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2023-06-14 19:16:11

Turkish Lebeniye Soup (Meatballs And Chickpea Soup With Yogurt And Mint) - Turkish Food Recipes

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Everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes today .

I would like to show you Lebanese uh which is a yogurt soup and it has a tiny meatballs and uh chickpeas in it .

It is very healthy and delicious recipe .

And so let's get started .

First .

We're gonna make the meatballs for this .

I'm gonna use the food processor .

I have a one medium onion , just chop finely and add uh 250 g ground beef .

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It is better if the beef is a little bit fat .

And to that , I added a half teaspoon each salt and ground black pepper , mix everything until it forms to a bowl and our mixture is ready before giving a shape to the meatballs .

I would like to begin to make , make my soup .

So I have a half cup rice and about three cups of water .

I'm going to let it boil until the rice is soft for the meatballs .

The size should be same as the chickpeas because we uh I'm gonna add chickpeas .

So we prefer to make it the same size , it looks better .

And when you eat it is also uh make it nicer in your mouth .

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But if you want it to be easy , you can make it a bit bigger .

So as you see , I sprinkled some flowers .

So in order to not to stick each other , then the rice is soft .

I added chickpeas about 34 cup .

I usually keep it in the freezer cooked .

You can use canned chickpeas .

Also added some um salt and more water and let it cook more about five minutes until all the um juices and taste come together .

And before adding the meatballs , we're gonna fry them .

And actually this step gives the most flavor to the soup and it doesn't take too much since the meatballs are very small .

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You can fry them by shaking the pan about say three or four minutes and add it to the soup .

The last thing we need is a yogurt which will help to make it more delicious and thicker .

I have a homemade yogurt .

It wasn't too much .

So I added store bought uh some yogurt .

Totally 1.5 cup is enough and uh two tablespoon plain flour and one egg .

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I just mix everything on smooth and actually I add a little bit of the soup mixture to make it warm .

Uh Because if you add the cold uh yogurt into a hot soup , it might uh curdle .

So this part is important , just make it warm before you add it whole thing to the soup and uh mix it while adding the yogurt mixture and boil again in a low heat until it is bubbling .

Just before the serving .

We make a butter and mint sauce for the soup .

Just fry some butter .

I use the same pan .

I fried the , the meatballs .

It has all the flavors in it and it dried mint .

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About one tablespoon just for 10 to 15 seconds is enough .

Uh You will get all delicious uh flavor from the mint and add at the top of the soup .

After this point , don't mix too much because you want some of the butter and mint sauce on top of your soup when it is served .

So that's it .

I hope you enjoyed watching and try this recipe .

Please let me know when you try .

I am really curious about the results .

I also have a similar uh yogurt recipe on my channel .

I will put the link on the top and the bottom of the recipe .

Thanks for watching and see you .

Hopefully in another recipe .


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