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2023-06-14 19:17:36

How to PROPERLY Clay Bar Your Car! Professional DIY

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What is up guys .

So Canadian Rider here today , I'm going to be showing you how to properly clay bar your car .

So right in front of me , I have my 2009 , Lexus is 250 .

It's got over 325,000 kilometers .

We just did a full wash on this car , a full decon wash on this car .

If you haven't seen that video , we're going to link it in the cart above if you want to see more , make sure you subscribe as well over 25,000 subscribers on the channel .

Now , what I'm going to be showing you today is how to properly play by your car , so you can remove all those embedded contaminants that are on the paint and this is going to allow you to compound polish and put a ceramic coating on your car , which is exactly what we're going to be doing to this car today .

So I'm going to show you some of these products .

Now , the number one thing that you're going to look for to buy is an actual clay bar .

This clay bar is basically literally exactly as it says it's a piece of clay that you're going to go ahead .

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You're going to take a piece of essentially , and you're going to be using this with a lubricant to go ahead and remove all of the embedded contaminants that are on the clear coat out of it .

I'm going to show you how to do that .

But in this example here , I'm showing you the chemical guys , this is their medium clay bar .

This is what we're going to be using today as well as the clay lubricants and some soap and water solution .

Everything I'm going to be showing you today is going to be linked in the description box down below .

So if you have any questions , leave them in the comments , all of these products are in the description box below .

So you can easily access them if you'd like .

Now , my one thing is I'm going to tell you right off the bat is you can go ahead and buy a clay lube .

But actually , I highly recommend that you either do a clay bar right after you wash the car or just use a little bit of soap in a water solution and sprayer that's going to be easy .

But the important thing is is that you want to make sure you're using a solution that's going to lubricate the car , lubricate the paint while you're going it over with the clay .

Because what you don't want to happen when you clay bar , the car .

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I'm going to show you this that there's no lubrication between the clay and the paint that's going to cause marring and scratches on your paint and you don't want that .

So I'm going to show you how to do this properly .

You're going to go ahead and make sure that you use these products .

I'm going to be showing you how I use the soap and water solution as the cost effective method to go ahead and clay bar your car .

So one thing that you're going to want to do , this is the entire piece of clay .

You do not need all this , not at all .

What you're going to do is take a bit of it here .

So I'm going to go ahead and rip it off , ok ?

And this is going to be more than enough this piece , the small piece , this is the remainder , I'm gonna go ahead and fold that back .

I'm gonna put the remainder back in here , but this is more than enough to go ahead and do what we need to do for the car .

What I'm going to do is now I'm going to start molding this clay into a flat rectangular shape .

You want it just a flat rectangular shape that you can palm .

You don't want it too thick .

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So you're just going to spread it out like so and get it to a nice flat uniform shape and I'm just gonna spread this out like this get it flat , rectangular .

Great .

This is good right here .

This is perfect .

The finish is clean .

It's rectangular .

Now , we're gonna start really doing the clay bar warning before we start this .

I have to say this .

Make sure you get a good grip on your clay bar .

It's harder than it looks because it's gonna be wet and it's gonna be with a lubricant .

If this drops on the floor , you have to chuck this because look at my floor , it's filthy .

You do not want any of that dirt and gunk to get inside of this clay bar and just scratch up your paint .

So be very vigilant with how you're holding this clay bar and how you're going to be going around this .

So , what we're first gonna do is we're going to completely get this wet .

We want this completely saturated this area that we're going to be working on .

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Now again , you can see that this has my soap solution .

I'm gonna take the clay bar .

I'm gonna spray a little bit and I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna rub .

Now , I'm not putting any pressure .

I am letting the clay bar just rub against the paint .

Now , I don't know if you can hear this , but I can hear it .

You'll notice .

Not only will you feel it , but you're going to hear that the paint is like it's like a sand paper and this car hasn't been clay barred in .

You know what ?

I don't even think I've Clay Bar this car ever .

This is the first time and I'm hearing that sandpaper and I'm going to add more lubricants if you ever feel as well that you're getting any friction or you're getting any pulling .

That means there's not enough lube .

You always , you just want to think about it like this , the more lube , the merrier you want as much lube as possible .

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Get it nice and wet , nice and wet lobed .

Perfect .

Now , some people are going to say you shouldn't be doing it like a circle .

And I agree with that because if you potentially have some dirt that's caught in here , it's going to create circular scratches which actually show more on the paint .

So you want to go ahead and just keep it in singular straight line motions and I'm just going ham on this .

And this is the great thing about using water and soap is that it's not so expensive .

So you're not worried about , oh , what if my clay lube is gone ?

Right ?

And it's all finished .

You don't need to worry about that .

So just lobe this thing up , lob it up , get it nice and clayed .

There we go .

No pressure .

And this is cool because this is really deep cleaning the paint .

I , you know , kind of use the analogy that this is exfoliating the skin of your paint just like your skin .

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If you're exfoliating it , this is kind of exactly what we're doing and look at this , I'm feeling lots of dirt and grime that's coming up on here and we're getting rid of all of that .

Now , we're going to do a check .

You want to always do a check on the clay bar as soon as you're done , one section of the car , just like when we were washing the car .

So let's take a look at the clay bar .

Look at that .

So what you see here , this is all the dirt , all the contaminants that weren't able to be removed from our initial wash .

And remember we did a pressure wash on this car .

We did a full foam cannon on this car .

We washed the car with AM and it's still not going to get all this stuff in here because this is all stuck onto the clear and we basically took it off .

So now this section is done .

I'm going to go ahead and move on to the next .

You could go ahead and rinse this now or move on to the next panel .

I'm just going to go ahead and move on to the next panel .

Let's go ahead and work on this panel right now .

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This is not dirty enough that I would say you need to switch it .

But in this case , I'm going to show you right now what you're going to have to do .

You're just gonna go ahead , remove it from your fingers , you're just gonna fold the clay , that's it .

You're gonna fold the clay and remake your rectangle .

That's it .

Fold the clay , remake your rectangle .

Now , you have a clean sheet of clay .

You're gonna loop up the next section of the car and you're gonna start this again .

Just light motions , no pressure .

And you're gonna feel it , you're gonna hear it .

You're gonna feel it when you're catching all that dirt .

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And you're also going to notice , as I mentioned , the bottom of the car is always the dirtiest as you come down .

I feel like getting rougher .

Can you hear that ?

You maybe can hear that but it's getting rougher grittier as we go down here , more lube , especially on this rocker .

Now , let's take a look , see the browning the dirt , these things , all of this is again , just baked into the clear coat .

So what we're gonna do , we just finish this section , we're gonna fold it , that's it .

And we're gonna make another rectangle .

Now , see , gonna fold it again , expose a clean side of this clay bar .

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Now , you're probably asking Canadian rider , why is this so important ?

Why do I need to Clay Bar the car ?

Well , there's actually a lot of reasons why I mentioned this car .

We're going to do a full pin correction on it .

So this car has tons of swirls and scratches right now .

We went , did a decontamination wash on the car and I want to go ahead and polish out all the scratches and swirls in order for me to do that without instilling more scratches and swirls on the car .

I need to make sure that the clear coat has no dirt or contaminants baked in because with the polish and the polishing pad , can you imagine if the polishing pad is polishing the paints , it's picking up all that dirt and just grinding that dirt back into your clear coat .

You don't want that .

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The entire purpose of this is you're exfoliating the clear coat , you're exfoliating your skin to make sure that it's completely bare that there's no dirt , no contaminants , nothing that can get in the way of what you're going to be doing , which is paint correcting the paint , getting it to a high gloss finish and the car .

So that's what you want to make sure you do as well .

Maybe you're not doing a paint correction .

Maybe your car is in great shape already and you don't need to go ahead and do a full polish with a full paint correction , but you do want to wax the car or put a sealant on the car .

Well , if you want to get the full maximum performance of that product that you bought , either it's a ceramic or a sealant or a wax , what you want to do is make sure it has a clean paint .

You want to make sure it has clean paint that is going to adhere to it properly because you're not going to get that , you know , that stated life out of any ceramic product or any kind of sealant product .

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If the sealant isn't adhering to just the clear coat , right ?

So this step is really important if you're thinking about how do I maximize the protection that I'm putting on my car and my paint and this is what you have to do .

This is basically how you clay bar your car .

It's very efficient .

You're using soap and water , you're using your clay bar .

You're making sure you fully lubricate the panel and this is going to allow you to make sure your paint is completely clean .

So if you found this video helpful , give it a like and make sure you subscribe over 25,000 subscribers .

I just want to say thank you again .

I love doing this .

I love educating people on this .

I've been a professional detailer for the last 10 years , ended up selling my business .

So now I do this as a hobby on the side and I love doing this .

I like taking care of my toys and my property .

So if you don't already know on the channel , I have my 2008 Audi R eight V eight , which I obviously make sure is immaculate .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I also have my 2006 ducati Monster S two R 800 which I'm doing a whole bunch of work to , you know , on top of this car which I'm doing work on which is a full ceramic , full paint correction .

We're going to really transform this car and bring it back to life .

We're doing a whole bunch of work on that car as well and on this Lexus .

So if you're interested in these videos , you're interested in seeing this .

Honestly , this is going to be an epic transformation 325,000 kilometers on this car 2009 , Lexus is 250 my goal is to turn this car into a brand new car .

That's exactly what I'm planning on doing .

I like transforming things .

It's kind of an addiction that I and that's I guess why I started detailing .

So make sure you subscribe .

That is how you properly clay bar your car .

I'm going to do this for the entire car after I'm done this .

I'm going to go ahead and wash the car again .

I'm just going to rinse it .

I'm going to drive the car now .

The paint is perfectly ready for whatever you want to do .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you're going to put a sealant on it , a wax , a ceramic or if you're getting it ready for a full polish and then you're going to add some protection on top .

Thank you guys so much .

Make sure you like the video if you found it helpful and I'll see you guys in the next video that


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