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2023-06-14 19:15:28

Traditional Turkish Ramadan Pide By Aysenur Altan

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Hi , everyone .

This is a alta .

Welcome to Turkish food recipes .

Today we are making Ramazan .

It is very popular here in Turkey .

There are no if you want to make without to have it hot from the oven .

Near to if time , the sunset time you go to bakery shops and wait for a long time sometimes and you end up not having it .

It's a soft flat bread .

It has some and Nigel the seeds on top .

It has this traditional shapes .

We gonna make you , you can eat this with dinner also with the breakfast in Ramadan .

We have some breakfast dishes along with the dinner , special guest and eat all this and everything .

Whatever we eat with the breakfast with this hot and it is so delicious .

I'm also now fasting but I am waiting now to have my time .

So let's get started .

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I will make a simple for the for one pita , one cup , warm water which is 250 mL is enough .

I will make two .

So I'm adding two cups , the water should bite your little finger .

This is how we check the temperature for yeas and yogurt .

Also adding one tablespoon dried yeast and one tablespoon sugar .

I'm going to wait about five minutes until it is froy .

Now , I'm sure it is activated .

So I'm adding one tablespoon of olive oil and five cups of all purpose flour .

I always use this flour first when I begin to knit the dough and then it more than I need it totally .

It will take about six cups of flour , adding one teaspoon of salt and I'm going to begin to need it .

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They are looking for soft and smooth and little bit sticky .

Finished .

Do I ate more flour ?

It is sticking just from the bottom and I'm gonna leave it to rice for one hour or until it is doubled in size .

So here it is now , I'm going to deflate it and put it in a flowered surface and cut it in half , make a nice round shape again .

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And now let's begin to shape it first .

I used my fingers and I'm going to , to roll with a rolling pin a little bit .

You can Sprinkle some flour but not too much just to prevent sticking and don't make it very thin .

It is about the one centimeter thick .

Otherwise it will be tough if you do very thinly .

So it is almost ready and I begin to make the shapes with my finger , but I will continue to do it on the pan for the pan .

I'm going to Sprinkle wheat germ if you don't have you can use .

But uh most of you are asking me what is Selina ?

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Uh probably you don't have that either .

So you can use course cornmeal something that is thick .

Uh It prevents sticking the to the pan and also makes a nice crust .

I don't suggest you to graze the pan instead of you can use the baking paper too .

So here is the second one .

I , for the second one , I'm not gonna use rolling pin because this way the air bubbles inside the door will stay more .

You're not gonna squeeze them with the rolling pin .

This is better actually , but it takes a little more time .

Not too much as you see , and it looks like more rustic .

Actually .

You see as I make it bigger , I shaped the edges of the Ramazan tier .

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This is what we want again .

I sprinkled the germ and transfer it to the second time .

I know it still looks like a pizza crust now .

But there are more coming .

It is the fun part actually .

Here I have little bit of water about one tablespoon and near to one tablespoon , eyeball , all purpose flour and begin to give its unique shape for Ramaz .

As you see , I'm just uh dotting the edges .

I hope it is the correct word .

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And for the inside I'm giving it a kind of baklava shape , diamond shape , let's say , and you see the shape for us , it is a huh when it is risen , it feel looks like a cushion and creates a nice shape .

So here is the second one , little faster you get the idea .

And after that , I will cover the and wait for the second rise about 20 minutes or until doubled in size again .

So here for the topping , I have one egg yolk , one tablespoon , plain yogurt and one tablespoon of olive oil just mix everything and wait until our Peters risen .

So here they are .

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You see the difference and I will use the sauce for the coating .

Be gentle here and use your hands instead of brush because you don't want to deflate again .

And after quoting , I go around to lines again for a second time , I have to mention that to make this , you have to have a pick , clean hands as always in anything and also short nail .

If you don't prefer , you can also use back of a wooden spoon .

This is the for a which is sesame seeds , lots of them and nigella seeds .

The system is seed I use here is roasted , same as the ones we use in Turkish Syme recipe which I already shared on my channel .

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You can watch it from the links .

Uh This is also important .

If it is white , it stays like that in the oven .

So after I shape the second again and sprinkled sesame and nigella seeds , my oven was preheated to 200 Celsius degree and I cooked the about 25 minutes or until it is golden brown and after it reaches the desired color , don't put more in the oven because it will get dry .

And here is the result .

The first one you see all the baklava shapes .

I should make lava soon .

It is golden brown and still soft inside .

Right away .

I transfer it to a cooling rack and cover to keep it warm and not too dry .

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And here is the second one and here I am .

So here they are still warm waiting for me to have on .

I hope you try this recipe and make it yourself or we will eat one of them today in the .

This will be go to freezer and after two days I will tell them and continue to eat to show you how soft it is , even though I'm not gonna be able to eat it , I'm going to tear some for you .

It is actually easier to tear from those marks .

It is very soft since it is risen two times including in the plan .

Don't skip this step to make it soft .

You try Turkish today and see for yourself .

I hope to see you in one of the delicious Turkish food recipes .

Thank you .


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