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2023-06-14 19:18:32

Scaring my Girlfriend in my Single Turbo 335i!

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What's up guys and welcome to today's video .

Hopefully , this is the day that we're going to get this thing working again .

So to fill you up speed , if you didn't see the last video , we changed , blogs , changed coil pack store and look briefly at what was going on and it looks like there's some issue with a leaky fuel injector .

So if you're not familiar with these , these engines are direct injected , I also have port injection , which in addition to adding extra fueling does help keep the intake valves clean because it spraying fuel in there where most direct injected cars you don't get that .

So you get like a carbon build up and stuff .

Um But these injectors are 100,000 miles old .

They've seen a lot of ignite in E 85 .

They've been sitting for a while and I guess they're prone to having issues .

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So these are index eight , they've had a few revisions and they're up to index 12 .

So what I'm gonna do today is rule out possibility of any injector issue and change them .

So I went over to P si next door and asked them the best place to get a set and they actually recommended F C P Euro .

I knew that Jimmy's worked with F C P Euro before .

In the past .

I actually have a close friend from way back , way back .

Like I'm talking like pre elementary school that works there now .

Um And it's cool to support a company in Connecticut .

So anyway , I hit them up .

They were able to get me this stuff overnighted because I want to get this done while Jordan is in town .

That's my friend , Mike .

Hey , hey , Mike .

Hey , oh , I got in this box .

This is actually I got a new , um , it's kind of like the fuel assembly , I believe they call it .

It has like a built-in fuel filter that's underneath the passenger seat .

So I'm gonna change that .

The first thing I'm gonna do soon .

These victors , they're pricey , but F C P U has a really good price on these compared to anywhere else .

And the coolest thing is they actually have a lifetime replacement guarantee .

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So for as long as you own the car , you can send these back , get a new set two times , three times , four times .

It sounds too good to be true .

But even on brake pads and oil for the life of the ownership that you own the car , you just send it back and they'll refund the cost of your next order .

That's pretty cool .

And I've never seen that before and I'm appreciative of them .

Give me a sick deal on these new injectors .

I've never changed direct injectors before , I guess .

Is that what you call it or just an injector ?

Yeah .

Yeah .

I mean , it's direct injection but I don't know if you call it a direct injector if you just call it an injector .

Yeah .

Anyway , um , looks like , uh , let me show , I ask her if it looks like a lean to pizza .

Remember , remember that earthquake ?

Dude ?

They haven't had an earthquake in a long time .

What if they had another earthquake and I just fixed it , made it go straight again .

That'll be something else .

All right , let's start .

I kind of get excited to work on this thing because it's like an adventure .

I feel like when I was younger I would just like go in the forums and I look up at Diy and how to do it , but I love just trying to , like , pick apart and figure out how to do it .

I mean , it's not like it's anything complicated but there's lots of little new stuff .

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I'm not familiar with like freaking hard lines going to each injector and then got a little plug and it's , it's always an adventure .

Like , how do I unplug this plug ?

Where do I pinch it ?

How do I not break it ?

Seriously ?

How do I not break it ?

The numeral uno soon as this carbon build up , maybe .

I don't know where it actually sprays from .

It's actually a lot simpler than I would have thought .

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It does look like there's a lot of junk on it .

Yeah .

This definitely won't hurt to do if you have ever done pulling them out .

You can just thread this line back on it .

There's a lot of drink on these Freddie , you know much about these things .

Where does it spray from ?

I know .

Let's look at the new ones .

So A P si next door is gonna code these for me because I guess you have to code them when you put them in .

I'm gonna talk to them and figure out , uh , I think we need to write down the numbers of each one before we put them in because I think that's important for them .

Oh , I guess it's free it to the tip .

These are way different than mine , don't they ?

No , I know we need to add these things .

These , I think are like , what seal the compression ?

They're like the spark plugs on washer .

That's it .

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So , yeah , the new one looks way different .

So it's a really good thing that I went over and talked to P si because I thought that the tip style was different .

But is there a cap on it ?

Oh , my God almost .

Yeah , there's a cap on it .

Yeah .

I wonder why my car is not running .

This is weird .

Yeah , I wonder why my injectors not spring , it probably would run but not Well , remember disclaimer , I don't really know what I'm doing .

I was ready for work today .

Hope this would be much harder .

Got two more left .

One trick that made it a little easier for me .

When you put these little plates in , they can kind of be a pain .

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So I would put them in upside down with the slots facing up and then you can just kind of rock them in a place or if you do it the other way around , it'll kind of fight you because there's these little lips on the injector that needs to get over .

I'm going to start the car check for leaks .

Technically speaking , they're not coded right now .

And I think the coating is really just kind of like accounting for small variants from the factory and it being a little bit bigger , a little bit smaller um in terms of the injector output .

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But uh let's see if she leaks still partial throttle around 3500 R PM has a weird the thing that he's using looks identical to uh the thing that they used to like , check out my order at bread .

Now , this is the chick-fil-a edition .

Let's see what it does start .

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Surgeon drive .

You hear it .

Yeah , if you listen really closely , you can hear the sounds of all the M 54 owners still crying over their engines .

I was hoping the emblem would fall .

It still , it still happen .

I think I'm actually gonna be mad if it was that simple of a fix .

It really took 10 minutes and it was just the injectors this whole time .

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There's probably gonna be like 30 people that , like scroll back to the old videos and like , told me the whole time and cheers I should have listened .

Y'all were right .

I was , yeah , I noticed before when I would rev it to limiter it would make lots more pups and bangs .

Maybe because the injectors were leaking that much fuel .

I drive BMW two boys back with the new injectors .

It feels a lot more German domestic market .

It does feel a lot easier to drive than before .

It's much smoother .

The drone is still just as bad though .

Yeah , I'll see if there is clean now .

It's not .

Um , how do you say the power band isn't smooth ?

But it didn't break up .

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Now , let's see if it like another shift who it does seem to drive a little bit better .

Yeah , it didn't break up .

No .

Yes , we will answer that for you .

Yes , it does .

What's cool is now with the flash you can , I feel like you need a bigger turbo .

I feel like we , we could limit the power by gear now with the new , with the new flash thing you think ?

Yes , maybe we try that .

I need to raise someone so I can tell how fast it is because it doesn't feel very fast .

Let me stop the log .

So , when it makes the big pop , that's when it starts breaking up in the next year .

Yeah , I heard that one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wonder if there's a way to fix that .

We shall see .

I was about to make some big excited announcement that Jordan's here instantly .

First thing he does gnaws through my cable .

Well , it just isn't meant to be .

I know it smells good but it doesn't mean you need to eat it , bro .

My rat .

All right .

So , what's the plan for this thing ?

Are you actually , are you actually gonna make a run ?

Like , what , what's the deal ?

What you been doing in the back end ?

Uh , I got a tune from my friend Kennet Wedge performance that if I need to adjust , I have to , I'd rather not though .

And then I'm gonna do the port injection to make sure the fuel on the injection side is good .

I think a lot of his problems .

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Well , based on day , a few little things going on that seem strange .

Strange .

But , uh , part of the problem is he has a watt box which makes the car think it's misfiring without misfire detection disabled .

So , like once he does a watt shift , it just never recovers .

It just throws miss fire for almost every cylinder and it's just horrible .

So , fire detecting disabled , uh , new tune with some few changes and then I'll dial in the feeling and then hopefully it'll work .

So I'm excited .

There's hope .

This is the first time I've felt hopeful for this car in a very long time .

So I'm happy for you .

I'm excited .

Someone's coming to buy the rotor E F D in like 10 minutes .

So we'll see how that goes .

What's going on there making magic happen .

What do you think ?

What do you think in your first ride ?

It was ok .

It was all right .

Nothing too crazy .

He asked me how fast it felt .

He , I think he wanted to be like , yo , it feels really fast .

He was like , yo , he's like , how is it ?

He's like , how does it feel ?

I was like , it feels ok .

I don't know how fast it is .

He said like 7 50 wheels and 700 wheel .

It doesn't feel like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But we , you also , you also lifted like 4000 R P MS .

This turbo probably needs like to go higher or it shouldn't be grun you think ?

I don't know .

We'll see we're gonna well by we , I mean Jordan is adding more fuel and then we'll go out see what we did .

We're scarred with all these 1200 horsepower M threes that we're riding around in every day .

Yeah , please leave it like that too , bro .

He , he deserves that .

He deserves that .

What nobody deserves in 54 .

We're gonna go do some pulse .

I'm not scared .

I'm just saying I , what are you doing , dude ?

Are you doing ?

That or is that me ?

Are you being serious ?

I know you , you like you like dumbing the club , Mike in the sea with the earthquake , bro ?

What ?

That was my blow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It just goes , bro .

You imagine ?

Electronic valve ?

It just goes , bro .

O T P S center bra .

I meet you .

You're the H S version .

Tell me when you're ready , I'm ready .

Yeah .

It just like doesn't hit and other times it 100 cloud based on that .

Um I don't know .

It doesn't feel really , really , really crazy .

Was that fourth ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , you shifted it into fourth .

Do you want me to do anything ?

You want me to try ?

No lift shift or wait ?

No , you thought was good .

Yeah .

No lift shifted the third or 34 .

That's right .

Yeah , I it has like a quick little miss .

How does it feel back there ?

It feels pretty wild back here .

Ok .

Let me make sure smokes coming up first .

Do you know how to ?

Yeah , I can see it .

No .

Yes .

100% 100% .

There is some smoke going out of that .

Don't be quiet .

I'm trying to hear the smoke .

So when you do this test , you don't want the smoke .

So the car actually runs fine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It just feels so slow for something that is allegedly making 700 wheel .

So that's why we're basically text texting .

Oh my God , you just so hard .

I think my heart probably skipped like four beats it off here .

Go to this more than me and turn the no shift from 3 50 mds to 100 milliseconds .

Adam's like the internet says 100 100 50 .

Adam's like , I'm a driver .

Yo .

No , I'm like , how cheap are your boxes ?

I told him 303 $150 .

300 bucks .

I was like , oh yes , we're in , bro .

This , no , dude , this shifter sucks .

I hate all the self centering shifters .

You can't do it through the same as a sloppy old gearbox , like sloppy stuff with like new bushings .

It's like the best .

You don't think so .

I , I'm not , I'm not into the sloppy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You're gonna tell me you can ship this 2 to 3 as fast like O E M one or faster .

I don't know .

We'll see .

I think you need so much force men these days and their Ds G si just go , I think I had two gum since the last time I hung out with you , dude .

All the gum you left in your 9 11 and I just fucking kept , yeah , there we go .

I felt good .

Yeah , they're all pretty good .

But why , why isn't he doing the pop stuff ?

Uh Total .

Uh Damn it , you're good .

I literally the gas won't do anything .

That's fine .

You have to plan on , you turn it off , put a neutral , turn it off and on .

You .

Me , the internet will be so happy , dude .

So happy you blew up my car .

I don't , I don't blow up your car .

So that's for real .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Are you sure the shift fix is enabled because that's your car shut off ?

No , didn't , did you shut it off ?

No .

Shut off , bro .

I swear to God , I didn't shut it off .

I told , did you shut it off ?

No , it has a code for a drop .

Oh , like legit .

My car is not running .

Ok .

You good .

Yeah , they have throttle that .

See if someone boost , I haven't seen that one before .

It actually , dude , that was out .

I want to know why he was not making the pops and bangs because I really need the flames to be cool on youtube .

Do that .

That felt fast .

That , that fell fast .

It sounded abusive to my transmission also .

Fuel trims were a little off before so maybe he just adding that little bit of fuel .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , we've called in help from Johan's but I know you see this car is actually making the power that it's supposed to .

It doesn't make the cool pops and bangs on the shifts anymore .

I think I know how to fix that , but I don't want to mess with it right now because the car is working the best it has in like five years .

So when you bought it .

Yeah .

Have you been in this car ever ?

Well , I drove it in , it was bad , I guess .

Uh , I found out that one of the things that you're supposed to change like right away on these is if you have the old style injectors and that was one thing I never did is that people are really mad at me for that drones .

There's no muffler in this room .

That would be sweet , but just two canned mufflers like the vibrant ones because this car is Titanium , isn't it ?

Yeah .

Yeah , it would look a lot better too .

Alright .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's see if she wants to cooperate today if your back is weed .

But it's Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah , for sure .

I mean you gotta think , dude , this is a 50,000 horsepower turbo .

Yeah , it ramps up slower but if you start feeling it like the scariest thing with these cars is however the drive by wire throttle works when you let off throttle , when it's spinning , it is delayed .

So if you let off all it's spinning , it's almost worse sometimes because it keeps staying on the throttle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's weird .

It's like I could say , oh it's , yeah , but it's like deceptive , right ?

It's a pretty fun car to drive .

Oh yeah , I just , it's one of those cars kind of like the barrel where sometimes I don't feel in control .

Oh , they shut off on me .

Yeah , we're going to see if P si can reset that , right .

This will be Collette's first , I don't want to say first drive , but first driver , this thing actually works .

I'm going to see what you think you often told me what you guys actually did or figured out or made better is like a , is it a power ?

It just , it just works like it's supposed to do know how it was supposed to work .

It spins a lot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What do you think ?

It's , it's cool .

I think you need ropier tires on .

I wasn't expecting it to be that fast though .

Yes , this is what we have to fix .

It keeps going .

I like the way that lip mode sounds in this car and hopefully we can .

That's a weird , yeah , it's , it's like a throttle thing .

Throttle is getting mad .

I think it might have something to do with no lift shift , but that's what we're gonna figure out on Monday .

Yeah .

At least it like goes fast straight .

Not good , but they are putting all right guys .

So I think that's gonna kind of wrap up this video .

But one very , very , very exciting thing that I'm stoked about the R 34 fab work is officially done .

You want finished up the other side of intercooler piping today ?

Looks awesome .

Just like this side over here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I honestly think I have one , one of probably the most awesome R 34 exhausts ever made .

And with the amount of money that these dudes spend on R 30 fours , it's like kind of crazy to say that , but Johan has just spent so much time and it's absolutely knocked everything I could have ever wanted out of the park .

And , uh , if this were done at a shop , the bill for the fabric alone would be so insane .

But I'm , I'm so , so thankful , you know , it , it's been difficult to be patient and just let him take his time .

But I'm so happy that I did , uh , because this is just gonna make the car that much more special .

Um , but the only thing really left , I know that he needs to finish welding the flanders for the Turbos .

But I think he wants to do that when the engines out of the car and he'll explain why .

But , uh , yeah , this means that come next week , we should be able to actually start tearing into this .

We'll have the clutch coming in for the G T 3 50 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we'll be able to get that thing done and we'll be able to start wrenching on the R 34 get the clutch installed on it , get drive train components back in , get the harnessing , get the E C U in and it's gonna potentially be one of the most progress filled weeks .

Uh , just because there's been so much fabric , it just kind of tedious and it doesn't seem like we're getting a lot done .

But I think so long as we have everything that we need , um , it's possible that this car might be done in as much as two weeks .

So we'll see I'm excited and uh tomorrow I am going to be using the Z at like a little street series comp .

So that's what you can see for that .

And then in addition to all that , um I just wanted to kind of give you guys an update on the 3 35 .

Jordan is actually gonna come back on Monday and help us dial it in completely right now .

We just have to figure out why I just keep throwing this throttle code and probably turn the boost up a little bit because I'm only around , like , £23 right now and I've run 26 in the past , but it was like 26 with a throttle closing and doing weird stuff .

So I'm pumped .

It's the best .

It's been in a while .

I hope you guys enjoyed it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's made a return to the channel and maybe just , maybe we'll , uh , maybe put the roof rack back on it or see if I can get the L MS to fit with some stickier tires .

Stay tuned .

I'll keep you guys posted .

It's been a lot of fun .

I hope you enjoyed this one and I will see you soon .

Yeah .


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