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2023-06-14 19:18:29

Top Six 10 Minute Turkish Breakfast Recipes

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish .

Full time travel .

Get ready to learn my top recipes you can make for breakfast or quick lunch .

First , we will make this fried toast that will be ready only in 15 minutes .

They race with each other to puff up when frying and it doesn't soak much oil .

You can trust me .

It is my favorite dish when I have nothing ready at home .

A perfect company with some cheese olives and jams .

Next , I will also share my other top recipes you can quickly make for supper or breakfast .

So let's get started .

Let's begin with maya .

No , to my mixing bowl .

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I'm eating one large egg , three , almost tipp tablespoons yogurt and about 1.5 cups .

All purpose flour to rise my door .

I'm gonna use baking soda .

Fourth of a teaspoon and adding close to half teaspoon salt to make it rich .

I added some corn flour along with all purpose flour this time .

But you can use only all purpose flour too .

I begin to meet my dough .

I only eat it about 1.5 cups of flour and it gradually it more until I have a nice unstick dough and it was about one plus 34 to 4 cup flour in total .

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It's very playable doll .

You can also need it by hand in no time .

Now .

Just going to roll out my door into about a half centimeter thickness with a rolling pin .

From time to time .

You can flip the dough to prevent sticking .

And also you can Sprinkle some flour too .

I have medium size pan heating on my store with about a two centimeter high oil .

And I'm cutting my dough using fluted veal cutter into square pieces .

I usually end up having small pieces , but you can also make it large or make it in rectangular .

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It doesn't matter actually and begin to fry in , in hot oil .

It really takes no much time about one minute to cook each batch .

So you have to be fast .

It is better to have your serving plate ready on the side .

In the first batch , the oil wasn't enough hot .

So some of them didn't puff up .

But you will see now that others will puff in no time when one side is fully cooked , you need to turn it over .

Sometimes it is hard because of the is smelling .

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So you might need to keep it for a while to make sure it is turned and continue to cook to others .

You can eat it as is like a snack , but I usually like to serve it with some cheese olives and jam or honey .

Let me show you how it looks inside .

Just empty .

You can fill it with some cheese or dip it to honey or jam and enjoy .

Now , let's check my other favorite recipes for quick lunch or breakfast .

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The first dish that comes to mind in every house in turkey is probably me , man .

It is a for to make rich and beneficial with veggies , cheese eggs and comes out so delicious .

You just need some rotten tomatoes if it's in the season , if it's not , you can use canned tomato puree or crushed tomatoes .

Some green peppers sauted in olive oil .

Here in the recipe in the episode , I used good quality organic butter from my village in Casa City .

It is one of the ingredients , makes it even more delicious .

You just cook the peppers in butter and the tomatoes and add some white Turkish white cheese .

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It is similar to feta cheese and after they just crack some eggs and don't over mix it and don't overcook and your man and man is ready .

You can get the full recipe from the links in the description box below .

Next , savory pancakes with cheese and dill .

I usually make this recipe when I have little bread left at home for breakfast .

The batter is ready in a minute or so .

Very similar to pancakes , but savory with rich flavors coming from cheese and dill along with the flour to make it more rich .

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I prefer to use some corn flour but it's optional .

You can make it only with all purpose flour too .

Just heat nonstick , pan , lightly oiled and pour spoon full like a pancake and cook to both sides .

And the name means to pour from spoon .

Let me show you how light and springy .

It is so delicious .

Ok .

This one is my daughter's favorite eggs with potatoes .

It has only two main ingredients .

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As you can see , you just cut the potatoes in small cubes so you can cook it faster and fry it in less oil .

About 23 tablespoons in a medium size nonstick pan .

And meanwhile crack two eggs for two person or more season it with some red pepper flakes , bar , oregano and salt to help to cook the potatoes .

I close the lid to create steam inside .

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And after it is fried , I also wanted to season a little bit with some , I just poured all over the seasoned eggs dissuade the fried potatoes will stick together and you can easily turn it over after one side is fully cooked and cook the other side and serve very easy and delicious .

You can watch the recipe in more details from the links and final two dishes will be from Black Sea region .

The first one is Turkish omelet with parsley .

The difference is in the batter .

We use only butter and flour first mix it well and crack the eggs .

You might think why not milk .

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But , uh , but , uh , if you want , you can try it with milk too .

But this way it will be more a different .

I , I can't really explain but , uh , this is how we do it traditional and , and it makes a difference also to season the batter .

I just added some salt and good amount of chopped parsley and fry the batter in two batches in a medium size nonstick pan on high heat .

Again , I have the full recipe on my channel .

You can check the links to serve it .

We just cut it into squares and enjoy it with traditional Turkish breakfast .

OK ?

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The last one is cornmeal dish with cheese from Black Sea region .

It is very popular and traditional dish .

We eat special in breakfast , but you can make it for any time of the day in a medium size pan .

Here , I'm using traditional copper pan .

I heated butter along with cornmeal and we saute the cornmeal until I have a nutty smell and some a golden color .

Meanwhile , I'm preparing my cheese .

This is cheese traditional from Xi region , but you can try it with some uh oozing different kind of cheeses like mozzarella .

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After I saute the cornmeal enough , I poured the water and cook for about a couple of minutes until it thickens , add the cheese and continue to stir until all the cheeses melt .

It's very simple hearty meal you can make in no time with a couple of ingredients .

So I hope you enjoyed my recipes that I choose for you for either or quick lunch or a hearty breakfast .

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I'm curious about what your favorite traditional or modern day quick meal dish would be for these times , like a quick meal , a company for a hearty breakfast or write down in the comments section .

Stay tuned for more Ramadan menus .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel logs to .


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