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2023-06-14 19:16:38

Is The STRAT the Best Cheap Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip 🤔

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Welcome to the Strat .

Hi guys .

It's Ruby and we have just checked into our room here at the Strat .

We have never been here before .

We're really excited .

We have booked an elevate king room .

We're on the 19th floor in the select tower .

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Let me show you our room when you first come in , things that I have noticed right away is the color palette and just the modern aesthetic .

It makes it feel very new and relaxing .

I feel very chilled out in this room .

I love the lighting that they've done above the headboard .

You can tell they've got a brand new flat screen in here .

They give you a fridge .

Let me show you another huge plus they put a coffee maker in the room for me .

You guys , not for me .

They're for everybody , but I can't tell you how excited I am to roll out of this big bed and make myself a cup of coffee in the room .

Big points to the strategy .

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I regard the work of OK .

Everything that happens is his motivation over here by our little window ledge .

We do have a lovely view .

You can see the Sahara , you can see kind of the encore tuck back there .

So we have a really actually nice view of the strip here in this tower .

Very happy with the bathroom , a huge countertop here to put all of your toiletries and things .

The walk-in shower also has the handle on the side that's closer to you rather than underneath the stream .

That means a lot to me because you don't have to like put your arm under the ice cold water .

You can wait for it to heat up little things like that make a difference to me .

This feels modern and renovated and really nice .

So that was our lovely room .

First impressions .

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It's a little small but it is such a nice room and I feel really comfortable in it .

So it is midmorning .

We have never been here before .

So we want to explore the whole casino .

We have a full day of dinner , drinks , shows , pool .

There's so much to do .

We need to get started .

Let's go on .

Yeah , just get seated at the Strat cafe .

They have breakfast brunch , lunch , late night .

It's a really popular spot .

We need to get something to eat .

Got our brunch .

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My food looks about the right portion .

Mr Ruby's portion is gigantic .

Look at this chicken fried steak .

He told me to give it a shot .

Here we go outside .

Really good , good portions .

Time to eat .

First things first , you got to get your true rewards card .

Now , they told me they have a promotion .

If you spend $25 in slots on the 1st 24 hours , you get $10 in free play .

So we're definitely going to take advantage of that right now .

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I really like the casino here .

It's really wide open and spacious , feels high end and the drink service is good .

So hopefully we win some more .

So if you head upstairs , they do have some cheap eats .

There's a mcdonald's here and I'm very happy to announce they have a fat Tuesday .

You don't even have to leave .

No .

So upstairs here they do have some shops , there's an arcade , there's a couple of cheap eats and they also have the sky jump and you can view people coming down .

This is also where you're going to check in for top of the world restaurant .

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Don't worry , we're going there later .

Yeah .

Yeah , just got back from our exploring got changed .

We are gonna head to the pool now we're here at the end of pool season .

They did close their large pool down for the season , but they turned their 21 up pool into a year round pool for all guests to enjoy .

So we're gonna go and check out the wet 24 pool .

Now let's go .

Ok , we made it down to what ?

24 which is the 24th floor ?

21 over pool bar during the summer .

It's actually a really nice , beautiful warm day .

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The pool is not heated , I don't think , but it is pretty warm for being in mid October .

It is like in the eighties .

It's really comfortable anywhere .

There's a really cool view .

You can see some really beautiful mountains and scenery .

We're gonna hang out here for a little bit before it's time to go back because we have some dinner reservations to make it to .

Ok .

We just finished getting ready .

So we are actually doing one of their dinner and a show packages and I'll explain more about that later .

But right now we are going to the top of the world restaurant .

That's the spinning restaurant up high in the Strat .

Our reservation is coming up really quick and we need to get going .

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So let's go , made it up to the top of the world after a very scary elevator ride , we just got seated .

They seated us facing the strip .

You can see the whole strip from here , but the whole restaurant rotates .

So you're actually going to be spinning the entire time you're seated .

It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to make it all the way around and the sun is setting right now .

It's just a gorgeous view .

Ok .

Now when you book the dinner initial package , you receive a welcome glass of champagne .

And the chef also brought us a little ash .

We have some ravioli and I believe this is crab .

But let's give this a shot .

This looks amazing .

Oh , delicious .

There's a little bit of caviar here and some sun dried tomato .

Absolutely excellent .

It tastes delicious .

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I need to wash it down with a little bit of fruit .

We just sat and watched the sunset behind the mountains while we're like slowly rotating .

It's just gorgeous .

We're having some bread and they have brought my appetizer .

I have got the Caesar salad here .

So this is what comes with the prefix course .

Really excited to give it a shot .

It looks awesome .

Oh my gosh .

We just got our mains and sides which come with the package .

I have decided on the ginger salmon .

It comes with acorn squash with coconut and pickled back .

Choi Mr Ruby has opted for a 10 ounce filet just plain as it comes and our sides , we chose the Brussels sprouts which have pale and pine nuts and we have green beans with almonds .

Everything looks so incredible .

I can't wait to dig in the warm butter cake is their most popular dessert .

It comes with ice cream and fresh berries .

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It's really huge .

We're splitting one because it's gigantic .

Let's try it .

I got a little bit of ice cream .

I'm gonna get some of the cake .

See how this is .

This is so delicious .

Get this if you come here for sure .

Absolutely .

Now , as I mentioned , we booked dinner and a show .

So here at the Strat , they have like a wide variety of shows .

You can do comedy .

They have a mentalist , they have magicians , they have dancers , performers and we have an Grab Michael Jackson Live .

So we're going to go and see that show .

Dinner show can run you around 151 $175 if you do the top of the world .

But they have other show packages for cheaper , that you can do some of the cheaper restaurants as well .

It's a really good deal , I think .

And it kind of like sets up your whole evening .

So let's go catch our show and I'll see you guys after that .

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Let's slow it down , slow down .

Ask , just finished Michael Jackson live .

We really enjoyed it .

It was fabulous .

They played all the really great songs .

The performer was awesome .

The dancers were amazing and it was just a really high energy show .

We were dancing and singing in our seats .

It was really great .

Now , I think it is time for us to head on up .

The night's not over yet .

We're going way back up to the top to 108 to get some drinks at a sky pod .

So let's go .

Ok , we made it back up .

We are here at one oh eight and we got ourselves some cocktails .

So up here is actually a bar .

It's inside and they do have some really cool lounge areas for you to stop and have a drink and enjoy the view .

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If you go upstairs to one oh nine , there is actually a really cool observation area up there as well as the insanity , really scary coaster thing .

So we have got two different cocktails to try .

We are trying the botanical bliss and the spiked grapefruit .

I taste a lot of the watermelon .

I taste the so you can definitely taste the tequila and this one is more tequila forward .

I would say if you like a sweet drink or you really like tequila .

This one's really good .

This one's more of that real fresh , really crisp flavor .

Both of them are honestly really good .

I have trouble deciding .

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Well , we are gonna enjoy our night here and enjoy our drinks and enjoy the view and we will see you guys all in the morning , check out time and now I need to give you all my final thoughts on the strap .

Ok .

So this is our first time ever being here .

So I have a ton of thoughts and like overall opinions and I have to say they're pretty positive .

I really enjoyed our stay here .

Let's start with the room .

We are in the select tower that was definitely the best tower to be in .

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The other two were more tucked back by the theater and this tower , I just felt like the elevators came really fast and it was in a really convenient location and we are in an elevate king room I did mention it felt kind of small .

The room is like 340 square feet .

I think so .

That's like pretty average .

I think it's that this bed is huge .

I don't think it's a normal king bed .

It feels larger than a normal king .

I had no complaints about the room at all .

It felt really comfortable and cozy , uh super relaxing room .

We're here on E DC weekend .

So the rooms are like outrageous .

The prices don't reflect normal pricing .

Typically , this room runs about $100 a night on the weekdays .

That's including resort fees and all in everything .

So $100 all in for this room , I also want to point out they have rooms here for as low as $50 all in per night during the week .

Now , I can't speak to the quality of those rooms .

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Those are their like regular non renovated rooms , but $50 is like a budget budget hotel with bare amenities .

And this is not that this has tons of amenities , but the crown jewel the shining was absolutely the top of the world Restaurant .

This service was amazing and super high end like I had a black dress on , they immediately came and gave me a black napkin instead of a white one .

The slowly rotating the view was beautiful and the food quality was excellent .

So it is a place I would absolutely recommend .

I also recommend you combine it with a show these dinner and show package thing is a really cool concept .

Like I said , you can basically pick from the three restaurants they have in here and then pick from different shows that they have and combine them at different price points .

But to eat at the top of the world with any of the shows that they have offered was between 100 and 50 and 100 and $70 .

Mr Ruby's steak was like $70 in itself .

And our Michael Jackson show tickets would have been like $90 on their own .

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So think of combining that along with everything else you get .

It's a totally good deal and you're basically set for the night .

Now , let's talk about the one downfall to the Strat .

The one thing that makes it like not the absolute best choice ever in Vegas .

And that is the location .

Just know that your Uber budget will have to be included and that you could take an Uber over to like the win and there is a Montreal station at Sahara , which is about a block and a half from here that you could go to .

But it really is the only bad thing I think about the Strat is its location .

We were impressed .

I mean , the drink service on the casino floor was great .

Gaming was fun .

I would be happy to catch some more shows and try some of the other restaurants overall .

I definitely give it a high rating .

We had a great time .

I liked this room .

I would love to come back and try one of the other rooms and compare and see the pool .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I hope that this was helpful for you guys and give you a lot of good information .

If this is my first video you're seeing and you're new .

Hey , I'm Ruby .

If you want to hit , subscribe , I do all kinds of hotel reviews for you guys and I'm happy we stayed here .

I'm excited to go to the next one .

I'll see you guys there .


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