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2023-06-14 19:16:15

Turkish Family Breakfast Feast

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes .

In this episode .

I am having my relatives to my house for weekend breakfast .

It's my favorite meal to prepare .

But since the day before I was out , I had only the morning to prepare everything from dessert to handmade bar and other dishes .

And I'm sharing you all of the details how I made it from early in the morning within like three hours for 34 dishes and table settings to prepare .

I had to race with the time , but it was still fun and I'm presenting it to you .

I am sure you're gonna like it too .

Let's get started .

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I got up very early and begin by making my so it can rest .

I will explain about it a little later .

And after that , I begin to make my dessert in the fridge .

I had many uh carrots and since I didn't have much time , I needed to make something practical .

And I decided to bake a carrot cake with syrup and wanted to top it with homemade pudding .

It's an easy recipe , but still if you want , I can share it with you .

Of course , as always .

And while my cake is baking , my doll has rested and let me talk about the doll a little bit .

I already have the recipe on my channel .

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You can watch it from the links from top right corner and the description box below .

It's a soft , easy to handle though .

If it's milk , vegetable oil , eggs and flour and between the layers , I use a corn starch and then roll 56 layers all together .

Very easy to make .

If you haven't tried , make sure uh don't skip this recipe .

It's so delicious .

Then I shared the recipe with you .

I made it uh on a round big tray , baking tray and used feta cheese and parsley mixture as a filling .

But this time I made the same recipe with using a half more from the recipe and having a more dough and prepare it to my rectangular oven pan .

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And as a feeling , I wanted to make two options with uh half of it feta cheese and half spinach filling .

So it will , will be uh two different kinds of in one pan .

You top it with a butter and olive oil mixture and our is ready to go to preheated oven .

As soon as I'm done with the , I begin to make the third recipe which is uh and in the previous episode , I shared the recipe with you .

It's very easy .

You just chop the vegetables , mix everything with olive oil and dried herbs .

And you are good to go to oven again .

Even though I look like working in the bakery overnight , I give thumbs up to myself and I would be happy if you do too .

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And then I rushed to prepare my vegetables for the breakfast .

It is kind of must have for a nice breakfast to have fresh tomatoes , cucumbers and other herbs like parsley dill .

And this is on the right arugula , I think as I found on Google .

And at the same time I begin to put the ready plates onto the table for the cheese plates and olives .

I use these two plates when it is crowded and I like to prepare everything twice so everyone can reach easily .

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And these are the first one is , is the second one is as you can see , braided cheese and I have of course , uh black olives and green olives .

Uh two types .

The one , the first one is big and the others are in different colors , pink , a dark green and aged uh white cheese .

I have , it is also delicious and I wanted to give some extra taste by drizzling some uh olive oil and sprinkling oregano and red pepper flakes over the green olives .

OK .

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Here is my favorite part which is homemade jams .

The first one is my favorite one .

Uh rolls jam .

I shared the recipe .

It is so delicious flavorful .

You should really try it once in a lifetime at least .

And you can watch how I made it from the links .

And in the second one , I have honey .

And in the third one , I decided to serve apple Mola .

This is from my hometown city and it doesn't have any sugar .

It's very dense and flavorful , has some soury taste too .

And usually in summertime you can also mix it with water to make a drink with it .

This is also one of our favorite things we can uh eat on breakfast .

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It has a Tahini , it's Tahini with pistachio and there are some different types and the best one is the one made with uh the type texture is really different .

So we always try to buy that one along with the , I'm slicing some cheese and the schedule is really helpful to slice it thinly .

My table is almost ready .

I'm arranging the food .

I need some space in the center for my break .

I'm gonna edit a place it in the last minute to keep it hot .

And here is the uh it is cooked again .

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I'm uh serving them on two plates .

Of course , the table is not complete without fresh bread .

Along with the , the sourdough bread I made , they bought some Turkish style bread also .

And this lovely uh flour bread .

It a hot dish .

I'm gonna serve egg to my guests and I wanted to make it ready everything .

So I sliced the and add some butter and olive oil and using a wide pan .

I have , I also brewed my tea because it takes time .

So I have to brew it before they come .

And since we are going to be crowded , I also made the second tea ready .

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I already shared how to make Turkish tea with all the details along with uh what else you can make with your one teapot together .

If you don't have a traditional uh Turkish style teapot , you can watch from the links .

And if you have any questions , don't hesitate to ask me in the comment section .

Last minute preparations .

I prepared my tea glasses and my dessert is ready .

I'm taking out the uh breads .

They are warm and around the same time my guests arrived and they wanted to help me .

She's serving the hot from oven .

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And meanwhile , I begin to make my egg , everything was ready .

So it will be easier .

Just I turn on the heat and then after it is hot , I crack the eggs when I cook the eggs .

What I do is I don't like to stir them too much .

Just break the yolks a little and don't overcook .

You have to see it a little bit runny parts and season it with salt .

And if you prefer red pepper flakes , I didn't at this time because there were Children along with the guests .

And here is our Turkish tea freshly brewed .

The color is nice .

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As I mentioned in the Turkish tea video , you can uh make it lighter or stronger by adding less water or more depends on the guests having and we are done .

Everything looks fine .

We are good to go to enjoy our breakfast .

I hope you enjoyed watching how I made the Turkish breakfast preparations .

Make sure you try the eggs special and uh uh egg , of course all the , this Turkish style of breakfast .

I don't know if you ever tried it , but it's really delicious , like a feast , full uh breakfast .

We enjoy special in on weekends .

All together with our families .

You can get all the recipes from the links in the description box below .

I have many episodes about Turkish breakfast .

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How we eat breakfast outside in Istanbul , different kinds of breakfast menus I had in my friends or in restaurants .

If you like watching this video , you would probably like that too .

So , thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and vlogs .


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