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2023-06-14 19:15:27

Chemical Dipping Removes Years Of Paint And Rust From Vehicles _ Insider Cars

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Hi , my name is Trevor Malloy .

I work for a company called Three S Chemicals .

Uh , we are a chemical dipping company that , uh , remove paint and rust from classic cars for people to restore .

The customer starts off by completely disassembling the vehicle .

Then , uh , we will take it and we will dip it in our alkin paint stripper and they'll remain in the tank for about a day .

We take it out every other day and then we'll pressure wash it until all the paint is removed because there can be different layers of paint .

You got your paint , then you've got your primer , you got your potty undercoating .

Once all that's removed , then it'll move to the acid bath and the acid bath actually takes a little less time .

Our acid bath is for removing rust specifically .

That's all it does .

And we'll pull it out every other day also .

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And it will be neutralized after it's poured out into our alkaline bath .

That way , there's no further rusting from the acid because the acid does attack the metal slightly .

Then it'll be pressure washed until all of the rust is removed .

Once all the rust is removed .

Our third step in our third chemical is our water based rust inhibitor and we dip it in a water based rust inhibitor to stop further rusting until you're ready to paint .

I think chemical dipping is the most thorough way to remove all paint and rust from a car body .

It gets to places that physical medias can't like sandblast and the media blasting and one other plus is it doesn't damage or work the metal at all .

Our chemical dipping gets in everything since it's submerged , everything is taken out .

So you're left with completely bare metal .

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You don't have to worry about later down the road that it's gonna start rusting from the inside out since our chemicals are environmentally friendly , uh It takes 4 to 5 weeks uh minimum , depending on certain variables .

Uh depending on the age of the paint .

Uh older paints tend to be taken off easier since paint technology has improved over the years .

Um Bondo the amount of Bondo it has or putty , the amount of undercoating and the amount of rust it has .

So there's variables .

Sometimes it can take two weeks , but usually we say 4 to 5 .

The only problem that we come in contact with is our alkaline paint stripper actually eats soft metals .

So if there's aluminum magnesium or a pot metal on the car , uh it'll react and it'll dissolve it .

So we'll dip the car and we'll look for any reaction if there's a reaction .

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We'll pull it out , we'll go over the car with magnets to find specific parts .

You'll usually be able to see the part that's reacting and it's a slow reaction .

So it's not like you put it in there and it's ruined .

It would take a few days .

But we find that we remove it and solve the problem that way .

People think it's super expensive .

But it's not , it's only $2400 for a car body .

It's cheap and I , it's the best way to do it , in my opinion .


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