , there are not any free lounge chairs up by the pool areas , you do have to buy a cabana or a day bed to have your things right by the pool .

And while the lounge area is really nice , you don't really want to leave your stuff down here .

So overall though , I do like the scene pool deck here at Planet Hollywood right now , I'm gonna lay out , enjoy these epic views of the strip , enjoy my beverage .

And then I really want to go and explore more of Planet Hollywood and everything in the hotel .

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So , one of the things I didn't realize that they have here at Planet Hollywood is a flow rider , which is basically just like a boogie board surfing thing .

Unfortunately , it's not running right now .

And when we talked to the pool people , they told us they don't think it's gonna be running at all this season .

Sadly , but kind of a cool feature that I didn't hear .

So up on the mezzanine level , which is the second floor of Planet Hollywood .

Besides having like some convention areas and ballrooms , there are actually a couple of restaurants like Coy and strip house along with this huge theater which holds Chris Angels Mind Freak , which isn't one of the shows that is currently running right now and there's no word on when this one will be back .

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So Planet Hollywood got named Planet Hollywood in 2007 and it got renovated before that .

It was called the Aladdin .

Before that , it was called the Tally Ho Casino , which is a really funny name for a casino .

And according to our limo driver , Elvis actually got married here back when it was the Aladdin .

So we can't talk about Planet Hollywood without mentioning how great the location is .

You are literally dead center strip .

Some of the other properties like the cosmo and Bellagio cost so much more to be right in the middle of everything , but not here at Planet Hollywood .

So it's actually one of the best locations you can get while staying in Vegas .

Ok .

So a really great thing about Planet Hollywood is actually that you are attached to the Miracle Mile Shops .

Have you watched our cheap breakfast video ?

Almost all of those are inside the Miracle Mile shops as is Nacho Daddy .

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There's an H and M lots of great shopping .

It's just a really excellent place to be and shop and drink and eat and it's right next to Planet Hollywood .

You cannot be that another fun thing to do if you're in the Miracle Mile shops is watch the rainstorm happen right in the middle of the miracle Mile during the week it runs every hour and then on the weekends it's every half hour .

So , kind of a fun little water feature .

It's about to start in just a couple of minutes .

That's good .

That , yeah , that on second thought , maybe , don't go wait to watch the water show because that was incredibly underwhelming .

So , a lot of you guys are under the impression that I don't like Gordon Ramsey because we had a bad experience in Hell's kitchen .

But I really like Gordon Ramsay and we have eaten that Gordon Ramsey burger before and it was actually really good .

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So we decided to eat here again while staying at Plant in Hollywood .

So let's go .

You guys know that I always recommend that you get reservations no matter where you're eating .

But if you're trying to eat a really popular Gordon Ramsay restaurant like this , you really want to make reservations .

This line has been like this since four o'clock .

Ok .

Just sat down at Gordon Ramsey burger , ordered a beer , ordered some burgers and fries .

They did say it might be a little bit of a wait .

So we'll see how long it takes and we'll let you know how the food is .

Ok .

Got our food .

It did not take that long at all , maybe 15 minutes or so .

I've got my Peroni .

I am trying the Forests burger .

It has duck bacon and mushrooms and arugula .

Mr Ruby got the Hell's kitchen burger .

I think just to tease me and then we are splitting the incredible trouble fries that we had last time and they are so good .

So time to eat .

What I like about Gordon Ramsey burger is like when you bite it , like it all stays together , it doesn't really , like fall apart on you .

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It's very good .

If you come to Gordon Ramsey program , you have to get the trouble with the A oli .

You have to so good .

Just finished that Gordon Ramsey burger .

It didn't take long at all .

We actually ate in like 45 minutes .

I will say it's expensive .

It is .

It's a celebrity chef restaurant .

I feel like with drinks and our burgers and fries and everything , it came to around 70 bucks .

So if you're looking for like an artisan , interesting burger , mine had like interesting flavors and it was very like kind of like gay from the duck , but also kind of like mushroom .

It was really delicious .

If you're into that thing , you might like it .

Um But yeah , we really like that place .

It's good , but we will end the night here and I will see you guys all in the morning for breakfast .

Take me back live is it said , take me back to being a kid .

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Know how to live living is it ?

I said , take me back to being a kid .

Good morning from Planet Hollywood .

We had a really fun night last night , turned in and got an excellent night's rest and now we are hungry and gonna hit up a new breakfast spot .

So let's go .

Ok .

Just stop down for breakfast at PB R Rock Bar .

It opens at about nine .

So we did have to wait a little bit .

We are trying another cheap breakfast option which we didn't include in our cheap breakfast video .

So for 5 95 you get eggs , bacon , you can either get tater tots or fruit and then your choice of toast .

And they actually have Texas toast for breakfast .

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Ok , I think it's time for me to give you guys my final thoughts on planet Hollywood .

Ok .

Let's start talking about the room .

This room is a 10 out of 10 .

In my opinion , the furnishings and the carpet feel brand new .

You've got a fridge , you have a lot of plugs .

It's a fantastic room .

The room that we booked was just the ultra hip room .

But as I said earlier , we did the $20 trick .

In order to get an upgrade to this junior suite , the ultra hip room should have cost $95.24 .

We were comped and because we're diamond , we pay $0 .

So the total that we paid for the junior suite was $20 by doing the $20 trick .

An average room rate for here at planet Hollywood is about $100 a night , which is incredibly reasonable for the location which is my next point .

The location is fabulous for the price range here .

You truly cannot beat this exact location .

It's probably one of the best parts of this trip .

One of the downfalls .

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One of the things I didn't love was the way that the pool is set up .

There is a huge area for the lounge chairs , but there are no free lounge chairs around the pool area .

So because of that , you don't really feel right , leaving your things over at your pool chair to go into the pool .

And so a lot of people just had all of their belongings around the edge of the pool .

That being said the pool was super lively and fun .

It was a great atmosphere .

They were playing good music .

So it was fun .

I would just say that if you are going to stay here , you should probably consider renting a day bed or a cabana for you and your group , especially if you're in a big party , you guys could split it and that what your things are right by the poolside casino .

We're a little bit , um , not great on .

It's a beautiful casino .

I love the look of it .

I love the huge tall ceilings and it's really nice , but the variety of games isn't great .

There's a lot of repeat slots , food .

Great .

Absolutely .

The best property for eating .

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In my opinion , you have all of those cheap breakfast spots .

You have all these lunch options .

There is just a plethora of places to eat right here and you will not go hungry at all .

So do I recommend Planet Hollywood ?

There is a very specific group of people that I think should absolutely stay here at Planet Hollywood .

If my younger sister who is in her early twenties were to say to me that her and her girlfriends wanted to come here to Vegas and do like a long weekend and they had these clubs booked and they want to know where to stay .

I would absolutely recommend they stay here young 20 something that are looking to party and then wake up and grab themselves something cheap to eat and lay at the pool .

This is a great spot for you .

I think you're gonna love it .

Didn't see a whole lot of kids and if you're looking for like relaxing , I'm not sure it's a real relaxed atmosphere .

It's definitely more of a party atmosphere all in all .

I like Planet Hollywood .

I would recommend it .

I hope you guys enjoyed this one and I hope to see you guys all in my next review .

Bye .


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