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Cars across Texas .

Yeah , one of the guys cars across Texas here today we are at Houston .

Cars and coffee .

I'm pretty sure this is like the first one they've had back since they got canceled like a year and a half ago .

Memorial City Mall .

I'll play a few clips of the one .

Whoa .

Oh .

Oh , we went from a huge place in Memorial City Mall where we had tons of space for parking and Spectators alike to possibly the worst location for a car made of the size in Houston .

It's literally sorry , dude , you're not important .

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They literally shut down .

Look at that .

My two favorite car .

Ok .

Your turn .

So they shut down a street in Houston .

It's just , it's just terrible .

It's terrible .

But , uh , let's get to the meat .

There's a lot of cool cars here , so I like to see it rolling .

We do have my ice coffee with a quad shot in it to make the day a little better .

Allie's got her cafe mocha .

Let's get the look .

I'm pretty sure this is just going to be like a 10 minute video of people standing in front of me because this is the worst place to have a car .

Me ever .

All right , we do , in fact have some pretty cool stuff here .

Hey , what's up , dude ?

We do have some pretty cool stuff here .

Indeed .

We got the Ford G T with the carbon fiber wheels and everything .

I guess this is like the main show car section .

We got the Mark two Ford G T 40 here looking extra low and pretty damn cool .

And we got the mclaren Saber down there as well .

Silver and carbon fiber everywhere .

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Oh , it's the Trey Montana .

This is like one of 10 in the world right here .

This is a track focused car right here .

It's called a Trey Montana .

It's a company based out of Spain .

That's pretty cool .

Wow .

One of the reverse lights is out .

You got the exhaust on top .

That thing is nuts .

This place is just compared to Memorial City Mall where they used to have it .

This place is just way too tight and cramped , but we do got the mclaren Saber here .

The silver and carbon everywhere .

Little volcano , orange accents looking crazy .

Unspeakable is getting in the mclaren Saber .

They just made him wipe his ass so he didn't get the seats dirty .

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His car probably has like four miles on it and will probably stay with four miles on it for the entirety of its life .

So we got the Verde scandal or V J here .

What a crazy spec it's highlighter green on the outside highlight of green brakes , highlight of green inside a very eye catching spec indeed on a very eye catching car .

Then we go on to the next car over here .

We got the some of these Italian words are hard for me to say , but this car is also one of 50 in the world and I think there's only like two or three of them in the world in white .

That looks really freaking good though .

Then behind him over here we got the Verde Mantis mclaren 6 75 L T Spider .

I'm seriously going to title this video just like 20 minutes of people walking in front of me .

So I believe this Gallardo super leg right here is Mr Cars and coffee himself in Rosa .

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I do believe he's the man putting on the whole meat right here , but it's pretty clean .

I like that color a whole lot .

We get the Ford Escort R S Cosworth here at the .

How often do you see these in America ?

Let alone period .

Crazy Mickey , whatever that word is .

Edition number 24 1 20 .

And we got the dream boys .

We got the Viper black with the gray stripes looking extra good .

The big old beats in under the hood .

It's a very nice spec carbon fiber X bras , carbon fiber wing in the back .

Of course , it's a must very soon , boys soon .

I hate this location for cars and coffee so much .

It's so crowded .

The Mark four super here looking good .

The carbon fiber everywhere under the engine bay turbo there looking good little fox body cobra .

These things have shot way up in value .

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These are all like 40 $50,000 .

Now , this one looks pretty modified as well .

It looks like he has the holly sniper kit on it .

Other modifications have some matters in a though , but these things have gone so far up in value .

It's actually pretty crazy .

Like if you look up a 93 Cobra today , the prices are nuts .

We got the mclaren 7 20 here .

I don't know why I can't talk ever .

Carbon fiber everywhere , including in his little eye sockets looking good .

More stuff down there .

We got a 488 over here though and the resale specs .

So courses with the brown interior .

You got a 458 another car that has quickly risen back up in value over the last couple of months , just like everything .

But these have particularly gone up pretty sharply because last Nav eight Ferrari and the four G T behind me right here .

I can't see what I'm recording .

Looking good .

Another dream car but very pricey .

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Am G G T R Pro gonna do a little speed run through the rest 991 GT three .

Huh ?

Yeah , I like them too .

We should get a G T three , 5 70 another AM G G , another G T three .

We got the New Rolls , Royce Ghost out here .

I do like the new ones .

These look really good .

I think they look a little more aggressive .

Um , they , they look a little more angry bender .

They kind of do look like bender .

What's up , dude ?

How are you some thug over there ?

And we got them .

This thing is this a day to day Tomas .

Yeah , that's what this is .

I believe it's a day to , man .

I don't know .

Then you got the 996 Porsche race car from the car culture video looking pretty crazy .

All the louvers and canards and extra arrow bits .

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The big wang back here there's actually a 9 11 turbo if I'm not mistaken that he put the whole G T cup car kit on and we got the blue G T looking extra good as well , man .

I do want a four GT .

Doesn't that just look so clean ?

So we got the Volkswagen Shagg and wagon here .

We should get one of these , huh ?

Oh , that's amazing .

Look at this , like little old timey , like Astros looking kid car .

That thing's awesome .

And then we got the Volkswagen .

Let's take a look in here because it just looks so comfortable .

Oh my God .

There's like a little kitchen back here .

Another very rare car here .

We got the Lamborghini Diablo S V , the silver and the orange .

This man .

Has quite the tasteful car collection .

This guy right here .

He has a four G T A manual 9 97 GT three .

And now the Diablo S V we got the whale tail Porsche Speedster here in yellow , the yellow interior .

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How rare these things can't be too common .

And we got a body kitted out Lamborghini Gallardo here and highlighter green .

This color is nuts .

Oh , the Savage Card Club .

And he's got Pikachu back here .

Hello , my friend .

Oh my goodness .

Look at this puppy .

You are so sweet .

This hurricane is pretty gangster .

All mad black carbon fiber everywhere .

Got the wing in the back .

You got the QA interior with the yellow stitching .

You got the orange super leg .

I don't know if this is legit super leg if he just has the body kit , but it looks good .

How are you , sir ?

Then we got a 570 with a big ass wing on it .

We got the Fis blue 765 LT and if there is one car on the earth that I would do a whole bunch of disgusting stuff for .

It's this right here .

Look at this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That is so sick .

We're back to some couple goals over here .

We got the Ellison collections out here in their Viola Par garage .

They also have an invented to go along with these and the Ferrari S F 93 on the way .

I got the Viola and the Viola par hurricane spider looking damn tasty .

So we got the man , the myth , the legend here , sneaky snakes .

Nine liter Stroker Viper .

The thing is nuts .

This color is crazy .

Me .

A Viper in this color .

Boys .

We got the T Montana over here parked up .

I actually didn't even realize it sat two people , but he's gotten it all opened up the centered up mounted door in the interior with the rose gold accent thing as well .

Oh , my goodness .

What a car with the big old classic El Dorado out here perfectly restored .

The paint is like immaculate and the interior is also very clean .

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So , you know , 458 , I don't think this is a special alley but it is wide bodied .

This thing looks crazy on some hr wheels .

I like that .

We have our local super expert out here with two of his builds for auto racing brought out a very , very nice Mark four super in the blue and the big turbo mark three super .

Oh , my goodness .

That is crazy .

So all gets the mark four .

I get the mark three .

That's a deal because I'm pretty sure the mark three is faster .

What blue and red making the velar of that rolling out twin turbo so extra .

I love it .

And then we got the lady driven twin turbo Cts and then here's another thing that I kind of want to get .

We got ad F goblin .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm pretty sure this is a Cobalt mode ways like nothing .

I mean , this thing would be so much fun .

Active Arrow .

Oh , hell , yeah , dude , mate .

Looks like you got like a little fast and Furious inspired super here looks like he's got the veil side kit on and he's painted it orange .

All he needs is like little , little decals on the side , but looking mighty fine .

I think those are also the same wheels .

Little volk racing wheels looking good .

I got like a late nineties BMW 8 50 the V 12 powered BMW and I'm like 90% sure .

This is the same motor they use in the mclaren F one .

So pretty crazy to think that I'm right .

Yeah , that's what I was thinking .

I mean , I knew it was a BMW V 12 .

I just didn't know what generation but mclaren F one motor in here .

Crazy to think that the motor out of this car powered one of the fastest cars in the world for the longest period of time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Got the old classic Corvette out here looking mighty fine and freshly restored .

Looking good .

Interior leathers is looking pretty quality and the paint is immaculate .

Then we go on to the G T 500 .

Look at this thing .

Perfect .

A very nice blue C three vet here with the T tops off .

That must be a nice cruiser .

Then you got the old classic sixties 67 Camaro or with the white stripes and then what looks to be possibly like a nineties or something .

NASCAR like a legit once race used NASCAR .

Right ?

And then we got a puppy .

Hello , my friend , we got the track ready F C R X seven here .

He still got a lot of the power stuff to reduce some weight .

Like the pop up headlights .

You got the R eight all the way around the big old wing and arrow everywhere .

So the best license plate on the best car here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes , sir .

What's going on , dude ?

Bike boys .

I don't know what I'm looking at here but a little biker love for you old school BMW .

S and stuff .

All right .

Time to go through .

We got in the event .

Thing is so crazy little C 56 coming out as well .

It's high tech corvette who no longer is , is Corvette boy like me .

Hey , we're corvette boys .

We're corvette boys .

Mine's gone too .

I'm looking for , forget the weirdest damn thing how that works , right .

I like this .

That's very clean .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , wow .

That is super sick .

There's a whole lot of stuff going on .

I don't know what to record .

We've got a very nice sounding C T S V .

Mm .

We got Mr Try here know they're kicking , try out thumbnail time .

Our owner goes to jail .

That's kidding boys .

All right .

There goes the crazy man .

Try in his failures .

Is that a project ?

Eight dude ?

Is that , that's a project that's so sick .

We got a Jaguar project eight .

What ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He's got a garage park at two .

What a chad at one point , the fastest sedan in the world we got the Jaguar X C Project eight .

What ?

That's crazy , supercharged V eight wide body .

Lots of arrow and everything .

This thing is so sick when this car came out at one time .

It was considered to be one of the fastest cars that Jaguar ever put out .

It was the fastest sedan in the world too until the hellcat red eye chargers .

Yes , this is true and it's one of the best handling four door cars in the world .

Really ?

You heard it from me ?

I would love to drive one and see how it feels and love to hear that super charged V eight glory under the hood .

So fun fact for you boys , these are actually the same wheels I was going to put on the G T R before I sold it .

Some signature forged .

That thing is clean .

That's nice .

Ferrari Roma .

It does look like I will give it to him .

It does look a whole lot better than the Californians did .

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So this lady right here says cars doing anything is all Youtubers fault and it's not the people on the , on the gas pot , even though I'm just sitting here minding my own business not telling anybody to do something .

Karen thinks it's my fault .

So Karen shuts down my hopes and dreams .

It's the homie .

Go ahead and do that little Z 28 chopping .

That sounds good .

Look , Karen called the cops .

Oh , boy .

Right .

Karen has disappeared .

Now , this man in the S V J is being a crazy boy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my God .

The packet , man .

Our voice pause for a second .

We're jumping in mid video because I didn't record as much as I thought I did because I was kind of blindsided by the sheer stupidity of this lady who thinks that me pointing A Ds L R at somebody is any different than the hundreds of other people that were lining the street with their phones .

Those are the people that are actually doing encouraging .

I'm just pointing a camera but I digress .

Um She came after me in high tech Corvette saying that me and him were the instigators and that the cop needed to keep an eye out for us , which is what ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um But anyways because I guess we're just the two like biggest subscriber count channels to record these things um in Houston , but she came out of nowhere just started screaming at us and everything and it was just super unprofessional about the whole thing which was just mind blowing to me .

Um And later on , you'll see I ali recorded some clips for me .

Uh She was trying to block my shots later on .

So I just kept scooting to step down to the right and she'd scoot down in front of me .

I scoot step down to the right .

It's pretty funny .

Um , she flipped me off .

She was saying how much she hates youtubers .

Um , it , it's just , it was a , a sheer amount of just , just unnecessary .

I don't like , even know what else to call it , but it was just kind of dumb .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like , like honestly , like this , this , like 50 year old lady was coming out of the woodworks to just point a finger with the cop saying that me and high tech Corvette were at fault , which is just mind boggling to me .

It's , it's just , I , I mean , honestly , like , why , why , why do you waste the energy to do that when there's literally like you could probably hear in some of the clips there's people in like the garage revving , there's people down the street revving , there's people on the other side of the meat revving .

There's people doing all sorts of stuff elsewhere and she's just focused on us too for whatever reason .

And even some of the other people that they invited out to their show were kind of questioning this lady .

Uh I'm not gonna name any names but she was doing some weird stuff .

Um , like crawling under ropes where she wasn't supposed to be .

I don't know who this lady even is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

She's not any of the , the event or measures that I know that are associated with coffee and cards , but she came out of the woodwork saying that in good faith she was given the authority to guard the meat or whatever and , and , and I mean , don't get me wrong .

I know the last cars and coffee ended pretty badly .

Uh , I , I'm familiar with Meats going south , I guess .

Um , but they approached everything entirely wrong .

The security issue was whack .

She was whack flipping me off and all this other disrespectful stuff .

Uh , but I'll show you the clips here .

Let me know what you think .

Obviously I didn't record some of the stuff that was going on because it was just kind of out of nowhere .

Uh But I , I guarantee you .

It was very funny .

There's also another picture I'll post right here that was sent to me .

The lady was doing the picture .

Perfect Karen stance .

Like I've never seen a lady wanting to talk to a manager so bad then in this picture right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But uh let's get to the clips you cause problems .

I that is correct .

No camera don't , I don't know why you came out of .

I don't know what this is but it's pretty sick .

It's so big .

It's like an Asian Hummer and they are very clean chave .

This lady is talking behind me about how much she hates youtubers for no reason for no reason .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um What bro , what are you talking about , man ?

Oh my God , you're gonna be a great thumbnail .

Yeah .

Oh White C six Corvette looking good .

From that .

That's clean dude .

Hello .

Mhm .

That's nice .

Follow that .

It's a youtubers fault that this man is burning his clutch up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is this thing sounds good .

Yeah .

Eight tail lights on the fifth .

Oh , who is that ?

To just scream .

So , I think they're about to load up the mclaren Saber .

When the most bo auto transport I think I've ever seen .

Boosted E 46 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It , what I nice four G T rolling out and all the boys are about to come .

Get in my way .

Yes .

And then we got the most wild looking mclaren ever made .

The Saber G T and that got together .

Oh , Karen's not happy .

They just rubbed the saber to like 2000 R PM and she looked back angry .

Look at all these people and instigating Instigator .

Instigate in .

Let me go over here and get a thumbnail real quick .

Possible thumbnail .

That's you .

They can't run a safe car .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That thing looks nuts .

Look at the mob .

Just zombies with their phones out .

Karen's probably like , yeah , Karen's having a heart attack right now .

She can't handle it sucks .

This car is going to get like 10 miles on it over the next 10 years .

We got the project eight and then the GT three .

That's quite a European duo right there .

Big Wang sedan meets Big Wang Coop .

We got the V 10 M six rolling out and we got the carnage .

He cat boys .

We are heading out from cars and coffee or coffee and cars or whatever this meats even called anymore .

I don't remember .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But lesson learned , Karen's run the coffee and cars even though I wasn't even doing anything still came out and freaked out on us for no reason .

So she's going to be the thumbnail .

She gets the feature of shame if you will .

New Karen video out for you guys because I'm a troublemaker along with high tech Corvette .

There were some cool cars here .

Nonetheless , we got a S P J going crazy shooting some flames for the boys and that makes me easily impressed according to Karen .

And uh we're on our way out though .

We got some other stuff to do .

So hopefully you guys enjoyed the video .

Let me know what your favorite car in today's video is on the comments below and I'll catch you next guys .

Peace .


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