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2023-06-14 19:15:45

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Ever Made _ Gearhead's Dozen _ Cars Insider

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Here are the most expensive cars ever made .

Let's get into it .

Let's jump right into the middle of the list .

The Bugatti Devo listed for $5.9 million which debuted in 2021 .

New Bugatti had to be in there .

It's actually the sibling car to the $3.3 million Bugatti Chiron .

It's more looking and exclusive .

Bugatti only manufactured 40 DeVos and honestly , then it looks like it's made of plastic .

Uh that , that's just aggressive .

This is , this is a carbon fiber beauty and they tried so hard to make this cooler than the Charron , but I don't really think it can compete .

Gotta remember .

It's about £80 lighter .

This is a , this is a track car .

Got about £200 more of down force .

I mean , I love this car .

I think it's beautiful .

Uh a little offended on the plastic comment , but we'll let that go .

Coming in .

Sixth place is the Mercedes Benz May back ceo the El Aro costs $8 million .

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It was paid for by FDA A German tire company .

And the only reason it was built was to test new tires .

The next car is the keg C C X R .

Trevi listed at 4.8 million dollars .

It was enough to catch Floyd Mayweather's eye .

Uh He was the famous guy who uh brought it here .

So this , this wide body car was so expensive to make that Koni Egg only made two of them .

I mean , if you look at some of the stats , stats on this , I think we've got around a top speed of 254 .

This is a Piper car .

It's $5.4 million and it's none other than the Pagani .

Whoa , in Mola , this was the name I was waiting for Pagani .

I , I'm a huge Pagani guy and this one right here uh is just a gorgeous , gorgeous car .

So it was announced back in 2019 and they only made five of these .

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They literally had this Pagani on a weight loss program in by using special paint that was specifically developed for the carbo type he and body instead of traditional paint , the vehicle shed £11 compared to the original hura , we are going to move to something a little more on the high end in the world of multimillion dollar vehicles .

The Rolls Royce swept tail is number four on our list and it's $13 million .

Dan , are you a Rolls Royce guy ?

I will let you know once my uh powerball ticket hits .

All right .

So that's , that's what I'll tell you if I'm a Rolls Royce guy or not .

And I'm astonished by the things they come out with .

Uh , and just the fact that they are willing to work with their customers to put together anything , it includes a wood and leather interior and has a unique look from the behind with the V shaped glass roof .

I don't know , it just elegant .

Like I , I don't even have the right analogy for it , but it's just beautiful .

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So we're gonna move on to the next car and it has a very fun name .

The Bugatti is , wow .

Uh I knew plenty about this car except how to pronounce the name .

So you actually just did me a big favor uh and saved me a lot of embarrassment .

So uh here's another Bugatti for you with a price tag of uh nine million , which is pretty crazy .

Absolutely insane .

But this is a gorgeous car right here .

It's based off the uh E B 1 10 .

Um It's got just that extra , you know , sharp point to the nose .

It's like the E B 1 10 , a little bit of the sheer Sharon .

Uh It all just fits together perfectly .

The central D E G has a unique rear design that I really like and I love how the windshield is kind of rounded and it has a nice casual top speed of 236 miles per hour .

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They purposely limited the uh top speed to uh 2 36 let's take it down to a , now , the next car is the Lamborghini know Roadster , the cheapest car on this list and it's still sitting at almost five million .

I don't know , Dan , I think this might be my favorite one so far .

I mean , I think it's a gorgeous car .

Uh , I look at it though , I see a beautiful body but I also just see a giant hunk of , uh , carbon fiber .

Zero to 60 is clocked in at 2.9 seconds .

There you go .

Crack in the three second mark .

Beautiful car though .

Pretty impressive .

We have reached the top three most expensive cars on our list in third place sitting at $17.5 million .

We have the Pagani Zonda H B Baretta .

My favorite feature of this might just be that simple uh wrap around windscreen .

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Uh It's rare but it's elegant and it probably didn't contribute to uh $17.5 million .

But uh I'll take that any day coming in at number two is the Bugatti La Vour Noir , a classy name with a hefty price tag of 18.7 million dollars and another Bugatti .

Uh again , I like that more kind of sharp nose to it a little um makes it stand out a little more .

I really think you have to go around back .

My favorite thing , six Exhaust tips .

This was a part of Bugatti's plan to build two customs per year actually , but it only made one .

No art making it super rare and it was already purchased by an anonymous buyer coming in at a whopping $28 million is the Rolls Royce boat tail allegedly owned by uh Jay Z and Beyonce .

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So the rear deck opens up like a butterfly revealing an elegant tailgate with a champagne fridge that fits bottles of Arman de which just so happens to be the champagne company that Jay Z owns .

So , do you want to rescind your allegedly comment from before ?

All right .

All right .

So the evidence is adding up .

Uh We'll , we'll give it to Jay Z .

Among this top 10 list , we actually have a bonus rolls .

Royce Crown gem .

Actually pales in comparison to the most expensive car ever sold .

The most expensive car ever sold is the 1963 Ferrari 2 50 G T O which changed hands in 2018 for a record breaking $70 million .

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for this car was only $18,500 .

I'm not quite sure where all that value comes from .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh I mean , you do have to remember the amount that it did on the actual race track , uh , class win at the 1963 24 hours of le but still , if only I had $70 million lying around .

Yeah , you and me , both my friend and that was a gearheads dozen .

See you next time .


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