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2023-06-14 19:18:40

Taking Delivery of my 992 Turbo S!

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Are you ready for this life ?

It was way better in real life than I did .

I'm glad I'm glad you think that .

And it is .

Ok .

Well , you when I saw the photo because I thought I wanted one .

So the clear does not look that bad .

It was worse in photos .

It clear .

Are you ready for a black car life ?

First mod .

First official mod .

Yes .

Yeah .

Let's just let this one .

I'll be the one that can break it .

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Honestly , the clear tail light is not that bad .

It definitely stood out a lot more in photos that it looked way more white clear , but this like blends into the all black I think really nicely .

No more adi light , which is very ironic with the situation of today .

I want to smell it .

And so I'll be able to give you a review that I will say as a neon princess .

This looks a lot better in person than I thought it would like .

I actually like it , which is surprising because I usually like a lot of color .

Now tell me I lost my turn key thing .

No , no , no .

So you step on the brake and you turn this to the right .

Oh , so the keys are just a sensor and then this is like an artificial key on the break and turn it off .

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Ok .

Never mind .

This car looks so good .

Wow .

I did not think I would like an all black on black car this much .

It looks mean and aggressive .

It's finally here .

You inside there .

Can you please explain what the ironic part of this entire situation with Audi ?

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So the , the gentleman that we sold the Audi to gave us a ride here in the Audi that we sold the day before this car came .

Wire comes in .

Wire goes out to the car because he's picked up another car here on the same day at the same time .

And the last time we were here we drove the Audi and parked in the same spot .

It's just a whole weird , but everything happens for a reason .

It was great .

Oh , well .

And it was also ironic because he was already coming here today .

That's why he gave us a ride is he's signing for his turbo s Yeah .

Great .

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Oh , I love the yellow accents .

It pops so much more in real life when you were building the car .

It didn't really look like you would notice it as much .

Come on right off the rip these speakers like the , the G G three just doesn't have base in it .

Maybe it's a weight thing .

But Oh my God .

Already sitting in it .

I see what you mean by .

It's way more like Dali .

There's so much space , it's more lounging in here .

Our thank you .

Thank you .

I'm so happy .

Oh , look .

Oh , they look so good together though .

Hold up like the video .

I put the yellow in here and then looking at that one .

So we didn't really talk about it but I was trying to convince to get a G T four that one specifically right there test drove and everything .

This already feels right .

Yeah .

When I first drove the Audi , it didn't feel right .

This feels right .

This is a meat car .

I really , really liked the black on black on black , which originally that was a big discussion .

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I was like , no , you gotta do chalk , you got to do chalk and went back and forth .

And this is , this is it , this is you missing something .

I also didn't realize how much more roomy this car would feel .

There's a lot of space and kind of functional back seat if you're like my size bad .

I'm so happy that for once , I have a crest on my hood .

The G D three has a sticker and the sticker is cool because it's like race car , but there's no way to shut the hood without getting fingerprints on it .

But now I have a badge to push .

Oh , yes .

Now your O CD won't go crazy with fingerprints everywhere .

You should have seen .

Oh , true .

It is harder to details .

Like the first time I shut the front on the GT €3 .

I saw you cringe because I didn't like , use my shirt and press down .

So I don't , I don't shut that anymore .

I hate this .

I don't care if people love it .

The thing in the middle of my dash .

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I like playing and no , because look now I have my stupid radar .

I could hear .

I got to hardwire it .

Uh Chrono delete mod .

I don't come here anymore .

Oh my God .

Oh my God .

Yes , that was car crunch .

Did you hear that ?

Is that ?

Oh my God .

Was it a it sounded like it right ?

God .

It feels so smooth .

This is how a transmission is supposed to feel .

I'm so happy .

Sounds nice but it's gonna sound better .

I know they kind of sound like vacuum cleaners .

You say the comments .

Vacuum cleaner .

Yeah , it's got the best sounding portion .

I'm just happy .

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I say right off the rip , breaking in these cars is a myth .

They break them in on the showroom floor and dudes that drive these cars for 3000 miles and never floor it , man .

Do I feel bad for you ?

Because that's like half the ownership that most of the people on these cars and they'll just baby them , we'll floor it .

Don't worry .

Ok , I can't wait to see your face when we launch this thing .

Why you thought the Audi ?

Oh , true .

I forgot about that .

What is the 0 to 60 in this 22 eight ?

Something absurd .

I forgot about that .

I've ever been in a car that launches as fast as this car will .

But you've never launched a turbo before .

Oh , well , I launched one of the previous ones , but that was about the same as Audi .

Oh , my gosh .

I forgot about that .

This looks like a sea .

That's for looks so greasy .

I didn't eat pizza today .

I love it .

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So , uh , with these Porsches , if you're not like a super Porsche guy , this ending of the video may not be of the most interest to you , but Porsche dudes geek out over their options .

So I was like , oh , you have your little seat belt .

Hm .

Oh , wow , you have the fire extinguisher mode .

So , what I thought I would do I made a print out so I can discuss kind of some of the options on the car and why I chose them .

Um , these 9 11 Turbos people will spec to the moon .

I think .

Uh , it's , I've seen a couple that have had upwards of $75,000 in options .

Um , this would be considered more on the base side because I have about $30,000 of option .

Um , Turbo s uh , the biggest thing for me is that it comes with the carbon ceramics .

I know there's some other differences .

I'm not super familiar with them .

So I'm not gonna sound like an idiot but I'm gonna launch right into it .

The car is black .

I've never owned a black car before .

What is all this ?

It's like salt deposits .

Yo , I wonder if that's from the water here .

I wonder if we need like a crazy filter thing .

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Oh , we just found out something bad .

Adam's getting sidetracked again .

Ok .

Um I have the but ran over one of the things so .

Ok , black , I've never had a black card before .

Um I just I wanna live out my gangster dreams of having an all black car that just I don't know , it doesn't stand out .

This car is supposed to be daily and I really wanted my black R six A so I could have my all black car .

This is gonna be my all black car .

So I'll end up tinting the windows and putting on different wheels that are all black and yeah , we'll do that .

So I'm just gonna go right down and explain all the things .

Deviated stitching .

I was torn at first about possibly doing red interior but in some of the photos that I saw , I looked kind of tacky on the 9 92 .

This is the newest generation , obviously 992 comes after the 991 and you'll see the stitching is yellow .

I don't know .

All black interior wouldn't be cool to me , but the yellow stitching just makes it look that much nicer .

Um I just , I love it .

I love that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I did the orange stitching and I paid the extra on my G G three is one of my favorite things I ever did .

So it was a must on this .

I always love the colored seat belts too to kind of tie everything together , ties it in with the brakes and it breaks it up a little bit in retrospect seeing some of the cars with red interior .

Um I think it would have looked cool , but I'm really happy with my choice and it's like perfect .

I usually I'm not a black interior fan but I like it .

Uh Next thing sunroof , you guys , probably the biggest thing that I think anyone would think about this spec including myself is why the fuck didn't you do the carbon roof ?

Because you can do a carbon roof and it's like practically the same price as this giant electric slide sun roof .

The reason being because this car is my daily .

My logic is I'm going to have one of those roof boxes on the car pretty much at all times and you cannot run the roof rack with those carbon roofs .

You can do the Seas Suker thing , but those are sketchy and I've heard some horror stories about them , especially with carbon roofs .

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So I got this because I can use the factory Porsche roof bars and then have my big black roof carrier on here where I can throw all my luggage and groceries and stuff since the front on these is kind of small , which I'll show you .

I think it's about the same size as the one on my G T three .

Maybe a little bit bigger , maybe a little bit smaller .

I don't know , but can fit like a couple backpacks in here , but not much .

We went to the grocery store earlier and couldn't really fit too much .

But anyway , walking around the car , I did do the carbon fiber mirror covers .

They look sick .

I'm really pumping how these mirrors look .

What's cool is on the other side compared to the 991 .

The carbon actually goes all the way down instead of just being a half cap .

Um , I also did painted side skirts .

These would normally be I think kind of like a uh like a satin plastic y looking black .

Um , it just looks nice and it was one of the things that are I really liked about Porsche's Arrow kit , which is another option that I was like kind of wavering on the arrow kit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Basically painted the side skirt .

It had a little different balance on the bumper here .

That kind of came up that I really didn't like .

It looks out of place was kind of cool because it had uh a little bit more aggressive front bumper wasn't even crazy about that , but I hated it had these weird little winglets when the wing is down , they look stupid because the wing like these things that look awkward here .

But what I didn't realize is those are actually built into the lower wing .

So that way when this wing goes up , it forms like a , almost like a kooky style wing and it looks so cool that I'm , I , I keep looking to see if I can just buy the arrow kit trunk because I kind of regret not doing that .

Um Well , I'm back here too .

These little flats come from Porsche painted gray .

I opted to have them painted silver .

Oh , sorry , I look stupid .

Sometimes I opted to paint them black because I thought it looks better than silver , pretty much , you know , just murdered out everything that I could .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I thought about deleting the 9 11 turbo badge because it looks pretty cool when you can't tell anything in back , but I decided to leave it and just have it painted black by Porsche .

Yeah .

Another thing that I was kind of on the fence about was these clear tail lights and I didn't understand the photos that I was looking at and I thought that the red ones were actually the clear ones because this is like cool light bar thing .

So I got the clears , saw photos of it decided I hated it , ordered the red tail lights online because I regretted my decision .

Then saw it in person .

I think I kind of like them .

Um When Mike is saying he loves them , you can't hear him because he doesn't have a love .

He keeps talking behind the camera .

So , uh yeah , so normally I like the , the 99 ones you wouldn't have this bar and when it was just these two tail lights , they look super R and almost like ebay tails .

I think the center bar kind of ties it together a bit more and I'm happy with them for now .

We'll see if I end up changing my mind while we're in the back of the car .

I did the sport exhaust .

Um I'm gonna end up changing exhaust anyway , but I liked the two big tips as opposed to like the two dual tips .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um And the only way to get that is with the factory sport Porsche exhaust , which also a lot of the dudes that buy these cars look for when they end up buying them used .

So I thought that that might help sell and then I get the cool bumper .

Anyway .

I did opt to have it , uh , with the port .

Is it Porsche Active suspension management ?

Basically , it's lowered from Porsche .

I did confirm that it does change the dampers a little bit .

It's not like it just has a lowering spring .

I do plan on doing lowering spring .

So my logic was if I get a car that's already a little bit lower from the factory from Porsche , when I lower it the shocks will be a little bit better set up to handle being even lower .

Another thing while we're talking about suspension , one of the coolest things about 9 11 s when you lower them , especially on the G T three , which sits down really low .

They have what's called the front axle lift .

I don't know if it's going to work right now , but you click the button , then you start the car , I clicked the button and the front goes up so I could do wheelies .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then when I have to go into a Starbucks parking lot which has a very big incline , it doesn't matter because I will never skip my bumper .

I think it's making me close my door to lower it like you can still hear me because I have a lab .

How cool is that ?

We are low now close the and now we out .

Ok .

Uh It's got the fancy Porsche headlights that change the housings to black has a cool little logo in there .

Remember that scene in the Fast and Furious where , where they're like in Tokyo Drift and he like quotes got 575 horsepower and a portal exhaust .

And the dude's like , cool , you can read the brochure .

That's literally what I'm doing right now .

I like , I could tell you from memory , but it would like take me so long and I'm trying to make these clips like pretty continuous using this as my notes to jog my brain .

There's a lot of bullshit tech options for this car that you could do between like parking sensors and cameras and adaptive cruise control and all this stuff .

I don't like any of that stuff .

I feel like it makes you lazy as a driver .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The only stuff I did was what is called Porsche surround view , which basically has the cameras you get like the little overhead view has like good sensors for like parking and stuff .

So I don't hit things because that's never fun .

I did the ambient lighting which lets you uh put like a color in here .

I think it's kind of hard to tell now .

Maybe it's not on , maybe I'll close my door but it like you can change the colors inside the interior .

I really like that with the R S six .

Yeah , you can kind of see through the windows .

It's kind of like blue .

I can see a little bit .

Yeah , I have it set with blue and then it goes off .

Sorry .

But that's one thing that I did and then I did ventilated seats because we live in Florida and it's a black car and the seats get really hot .

I could have done Porsche carbon ceramic .

No , sorry .

I am so dumb right now .

I could have done the Porsche carbon buckets which is sick .

They do those you could do the rear seat delete and basically make it a mini GT three .

But since I've been having a lot of back pain getting in and out of cars has been really hard for me .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It sounds really dumb .

I know I need to get my back fixed .

But these seats are extremely comfortable .

They're ventilated .

I think they look good with the yellow stitching .

They don't look too plain back seat .

Pretty much useless .

Been throwing things on it .

Um , but it's cooler , I think than having a rear seat delete because if I do ever want to throw someone in back , like it's technically legal .

I don't know if it's nice for the passenger , but that's the thing I did .

The storage package , which is just a net in the front seat belts are in yellow because I'm a racer .

I did the fire extinguisher because hopefully this car won't catch on fire .

But there's a chance that maybe one of my other car driving with it or one of my friends' cars will catch on fire .

So then I'm prepared , which happened once my evo almost caught on fire on the side of the road .

I think she was driving the GT three .

I ran up to the GT three and get the fire extinguisher out of it and almost had to put my out .

So fire extinguisher in like all the cars a little torn about the steering wheel .

I love the Mac carbon fiber .

I knew that I wanted to do that .

I was torn about doing a in my daily just because a lot of times my hands will be dirty .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I like it .

I love it right now .

I'm going to be honest , I'm not super happy with the quality of this one compared to my GT three .

There's a little nub on it that's been driving me nuts .

You're not gonna be able to see it on camera .

Like it took me like an hour to even get it on photo .

But it's like this little spiky nub and there's one thread that's coming loose .

Um , Porsche is really good about these cars and I'm hoping that they'll , like , give me another wheel or something .

But I'm also kind of on the fence and I almost wish I just got like a perforated leather one , even though it's not as bougie , I would just be way less an about always having my hands clean .

Um , but it just feels really nice to make it look like a race car .

So that's cool .

Um , other than that , uh , I got this in which is neat .

I love the Porsche Crest had that added on there .

I did the foot rest and aluminum .

Just something I've always done and I say I've always done , but I've only ordered one Porsche before , but it makes the car feel like a lot nicer .

And this right here , I hate how these speakers look .

The master .

I don't even know how to say it .

I have no idea about the company .

It's supposed to be a good company with speakers .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I will tell you I was blown the away more than anything else about this car by the speakers .

They are the best speakers I've ever had in any car ever that I get excited to listen to music in this car .

And we actually , I mean , right now it doesn't sound that good anyway , but I will choose to listen to the music over hearing exhaust noise , which is like huge for me because I'll normally have the music down low and I have my head out the window so I can hear my turbo .

But in this car , I'm just pumped to just listen to my music because every song that I listen to in this car sounds 10 times better than I've ever heard it before .

Mike hasn't heard the music in this car yet .

So now he's probably want me to show him .

So we'll take a quick break so I could show him the music in here another couple impressions and stuff that I really like about this car .

I pretty much told you all the options that I've chosen at this point .

This looks like an electric shaver Porsche .

I don't know what the fuck you're doing here , but everything else I really like , like the button lay out here .

Everything is a lot easier to access than it was in the 99 ones .

Um The exhaust buttons here , a lift here before you had to kind of like , look for it and it was just weird .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um , cup holder looks really shallow guys .

Your mind is gonna be blown because we could probably do a 2.5 seconds , 0 to 60 not even spill , drink it , like has the firmest grab and like it's super deep and even though it doesn't look , it , it was funny is they give me a cup holder delete , like as a joke with the car .

I was like , never buying a car from you again .

I'm just kidding .

They're really nice .

Um But yeah , so uh cup holder , great second cup holders up here .

Um , cup holder .

I kind of wish the second couple is here because in the other car I used to always like monitor to make sure it's in spill .

But I like that .

It's closer to me here .

This is sick , this button right here .

Um I feel like you need to make like a driving one rather than just talking about it .

You press this button and it automatically like goes to the lowest gear , which sounds dumb .

Right ?

It's like a kick down switch but pressing the button is so fun .

It's like , it's like a nitrous button , you press it and the car just like down and it's just like , and it's just like ready to go .

It's sick and then that's how you select your drive modes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They did a fantastic job with the layout I love the analog gauge with the two digital gauges .

All the buttons , everything has just been so natural moving from the previous G D three to the next generation 9 11 .

I've been so happy with this car .

The R S six instantly had a bunch of stuff that I hated about it .

This car knocked it out of the water with and I think that's why one of the things I didn't mention before is there's an insane wait for these cars and they're selling at a ridiculous amount of sticker .

Luckily I got a fantastic deal on this car , but people that are ordering them now aren't even getting their cars until mid next year .

So I lucked out mega with this car , especially getting as soon as I did , I actually got an allocation off one of my friends and I'm appreciative that I was able to score this car , but it's something else .

It's special .

I don't plan on making a ton of content with this car .

It's kind of just one of those cars for me .

Obviously , if we're going to do some mods to it and it'll be in a couple of videos , but don't expect this to be like the new theme of the channel for lack of a better word .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um But yeah , man , I hate the sunroofs mad about this .

It , it goes back and stuff , but it's going to be when I get my roof rack and it's like all murdered out and I look like a gangster would be worth it .

Gas mileage is fantastic too .

I got like 30 miles to the gallon with Audi get like 20 in this eight speed P D K .

What more could I ask for ?

I have no idea .

This car is sick .

Oh , one other thing that I was gonna change , Mike .

Meet me over here .

I uh , I actually already ordered these God , look at those salt water spots .

What the heck ?

I want some weird stuff going on with that .

These I opted not to do the Mac carbon fiber with illuminated logo and I saw it on another car and it looks so freaking rad that I ended up ordering them .

So I'll pop those in probably in the next video that we make on this thing .

But other than that , yeah , she's sick , got a couple little mods , ordered a couple of things planned lying around .

I'm sure you guys can get some of them , but overall does my baby and I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I know a lot of you kind of guessed that this was coming because I just kept talking and talking , talking about how badly I wanted one of these .

So uh I hope you're , you're as excited as I am because it's bad even though I won't be making a lot of contact with .

I hope you're so excited for me and not mad because I know it sounds like a lot right on top of the compound .

And it is a lot and I almost bailed , but I decided not to bail .

And I was really stressing because my R six almost didn't sell .

And then I sold it literally like the day before I needed to , to go buy this .

And then ironically , like I said in the video before he ended up going to the deal at the same day .

So I got a ride from him and I wanted to go pick up my new car .

And it was kind of weird because I was riding my old car that I didn't own anymore to go pick up my new car and I got it and here we are .

Thank you very much .


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