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2023-06-14 19:15:47

Porsche Cayman GTS4.0 vs BMW M2 Competition. Have I bought the wrong car!

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What's up everyone ?

Welcome back to the channel and welcome to another head to head video .

And today I'm putting my BMW M two competition against the all new and quite fantastic , Porsche Cayman GTs 4.0 .

And the reason why I'm doing that is because I want to see if I made a mistake by not buying a more old school sports car rather than a BMW M two competition .

So in today's video , we're going to compare the spec of these two cars both inside and out , then we're going to drive them on some twisty roads .

And finally , I'm going to tell you how these two cars compare from the perspective of a BMW to competition owner and right off the bat .

I have to apologize for my voice today .

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I'm not really feeling 100% but if you are seeing this video right now , that means I haven't died yet .

So that's a positive .

Now , even though these two cars are technically rivals , they couldn't be more different when it comes to engines and engine placement .

For example , the Caman is a mid engine sports car which means the engine sits in the middle of the car .

That means this car has a trunk and a trunk while the BMW has the engine in the front and while the Caman has a four liter flat six naturally aspirated petrol engine in the middle that can produce 400 horsepower .

The BMW has an in line 63 liter twin turbocharged petrol engine that can produce 410 .

So two quite different beasts .

But as you'll see later on , they're quite evenly matched .

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So let's run through the spec before we head out on the road .

The Cayman is finished in this quite awesome Python green , special Porsche color .

It rides on 20 inch 7 , 18 sport alloys and other than the rear diffuser and the badging on the doors , there's very little details that give away the power unit under the skin .

It has adaptive tampers , dynamic engine mounts and a mechanical limited slip differential with torque vectoring at the back .

The BMW also features a limited slip differential at the back but it rides on 19 inch 788 M wheels .

Those wheels house the big brake kit that comes as an optional extra and the car is obviously painted black .

What the M two doesn't have is empty dampers , but the suspension system is pretty well set up by BMW S engineers and you won't really miss it in the long run .

Both cars are starting to show their age on the inside because they feature the old style tech and infotainment systems .

But they are pretty well equipped from factory .

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If you're not a fan of Alcantara , I can straight up tell you that you're gonna hate the Caymans interior because there's a lot of it .

But the driving position , the seats , the steering wheel are the best in the business .

The empty competition features the new optional m whatever seats they're super comfortable and they hug into place quite well .

They are a great addition to an already awesome package .

There's bits of carbon fiber here and there , lots of dark color materials elsewhere and not much else because all the development money has been spent wisely in other places like performance .

The Porsche is a manual car while the BMW features a seven speed DC T double clutch transmission .

That's what I could find available .

So that's that .

Now let's get driving .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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So I filmed some stuff inside of the Cayman and because I am a massive idiot , I forgot to press the record button .

So the driving part of this video will be coming exclusively from my M two competition .

So let's get started first .

We'll compare engines then handling , we're going to look at the prices and finally we're going to draw some conclusions about these two cars .

So engines quick reminder , the M two has a three liter twin turbo in line six engine that can produce 410 horsepower and 550 Newton meters of torque .

While the Canyon has a naturally aspirated four liter flat six unit that can produce 400 horsepower and 420 new meters of torque .

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The M two can reach 100 kilometers per hour from standstill in 4.2 seconds because it has the auto box and the can can do that in 4.5 seconds .

If the M two had a manual , both cars would be evenly matched .

So based on the figures , I just told you , you might be tempted to think that these two engines are quite similar , but actually they're not similar at all .

These power units couldn't be more different .

The Caymans natural aspirated four liter is punchy , but you have to rev it out in order to extract all its power .

While the M two competitions twin turbo unit can deliver most of its torque low down in the rev range .

So the BMW is more brutal all the time .

While the Porsche has a more linear power delivery .

Red lines also differ quite a lot .

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The M two has the standard sports car red line , close 7000 R PM , but the Caman can rev up to 7800 R P MS and the noise about the seven K mark is just superb .

So yeah , both engines are just as quick , but the way they deliver their power is quite different and really there's no good or bad way .

It's just a matter of preference when it comes to transmissions .

I think Porsche has it nailed in both areas .

Manuals and automatics .

Manuals are a bit not , they're not as precise and the clutch is a tad bit on the heavy side .

The manual in the Cayman is just sensational .

It's got short throws , a lovely mechanical feel to it and it's very precise .

But the M two has more normal gear ratios as opposed to what the Cayman has .

That second gear is just so long .

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And while the DC T box in my M two is lovely and I absolutely adore it .

Porsche P D K is just faster in manual mode and smoother when you leave it to do its thing .

Now , handling and the summary is as follows .

The Cayman is the more precise machine .

While the M two competition is the more fun option out of the two , the BMW is more playful at the limit , it feels loose all the time and the back feels ready to step out of line , even with traction control on the front end has a lot of grip and the steering is quite fast and responsive .

So basically this is everything you would ever want from a rear wheel driven BMW car .

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No , the Porsche on the other hand allows for more precision driving .

The car has lots more grip on the limit and it allows for small corrections to be done without making it unstable at higher speeds .

I think that car would be ridiculously good on a track and you would surprise a lot of people with the times you achieve there .

But this also makes the Caman less fun on a twisted B road compared to the BMW .

Because of what I just mentioned , even though the Porsche is riding on 20 inch wheels , the suspension feels more refined and less harsh than the BMW S .

Granted , the Caman has adaptive dampers .

But even in sport mode , the car feels more comfortable on the open road , the cars feel pretty much the same , very little understeer , very little body roll and quite good front and grip .

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Mm .

Finally , let's talk pricing and draw some conclusions and there's really no going around this .

So I'll just spit it out .

The BMW is €20,000 less than a came on GTs .

The Porsche is better equipped but only slightly .

So there you go .

That's the price difference .

But I'll let you guys draw your conclusions on this topic .

But I will say this .

I like the fact that Porsche treats the Caman like any other car in its line up .

You can configure it in any way you want it and you have access to pretty much all the options as the more expensive cars in Porsche's line up .

And that's quite opposite to what BMW does with the M two competition .

There's very few options to choose from .

There's about five colors available .

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You can't have adaptive dampers , you can't have adaptive cruise control and you don't even have access to bmw's individual program .

So you can customize this interior .

For example , I mean , on the inside , the only real options you have are these seats and the color of the stitching .

That's it .

So which of these two cars is best ?

Well , I for one have real difficulties in picking a winner because these two cars complement each other .

So , well , the Caman would be a lovely car to have in my garage .

But for me , it's missing two seats .

On the other hand , I just adore my empty competition .

But I would love for this car to have the same damping as the Cayman .

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And I could go on like this for hours just picking favorites from each of these two cars at this time .

For me , the BMW M two competition is the perfect car .

It's fast .

It's quite good looking .

It handles well and it's quite practical for my family of three .

But if money is no issue for you and you can afford to have a daily driver and a sports car that you take out on weekends and track days , then go right ahead and buy the Cayman G T S .

There's nothing more special than that car on the market right now .

That's been it for today's video .

My friends , I really hope you've enjoyed it .

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Please give it a thumbs up if you have and make sure you subscribe for plenty more videos to come I have another head to head video coming soon where I'm putting together the M two competition and a very , very special sports car .

So stay tuned for that and until I see you next time , take good care of yourself and I'll see you around .


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