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2023-06-14 19:15:10

DINANTRONICS In-Depth Description - How it Works

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Hi , I'm Steve Dion .

And today we're going to talk about Dien Tronics , which is an electronic control unit to increase the boost and retune the engine for increased performance .

What a control unit does an after market control unit does is alter the signals into the factory E C U to basically make the E C U think that the engine is running a lower amount of boost so that you can get the car to raise the boost to the target that you would like .

So it works essentially like this .

Normally the engine runs £9 a boost on a standard BMW and we want to run 14 .

So what we do is we tell the computer that the engine is making £4 of boost .

So the computer then raises the boost back up to the £9 .

It thinks it wants to make .

But basically what we're doing is we're telling it it's low so it raises it back up to its target .

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The problem with that is we now have fuel flow for £9 a boost and we're running 14 , we have ignition timing for £9 of boost and we're running 14 So both are off .

So we have to do some correction .

The problem with most piggy bat boxes on the market is all they do is raise the boost .

They either modifying the manifold pressure sensor or the air mass meter , but they don't go in and correct for these variances in fuel measure and ignition timing .

They rely on the knock sensor of the engine to do this correction for them and then the engine doesn't run as smooth as it could and doesn't make as much power as it can .

And the Cali converter temperature is higher than it should be .

So at dining , we modify a lot more signals .

If you look at our wiring harness here and you look at most after market controls , there's just a few cables coming out , but we run 54 plug connectors , four of them .

This is a V eight BMW two E G C .

So 216 wires through the box .

This gives us the ability to process whatever we want to .

And we modify the same manifold pressure sensor and the same air mass meter as everyone else to raise the boost .

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But then we go on to on top of that to modify the waste gate signal to make sure it's in sync .

So we don't get a fault and then we also program the oxygen sensor signal to the engine as well as the fuel to the engine .

So the target fuel mixture is correct and the fuel flow is correct for the target mixture .

This enables us to get much smoother performance , much better drive ability .

So today we are here tuning a 228 I with an electrical wave gate on our chassis .

I know what I like to do is start by characterizing the car doing , doing a baseline with the car completely stuck .

And I take a look at every single channel that I intend to modify air mass meter be pressured before the throttle body pressured on the intake manifold , the waist gate position signal or in case of a wave gate , we would look at the actual duty cycle of the waste gate , characterize everything in several throttle increments , you know , 50% throttle , 75% throttle wide open throttle and get the pressure readings from everything .

And then we start screwing the signals slightly , say 1/10 of a volt here based on R PM .

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Then I'll start doing my dino runs and then I'll also watch with our data that we built specifically for the dine in eu , I'll watch the signals going into the dine and eu and coming out of the dine and eu number one to see if the delta that I put in that I programmed is exactly what I'm getting .

And then I'll also measure this on the dino and then I will see what delta in horsepower and torque that I get .

And then that , that's sort of the mapping process that we begin with every signal will have a delta .

So if I just skew the pressure sensor and make more boosts , the waste gate will be in a different position .

The air mass meter is going to read a different frequency .

The short term field trim is going to be in a different spot .

So to compensate for it , this is what the Dione here does better than say some of the other boxes that are out there .

We will take all these other channels and translate them equally everything .

The factory ecs will be in line with what it saw before we touch anything with the dining E C U .

So as a result , some of your drive will be a lot better .

Your gear shifts , you may not necessarily see the number on the Dino .

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But when you drive the car on the street , you'll feel a lot better response from the car , particularly during gear shifts or just part throttle drive ability will be a lot better with our product because we spend all the time research into it , especially with all the racing experience , the knowledge we've collected from the Dino Dino , all the data logging I do here on the chassis , Dino all the day logging I do on the street , all the verification and all the automated tools that we have is everything that is involved in the final making of the actual product that becomes the di and


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