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2023-06-14 19:17:16

Apparently, I'm NOT BLACK...

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Black folks .

We busted our as helping these little anchor baby mammies and bed winches .

Bring their little boxes over here .

We fighting y'all about reparations .

We ain't even got .

There are some Americans who don't consider me black passionately insist that they are not Africans .

Some of them will say actually we are the indigenous people of the Americas .

Everyone hates Nigerians .

I don't know why .

Call up demons .

We're evil anchor baby mammies and this was the day that changed my life forever .

I always wondered if there would be a sign that today would be different , but it was like any other day , every day , same shit .

Wake up work for white people get pay , check , carry till I go on on Twitter .

That was my first mistake and I check my mentions .

Listen here my U V ray resistant folk .

Damn you get in the front row seat to black people .

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Business brought to you by Black on Black crime .

The Diaspora War peace treaty has been violated , nullified by one single tweet a tweet from an account by the name of Henry A SNX not to be confused with Henry A Locks .

And since Miss lock decided to delete her tweet .

We have the lovely Andrus to enact it for us .

What have you has ever done for Black Americans ?

By the way , Teva is a pejorative for a black immigrant immigrating to the States .

Carry on those Africans , those negroes , those dilutes , those Saharans , those those now naive little me thought that this person was just ignorant to my intersections .

Maybe they took offense to this Black Caribbean man speaking to a Black American experience .

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So I informed M Knox that I was born in the States and lived in the States for 10 whole years attending college in Iowa .

Adults .

What a majority of diversity I saw was the diverse assortment of Jesus which she quote tweeted my tweet and hundreds of accounts descended of on my good faith tweet .

They must call me everything but a child of God claiming that I don't know the Black American experience , even though I lived there for 10 years .

Sometimes I'm exotified for my Caribbean .

This time , I'm being maligned .

Have you more been exotified due to your Jamaican heritage ?

Yeah , I'll tell you straight up back when I used to date men .

That was one of my kill me .

He was like , listen , I'll never go back there .

Like I said , that was back when I was in the place .

You know , I didn't , I was young .

My friends love wasn't fully developed yet .

I didn't know anybody .

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I exotified myself and I knew exactly what I was doing .

It was always a stay bumba clock for me .

And honestly , I was , I was with it because that was the only thing that proved to me that they cared about my culture .

Now , am I big gonna be them , woman , them , you all know your boy foreign , right ?

You know , it's two places I don't go and that's back and forth .

So I go about my day and I come back to an epistle in my mansion .

Lord , listen , your sons , daughters and are using the gifts that you've given them to write dissertations and T CS about why Black Caribbean and African people are parasites on Black American culture .

My God , these black Americans , not all black Americans .

I gotta put that disclaim in there because you know you got some people that come up inside the comments and be like , hey , hey , no , not me .

I wasn't inside your two dimensions .

I'm talking about these black Americans .

They saying that all we do us Black Caribbean and African people .

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All we do is we come to their country , their country now , not like they ain't being marginalized inside their own country , but we ain't gonna talk about that right now .

We come to their country and we take advantage of the civil rights marches and things that they do and the Black media and culture that they've made and that instead of thanking them and growing into them and genuflecting to them we instead condescend to them and look down on them and it was a dark moment that I began to wonder what in the Bumba Ross is this ?

Where am I ?

But it all became clear once I took a , into Miss Knox's profile and there was in the bio as clear as Queen Elizabeth skin before she did an American flag .

And you know , when you on Black Twitter and you see an American flag inside the bio , you know what's going on any time you see a black American with an American flag in their bio or in their head .

I just know something wrong , right ?

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I tangent touched upon this movement in this video but it seems like the time has finally come cause first day I talked my good uncle , it started popping up with that video early on breaking .

Yeah .

And so I was like , all right , what , why do y'all think I'm Jamaican ?

Why do y'all keep saying that ?

Why do y'all keep saying I'm I'm an immigrant like that .

Only that's silly .

I say in the video , I'm from Chicago .

They left me with no choice but to choose violence .

I seriously pulverized these keys and created paragraphs that paralyzed me .

And the reason being that it was missing a secret ingredient , the sauce that separates these videos from moosic mediocrity and that is empathy with a dash of nuance .

I was just gonna make one video about how this Black American movement is a pillar of anti blackness , how it maligns the marginalized that look just like them and don't get me wrong .

Now , I still get dismantled .

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They're ludicrous assertions , but you know , we'll be better if I actually help them build up their arguments against black immigrants like myself .

But before that , I wanna get real with you while these last few videos was some of my best work behind the scenes .

I haven't been ok .

In fact , I've been going through the roughest period of my life and I did what I always do in times like these and I turned it into a story , one of my most ambitious and emotional stories that I don't want to spoil for you because it actually is the premise of my entire storytelling class .

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A reality .

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You know , the Green Brothers is , is this going to be on the test ?

Yeah , about the test .

The test will measure there .

You are an informed , engaged and productive citizen of the world and it will take place in schools and bars and hospitals and dorm rooms and in places of worship .

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That's less than the Chipotle Bowl .

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No , for the moment you've all been waiting for .

ADOS refers to American descendants of slavery .

Make sure you get it right now because demanded that I take down the video where I got it wrong and make an apology video for it .

ADOS was born from a hashtag used by Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore .

Their mission is to demand reparations for the atrocities of slavery in the United States regardless of your reparation .

Heart takes as I have many , this sounds like an intrepid mission statement would you agree .

So why would I have beef with them or maybe the next way around ?

They also advocate for focus on A Os when it comes to affirmative action policies .

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This is due to the claim that these policies have ostensibly benefited other marginalized groups outside of a , as you can imagine , this has led to many contentions , not only with the black diaspora , but just human beings at large , like , you know , the 2019 campaign that a started against Kamala Harris claiming that she's not black , she's just Jamaican .

And of all it takes it is like her bloodline beginning in Jamaica due to the slave ships stopping there and instead of the States , it's a bit tacky to take to task over Tino , a Jamaican American knows this thing far too wet .

There are some black Americans who don't consider me black , they consider me Jamaican .

So for me to care about issues that are affecting Black Americans to talk about it and have the strong opinions that I'm known to have .

It was like a wait , you can do that too .

That's not making sense and that was always that always bugged me .

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This is a prime example of gatekeeping blackness , not be remiss .

Not to mention that the face of blackness across the world is Black America to Black American media , to the civil rights movement , to athletics .

Everything that the Black American has accomplished is extremely impressive to me .

Given that it is in spite of every form of oppression that a white supremacy has thrown against it .

But one could argue though , that ADOS took the American part of Black American a little too far .

Hey , you want me to get in trouble .

It's always a red flag when someone's taking a bit too much pride in being American and this goes for anything , right ?

Like , if you take too much in being British , you take too much pride in being American .

It's all , it's all the same like the patriotism in like certain superpowers is a bit too much .

I'm like , OK , you're raising , you're raising red flags .

They're making me ask questions .

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It's that very American privilege that allows ADOS to make these assertions and positions in the first place and the very privilege that empowers an ADOS to think that they are so far removed from their African heritage that they have transcended it .

They are American and only American they passionate insist that they are not Africans .

Some of them , some of them will say actually we are the indigenous people of the Americas .

Let me not mix it up because some of them do like it when we confuse them , right ?

The ADOS people will not say will not say that they are indigenous .

At least not most of them , the F B A people , the foundational Black Americans are the ones that will say , oh , we , the real indigenous people , we the real native Americans kind of thing .

Actually , it's part of that who will know you of black people who want to be everything except Africa .

So that even if we do come from Africa that at this point that they are so um they are so distinct now , so far , it means that they have no connection .

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Let me take a beat to execrate the nativism claim that they made to America .

I don't like how we're negating indigenous people of America .

True African Americans are the only native Americans that yeah , we gotta , we gotta check that .

So let's talk about F B A .

The foundational Black American founded by Tariq as I mean , Nashi Foundational Black Americans is an offshoot of ADOS Nasheed and Carnell had differences as it pertains to the direction of the ADOS movement .

So Nashi decided to start his own movement , which I can only describe as a but fermented in a sell off for 10 years .

And I didn't even get into F B because F just founded by a Grifter .

Tariq .

Nasheed is the one who started F B A .

He was pushed on IOS , right ?

He's part of the reason I was pushed to sit in prominent he and , and they , they fell out , right ?

They fell out .

So he went to start his own movement called foundational Black American because he must be in everything , right .

He must have , he must get , he must both movements .

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Mind you are definitely French groups , very loud .

Minorities .

In fact , I think they have membership in the low thousands , but I've seen their presence mostly on Black Twitter , the ADOS and F B A accounts seem to have a theme in the way that their profiles are set up .

They normally support an American flag emoji .

They normally have ADOS or F B A .

If not in the name itself , then the bio at least .

And that's it .

You know , nothing else to suggest that these people have any personality outside of F B A or A which begs me to believe that I know it's the Russians , lot of them are just votes and they use those bots to amplify their presence on social media .

Vast majority of them , the ones who like all their posts or whatever , they have the exact same format to their Twitter bio , to their Twitter user names , to their names , to their display names , to their profile pictures and bots are not .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They did a lot of damage in 2016 where a Harvard study concluded that the accounts that use the ADOS has strategically use breaking news events to discourage black voters for voting for the Democratic Party .

Now , whether the dems them actually act in favor of Black Americans is up for the debate .

But what is definitely not in the interest of Black Americans is the deafening silence that these very accounts had when the scourged black communities .

Oh and they really got an issue with West Africa , everyone hates Nigerians .

I don't know why they call us demons .

We're evil .

Um OK , so the , the short answer is Afro phobia , right ?

Caribbean culture has become so deeply ingrained in the certain areas .

Those black communities .

What ended up happening here , the Black Africans came here and it was like , look at these goofy black Africans .

The Black Caribbeans were always seen as like the or the brother I knew people that like Ghanaian or they were Nigerian and they would lie at moves and be like here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm , I'm Jamaican , I'm Caribbean and they'd be like , no .

And that's no , that's wow , that's crazy .

That has to give you a crazy because like Jamaicans come from Africa and Ghana , we talk about anti blackness a lot on this channel .

And I think the pinnacle of anti blackness is Afro phobia .

When you look at the way that Africans are stereotyped and stigmatize the same primal hyperbolizing the poverty and conveniently omitting the reason why West Africa is impoverished in the first place .

It really humbled me to hear a storyteller tell me that African Britons were role playing as Caribbean because here I is harping about my Malign when I ought discuss the benefits of exoticism .

I think there's a measure of exoticism that in some ways , in some crowds might shield some Africans and some Caribbeans of some of you know what I'm saying ?

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In some , a lot of , some of the more um more pervasive elements of like um a black in the USA .

Lot of them have noted that they've been treated differently because they are Caribbean person because they are , they're African person either negatively or positively .

One of the silliest things about this whole argument is that it leaving the gates and refuses to acknowledge the possibility of multiple identities .

It reinforces the colonial binary and forces you to pick one .

First of all , people don't understand that you can have multiple identities and be a part of multiple different cultures and many different experiences .

People love , love to stick to Binaries .

But they also like you to just pick one , right ?

Pick one activism .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't think people understand that while racism in America is arguably the worst that also exists elsewhere , they also don't understand that even if you are not from America , once you come to America and you are perceived as the same , the same black , like everybody else , you're treated the same .

But A Os and F B A don't recognize multiculturalism .

And if that's not dumbing enough , then the overtly conservative tones of F B A and ADOS ought be superfluous .

This thumbnail was in click bait .

You know , the ADOS founder has literally been caught in Regal .

So I'm trying to say this , this is actually a direct financial tie , right ?

So you see Yvette Carnell who was talking about Big America .

Great .

Again , denying being xenophobic and whatever she at one point defended the term blood and soil a slogan used by Nazis .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

As we all know , Connell previously served as a board member of the anti immigration group Progressives for immigration reform , which is tied to right wing groups funded by nativist financier John Tanon .

John Tanon .

You on his Wikipedia page is in the first line , John Hamilton Tanon American ophthalmologist , white nationalist and anti Imigran activist .

But ADOS is about helping , helping African Americans , right ?

It's about , it's about , you know , supporting lineage , both movements have got scathing reception .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The outline opined that ADOS has managed to synthesize the black left wing critique of America's origins with a right wing belief in the inherent superiority of those who were born in America , the co chairman of afro-american studies at Howard called ADOS a weaponized movement that has become indefensibly xenophobic and nativist and Malcolm Nans , friend of the channel described supporters as trolls calling them a mix of African American pro Trump , racist and nuts .

It ought be apparent that ADOS and F B A are compromised .

Maybe it started out with a pure mission of trying to center African American interests .

So it's hard to argue that the intention now of these movements isn't to uphold white patriotism .

It very much resembles white patriotism and that it's like we were here first and this is our America and it's like , do you realize how , how similar you sound to the people you're trying to run from the people whose power you're trying to take .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's almost like you wanna swap yourself out for their power , which we know will not ever work .

Listen to white supremacy and anti blackness are so pervasive that anyone could fall fit the journey of decolonizing your mind is ever enduring .

But I've always found it interesting , the bottles that we choose cause instead of the diaspora bonding together to fight the common enemy of white supremacy , we do know that there are disproportionate amounts of black immigrants in high , certain high institutions , especially P W Y s your Ivy League .

You know , that's a running joke from what I understand and I that's not their fault explicitly .

That is the system of white supremacy .

So like what kills me is how certain people throw all the hands in the world , got all the smoke in the world for 19 year old , you know , sophomore from Kenya at Harvard and no smoke for Harvard .

The institution itself .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The contention of reparations seemed to be the main mission of both of these movements , which is hilarious when you hear who they want to hold accountable for reparations , just how the people say .

Oh yeah , we were , we were sold by Africans , we were sold by Africans .

And so they must pay us reparations for selling us into slavery .

Yes .

So they turn the entire African continent into this one homogenous blob of people who just viciously sold them into slavery .

One piece of thing that they will use to argue that is they will say , oh well , Benin , Benin apologized for , for their role in the transatlantic slave trade .

And to see Benin is apologizing to all of Africa must be repro to hold it and therefore they should not be able to access the reparations once that discourse is hard .

Um which is so fucking stupid .

Yo , how dumb that is we fighting y'all about reparations .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We ain't even got the but we have whole movements solidifying .

Who gets this imaginary thing ?

We gonna get the seat at the table , right ?

Once we get it , once we get it , just understand y'all *** can't have no .

Then there's the ironic xenophobia which is extremely palpable given that this is America , the credo of the country is that it is built on an idea of philosophy , not a homogenous population .

Are we not forgetting that America ?

Just America is built on immigrants in general like America is what it is because of immigrants .

Black immigrants have also made America what it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And to think that you have to have some sort of oppression rite of passage to deserve celebration and protection in America is weird , weird as fuck .

And it's so weird to hear people argue about their lineage and exclude the rest of the Black diaspora when they themselves should be able to trace their family ties right back to one place in West Africa or in the Caribbean .

A lot of these motherfuckers in New York are descendants of like Caribbean immigrants .

Like it's *** in New York .

Like Tariq Nasheed himself is probably two generations away from being from the Caribbean or the fact that M X right there , people from Grenada and all these people , Marcus Garvey , we gonna act like we gonna act like Biggie was his second generation Jamaican or Boogie Down productions A R one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If these motherfuckers parents were Jamaican , their arguments are as rickety as they are big , which is unfortunate because there are some warranted grievances towards black immigrants to the States on behalf of Black Americans .

You know , there are elements to what they're saying that I do sympathize with .

I do understand some of the sentiments of like wanting to protect your culture .

I've discussed my transgressions towards African Americans across a litany of videos notwithstanding the internalized white supremacy and anti blackness of black nations like the Bahamas .

But having lived in the United States for 10 years , I could tell you that type of white supremacy is hit different .

And I think about conversations we've had about like the difference between growing up next to your colonizers , right ?

Growing up , my parents inculcated me that America is the place of bountiful opportunity .

They say that if you could make it there , you have no excuse but yourself to succeed .

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So when I came to the States and I saw that people that look just like me ain't thriving I attributed that to them instead of a system in a way I myself upheld , bolstered the American dream and packaged it to my friends and family through my success in the States , which encouraged more Caribbean people to immigrate to the States in hopes of pursuing that American dream .

Because we hear the success stories , the Caribbean valedictorian that went to a school in Florida and your Facebook feed up at him .

You have everybody in the country retweeting that , reposting that because they're proud of them to see one of their own go over to the States in the big stage and succeed .

And then your parents could send that to you and say that's why you need to go to the States so that you could succeed like that .

And when you get to the States and you realize it ain't all milk and honey , you think you could tell your friends and family that no , because it can make you look like a failure .

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They can see that you are fighting a system that is designed to oppress you and people that look like you , they can say it's you , these trains would go to the States and they would send back the barrels and stuff and they will present everything honky dory , everything they star in , in reality , they sleep on somebody's couch , they sleeping in some cave in , in , in New York and they , they clean in stone white person's house , they sweep in some streets just to make a little money .

But they will give the facade a success because of ego or pride or whatever .

And they wouldn't want to come back because then now be like a certain measure of , of pride , to sacrifice any pride .

You hear the success stories and they will talk about his success stories .

But there's a lot , a lot more failures .

Exactly .

And this Black diaspora pipeline to the States has been lubricated by lies .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And these Caribbean migrants are so resistant to them being assimilated into American culture that they will cling onto their locks and for as long as they can , that's why you could always tell a ya regardless of where you are because almost every Caribbean immigrant has heard that you ain't black , you Jamaican , you bohemian , you be in Jamaica .

They were taught , they specifically were taught that you're not black , you're Jamaican almost to insinuate , you know , the same thing that black is , it's a majority and it's of Americans , right ?

Um You're Jamaican before you are black .

Black is just the race but not who you are .

Black Americans don't have the luxury to call anything else their culture because their culture has been forged in the context of colonialism and oppression .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Not to say that African and Caribbean countries haven't experienced slavery , but the degree of cultural erasure , subjugation and pain that Black Americans have endured .

It would be unconscionable to ignore it .

I think black Americans have had so much taken from them that I find it's really hard to like fault any of them for being like we need to protect this .

We need to be careful .

I understand the heightened sensitivity of it and it's why I try to be very careful when I'm navigating it .

It's important to acknowledge foreign privilege .

The fact that the type of black immigrant that is able to immigrate to the United States is typically more money than your average African American .

Notwithstanding the immigrants that scrap and risk their lives just to get to a better situation .

But my presence in the States skewed the statistics of the black economy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Black immigrants in the States are typically more well off than their Black American counterparts because they were already well off .

Proportionally speaking , black immigrants are doing better than regular black folks in this country , or at least that's what I it's easy to perceive , right ?

Like when I think about Black struggle , I don't think about Jamaicans , Caribbeans , Nigerians , uh West Africans , et cetera , even though I'm sure there is struggle .

It don't feel like it looks like what we're going through .

One of the core factors of maintaining white supremacy .

See , in America , for Black people trapped here with our colonizers is we have no clue of anything about ourselves pre slavery .

And so we've had to cobble together a pigeon culture .

You know what I'm saying ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A culture built out of the residual remnants that we can like innately feel from the diaspora , the experience we had during slavery and just like whatever American Americana stuff that we can attach ourselves to .

And so we put that together and we get , you know , gumbo , if we assume that there are more money uh Black immigrants in this country than just regular black folks , then we can also assume that black bourgeois see and black capitalists are also going to be more numerous among black immigrant populations , which then legit puts black immigrant communities in a position to do harm to black people in a way that is often unchecked and unaddressed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That this whole like fight about Jay Z , right is another example , this whole fight about Jay Z that people miss is not necessarily a fight against Black people making money and doing doing well for themselves and building economic power , right ?

It's about black capitalism , which means I am making money through the purposeful exploitation of the fact that I already have capital .

Now , I don't , I don't think that's what ADOS are talking .

I don't think that's their critical analysis of the situation , right ?

Like I don't think they cause that's a leftist analysis of the of a problem .

So that class privilege then becomes like imbued with cultural uh relevancy .

So it's like now I know that if I give my child African names , they may not assume they're black , they'll say , oh they're African .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So they might , they might get a different accent , they might get a different response , which again is the , is , is the issue of white supremacy .

Uh and not black immigrants , we can't lose track that they did not create their own privilege .

That privilege was given to them by white supremacy .

And if we want to address the problem , we need to focus on addressing white supremacy , not making memes about uh African women and Halle Berry .

And that's the tangible pain that I must genu reflect to cause my 10 years in the States was rough enough .

But does that mean that I concede to the proposal of ADOS and F B A ?

What happens after that once the resources are hoarded and they're given to whoever y'all have de deserve them the most .

Do we not wind up in the exact position that we are in right now where a power decides who is most deserving of something and who needs to suffer for things that are completely out of their control .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Black American supremacy is not the end goal , nor is black supremacy .

No amount of black billionaires anywhere will save us will liberate us from oppression .

The quicker we end the Black diaspora wars , the quicker we can assemble and organize , then we can begin to coalesce with class , marginalized , minorities like Latinos and Asians , native Americans .

Moreover , the impoverished white folks , y'all are our allies as well .

The common enemy here has been and always will be white supremacy .

Capitalism and patriarchy .

And if that ain't apparent to you yet , then top on not to watch the rest of this Intersectionality series , I can see it there .

You are not watching the Nebula Cup .


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