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2023-06-14 19:16:26

Traditional Turkish Breakfast - Make Breakfast Extraordinary With Turkish Twist

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes .

Uh You asked me how is the traditional Turkish breakfast ?

So I wanted to show you we have the different kind of cheeses and olives .

Olives is a must have in the Turkish breakfast .

We have different kinds here .

Green , pink and black olives for the cheeses .

I have a cheese regular one and uh this is you make it simply with milk if you put vinegar or lemon to a warm milk , uh it gets curdled and uh you get this kind of cheese .

We call it here .

I have a plum jam which I made in the fall time .

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It's very delicious and I wanna show you something the plant I have here has a , a very beautiful sand .

Let me get one here and you can use this for , for its uh I put it in the jams .

It has really fresh smell .

If I can find the the English name of it , we call it .

So after I searched it , it is rose geranium in English .

If you know more information about it , please let us know in the comments and how to use it in the kitchen .

So I'm going to put this here and here I made a sourdough bread uh yesterday night .

So it's ready for my breakfast today .

Uh Maybe one day I would show you regular Turkish bakery .

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And this is a butter , but it's a unique kind because actually my husband is from Zone .

It's in the Black Sea and City is very famous with its butter .

Uh So this is from there and uh it is very valuable .

You cannot find it very easily and so much delicious actually .

And here another thing we have in the breakfast is sesame seed paste and is a great , you mix them together and uh kind of jam like you eat it with bread .

Very delicious .

Here I have another cheese , uh feta cheese .

It is aged .

This is honey .

The last one here is Queen's Jam .

I made it early and this is past .

It came from where I'm from .

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Uh in it is very uh popular with tin uh slices .

It is kind of uh cured spiced beef and and also it's called uh pastrami .

I didn't know I checked from Google .

It's very delicious .

So my breakfast is ready and people are waiting .

The last thing I'm gonna do is and egg and I will put the tea on breakfast will be ready .

Here I have olive oil .

My pan is heated , I'm adding .

So just for 30 seconds is enough , no little bit um red pepper plates .

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So I will break the yolks just a little bit .

If you prefer , you can give them hope .

I am not going to bake it too much .

It is important for me .

The heat is uh medium .

Right now .

I will close the lid just for 10 to 20 seconds to make a steam inside , but not too much .

I'm gonna wait .

So it's not overcooked and here my tea is ready .

It's been about 30 minutes since I brewed my tea .

So the tea leaves are settled .

Now , I know it's ready .

Maybe one day we should make a Turkish tea .

Just a little touch .

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And ok , it's done with the more here and we can go out for me .

It is very important to have everything .

Hot eggs , tea .

And if I'm toasting the breads because it is fresh .

Now .

I didn't toast the bread , hot tea and uh eggs is ready .

We can begin to eat our Turkish breakfast .

I hope you enjoyed watching .

Please let me know how is the breakfast in your region ?

I really would like to know .

Thanks for watching and hopefully see you in another Turkish food recipe .


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