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2023-07-27 17:52:07

SIMIT 😍 Turkish #1 Street Food! Make Best Simit At Home!

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food and travel .

As you can see , we are making one of the well known street food of Turkey is a , a bread in ring shape .

It is coated with sesame commonly found in the streets of Turkey .

Everywhere you can fight .

It's like a bagel to United States .

I can say the best company would be tea or iron yogurt drink .

And of course , if you want to have a rich company to go with the some uh cucumbers , tomatoes , green peppers , olives , cheese and it's ready to enjoy .

So let's begin .

Here are my ingredients .

550 g of flour , one cup plus fourth of a cup water .

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One teaspoon dry yeast , one teaspoon of sugar , two teaspoon salt and one tablespoon olive oil .

I'm gonna eat sugar here and one teaspoon leveled yeast , one tablespoon or two teaspoon of oil .

And I'm gonna use uh most of the flour just going to leave about 50 g .

Let me leave half cup here and the rest .

And to that two teaspoon salt , I'm gonna add the salt over the flour .

So it doesn't touch to the yeast .

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Let's give it a nice mix and then until it's a nice , smooth and sticky dough .

Yeah , flour looks enough .

So I'm not gonna eat the rest half cup .

I'm going to continue to need for about 30 seconds or one minute .

Not more .

They do .

It is ready .

Just barely sticking .

Let's turn it into a bowl .

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I'm gonna cut it into seven .

You can also scale it .

It should be 100 and 20 g .

Let's do it .

Yeah , this is nice .

So I'm gonna continue like this .

OK ?

I'm gonna turn them into bow and then it slightly just make it a look like so and , and rested .

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OK ?

Um I did two batches .

The first one is ready .

I wanted to double it because I can freeze it and use them later .

As you can see they are soft .

Now , I'm not gonna use any flour just going to roll it out if beginning from the center don't touch to this part .

This needs to be thicker .

Here we go and then fold it like so and twist a little bit and not too much .

Just give it a , a press slightly .

OK ?

And then you see these two are uh thicker .

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What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna fold it like so put them together in this , this one inside the thicker side and then press it .

Let's do one more .

I'm not touching to the sides .

They're gonna be thick , twist and then press it together .

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With your finger slightly and uh , keep these two tick parts open , make a ring , put this one inside the , these two parts and then press it and it's tricky .

Uh , it's gonna rest and then we gonna open up a little bit more .

Don't try to open it too much .

Let them rest again and continue with the others .

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Ok ?

I have shaped my er , I'm gonna make the coating now , I have four of a cup water here going to eat about two tables , stone grape molasses .

The ratio is one part mo is two parts of other .

Let's give it a mix .

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453.47 --> 576.94

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My oven is heating to 180 Celsius degree and I'm going to bake them until it is nice , golden color for about 30 minutes .

And here on the side , my daughter is cutting the green peppers .

We have , we're gonna keep them in the freezer .

They were very good for me and all the dishes .

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It is still crispy .

Yes , I'm just gonna get piece of it with some cheese and olives .

It's really good .

My friends , I mean like 90% same in the streets and it is better from some of them because it is still fresh and uh warm .

I hope you give it a try and let me know , share your photos with me from my Instagram account .

Turkish food and travel .

Stay tuned for more vlogs and uh travel episodes from the Black Sea region .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs .

Bye .


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