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2023-06-14 19:15:20

I Hosted a Car Meet and Things Got Wild. (with @ThatGuyMarin)

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Yeah across Texas here today and we are out here at S R Indian restaurant .

Me and that guy Maron are hosting our own car meet this me had such a much more massive response than I totally anticipated it would make .

I think it's a 2.1000 Facebook response now , which is absolutely insane .

We're here a little early to lay out some spots for the vips and stuff .

A couple of the boos fast car cars and stuff like that .

And then we should have a bunch of more cars left over after that .

So there should be a good show today .

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We already got a few of the boys rolling up including a Hennessy Mustang and Ad One X Pro charge S RT charger .

So without further ado , let's hop in the car today .

Hopefully you enjoy it .

Let me know what your favorite car in the video is today guys and enjoy it .

So we start off here with a whipple supercharge .

Hennessy Mustang G T next to ad one X Pro charged SRT Charger .

That is wild .

And you said father and son , that's some goals right here .

That's some goals .

A G T 500 rolling up .

This is nice .

Some guitar plates on it .

Very clean .

Definitely cool to see a more modified sort of 392 scat pack charger .

I don't really see too many boosted ones of these and it's really cool to see out here .

D one X pro charger .

He likes to party any pro charger .

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The ends of the X is , is definitely a party machine .

Got the weld with the slick on the back .

That set up is super mean looking .

The Mustang here .

What's good boss ?

How are you ?

Where is the rest of the crew ?

Got you got you .

So you might have seen this dude in a few of my previous videos ripping some pretty massive burnouts .

But here's a look under the hood .

The Edel Rock E four Super Charger wide body scat pack pulling up one of the many boys that he has brought along with him .

Look at the lines on this thing .

Dodge knocked it out of the park with a wide body on these cars .

Challenger and Charger .

God .

Be humble over here .

Yes .

What's going on boss ?

How are you ?

What's going on this park up next to them ?

Got a F eight green charger .

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Look at Mustangs pulling up the boys rolling deep , couple chargers , some Mopar boys rolling up a couple more .

3 92 .

We got a scat pack rolling up the boys .

Yeah .

Oh , this sounds sick .

Cam G eight that's what's up .

Ok .

Yeah .

Oh , I really like that hood .

All right , guys .

The main goal for tonight is to make car meets .

Great again .

2020 I'm making shirts .

It's time .

Um , so the boys are rolling up .

I don't even think it's seven yet , but we've got a pretty good crowd already .

A couple boost cars , all sorts of other stuff .

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So we're hoping for a pretty good turnout .

I know a couple of mclaren on the way .

So looking forward to that .

A one rolling up .

Nice .

Got a couple of Jenny coops throwing up .

Hey , what's up ?

Oh , damn .

The Jenny squad rolling up .

Got an infinity breaking it up a little bit but three more .

Oh , ok .

Yeah .

Yeah .

The boys , the bumper probably not , probably shouldn't be doing that .

Let's not be revving it right now because the security guy seems like he doesn't want that .

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Hey , hey , this boy's wild .

His car sounds crazy too .

That cam we got the bags .

Mustang , we got the very clean koa blue Mustang and we got mob genius TV .

What's going on ?

Drop him ?

A subscribe , mob genius TV .

It's gonna be wild .

We got the boys 5.10 PICO Kona Blue five .

Oh , rolling up in style .

So do one X pro charger on the scat pack .

Charger sheets .

The two pulling up a couple of nice cars for auto wheels and the mustang looking real good one .

That thing sounds mean it is big B TV .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

My boy , what's going on , boss ?

We're gonna get , you pull up next to the blue 50 over here TV .

In the fifth .

Gen Z one looking nice .

That's what GPA .

I saw him on 99 the other day .

Hey , glad you could make a bus .

You got the Verde scandal .

The , got the G T 3 50 rolling in at the hurricane .

How are you ?

What's going on this G T 3 50 ?

So nice .

It Ruby red paint .

Oh , baby .

It reminds me of the uh 06 man .

Ruby 3 50 .

Like that plate .

The six C 01 .

And what GPA that boy when you roll up as a squad , I got you .

I got you , bro .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All the boys rolling up .

6.2 .

Raptor right here .

Oh baby , that's nice .

Sam Squad TV .

Drop him .

Follow .

He's about to make a movie out of the night .

I can't lie to you .

I actually kind of like the wheel set up .

I , I really do kind of reminds me of like some C C W looking wheels .

What wheels are they ?

They look good .

I like the look , man .

Yeah , no problem , man .

Couple more boys rolling up .

We got 10 pulling up .

Hey , what MP G ?

Give us up on youtube .

He just started his channel .

What's going on ?

Boss packs and Mustang sound insane .

Let me tell you the century blower .

She's broken the FTA wheel boys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Coming out strong purple challenger and this Mustang is really clean .

Look at this .

Hunter rides right here .

He's back in business .

He got a little wreck around the same time .

I got my wreck and , but he's back in business ready to start youtube again .

Wow .

I can't talk , but he drop us up 5 70 .

Spider pulling up five point Mexico .

We got Hamza and the Cam Ls two vet .

Oh my God .

We got a traffic jam .

What ?

Uh oh and we got Nico rolling up that guy , man .

What's going on ?

Are you ready , boss ?

Hey , so I got the four spots over here um for you .

Ok , cool , cool .

Hey , what's going on ?

How are you ?

This , this be between 63 stingray .

She , we got s 5 50 mo here .

Look at this though .

That is so nice .

We got the part of the three boys .

What's going on , boss ?

What's going on ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , no problem , man .

This thing is so nice .

63 vette side pipes and all got pulling up , got more enterprise pulling up Mohe James .

Look at all these boys rolling up , got the boy in the big Wayne G T R such variety out here tonight .

Listen to this sport .

This thing sounds sick .

Listen to this five Viper .

That thing is sick .

Why orange cam and boosted the grand for this thing is super nice as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Check out this old bel air .

This thing is sick on my boy German turbo .

Look at this , this thing's nice .

Like a Mexico blue seven .

Very old in five E 39 5 B B wheels .

It looks like in the pro charge .

5 50 G T I think these , them boys rolling in .

Squatting deep .

Yes .

Yes , sure .

This thing is sick .

Customs brought out the uh 0011 L E wrapped in like a matte gray .

I'm getting a little stressed .

I ran out of space a lot quicker than I planned on .

This thing is sick though .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I gotta put it on the phone here .

This thing is sick .

Look at this .

Got the UFO rolling in .

The thing is sick .

Matt Black 7 20 spider wide body R 32 .

This thing is sick .

We got my boy Ronaldo taking one for the team moving out the way for the 7 20 .

Look at this , this thing is so sick .

Matt Black 7 20 s .

Talk about Batmobile .

Look at that .

Oh my God .

Look at this .

This thing is so sick .

Daniel .

You ruin our boss , man .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The hand .

Hello ?

Look at that .

Hello .

This is nice slow .

Yo .

Oh I like the wicker bill .

I think that like wing is sick and we got the lifted L S two Genesis here .

Hey , what's up boss ?

I'm kind of out of spots for you .

But this thing is sick .

You sent it to and cars , bro .

That was crazy .

Got the L S two and the Genesis .

What's up ?

Thank you .

He broke his headlight at clean and cars .

This thing is so crazy .

You want to get rowdy ?

This is how you get rowdy right here .

He has a whole tire on his bumper .

I can't remember .

Oh my God .

Got the boosted cam grand sport and this thing is also sick .

This is a nut right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I appreciate you bringing it out , boss , another grand score right behind him .

Thanks for bringing it out , boss .

I miss my car so much .

Sign up for .

I played it so good .

You I hear a , oh , ok .

We got a bunch of cops rolling in .

I wonder what for , what did I do , officer ?

No , what did I do ?

She was really nice .

She said she was cool with it just as long as we're not being dumb and creating disturbances .

The bow of the mega horn .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't have one .

I wish I thought about getting one actually right now .

Still don't do it .

Who ?

The junk ?

That's great .

Oh , not to have drugs in here .

Oh , don boys rolling out .

Hey , man .

Mhm .

These new T R D cameras are actually pretty sick .

I never saw the day .

I'd , I'd say a Camry is sick but it's pretty sick .

Ok .

Oh , we got a hellcat rolling up Hellcats rolling up .

We got AM G S rolling up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Really C TV .

On a radio set up sick , I guess we got be scout rolling up a little late to the game .

Yeah .

Don't get him .

Yo .

What's going on ?

Babe scat ?

What's up ?

Shout your youtube elbows .

I just let them know .

Don't wait for nobody .

I got you .

I got you .

Babe .

In the motherfucking jungle .

The furniture is screwing us over .

Apparently people buy couches at nine PM while we're here though .

Let's take a look at this wide body .

Mustang .

This thing is pretty sick .

Look at this .

When does get here wide body like Mustang , a big old wing back there .

I got about 50 bazillion tow trucks here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We've got two cops .

One of them is mean one of them is nice .

They're vulture right here because the bell called the cops .

It's kind of created a bigger cluster and now everyone's just trying to skid out so they don't get towed , you know , H CSO Harris County Sheriff's office .

If you're watching this video , wrong way to handle this , y'all have just made the situation worse .

Let me tell you at least they were nice about it but still not the right way to handle this .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Next to the Matte Black 7 20 Spider , we had a very nicely kitted 5 70 pull up .

What's going on ?

Bye .

No .

Hey , yo , what the hell chill .

Yeah .

Probably not the right .

Probably .

Hey , yo .

Hey , let go .

Look at this ice silver 5 70 .

This thing is sick .

Oh my God .

This is so nice 5 70 ice .

Silver wheel and tire set up on this mustang man , this thing is sick .

These wheels are so nice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is clean .

This is nice , man .

These wheels are sick .

What's done in the car ?

Uh Just a pro drive .

Do you want X D F one , X D one E B one X ?

Ok .

Cool , man .

Cool .

This is clean .

Jesus Christ right there .

Yeah , you .

Mhm .


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