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2023-06-14 19:14:58

How To Fix a Water Leak in the Anti Siphon Valve of an Outdoor Faucet

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Hey guys , Scott here with everyday home repairs and moving to the outdoors .

It is , it is warming up quite a bit here and I've kind of been putting off a really simple repair for , for the last couple of years .

Sure .

That's never happened to any of you , but I'm not sure why this one has taken me so long , but I'll show you how to fix it .

It's a quick and easy one .

What's going on is this outdoor faucet or spicket , uh the top anti siphon valve or vacuum break valve .

When you turn it on , we get leaking out of the top of that valve .

So what's happening is there is a small kind of plunger that goes up and down there .

When you turn it on , it should see no water should come out .

But then when you turn it off , it does let air go back through and creates a flow path .

So you don't get kind of a siphon effect which would pull water back in to the clean water supply .

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So few things , this can be just some debris or something in that small little plunger preventing it from seating correctly in the small casing or there could be some other just malfunction .

It's a pretty cheap part .

So this thing can go in and out .

So I'll show you how to kind of pop off that cap , pull it out and then we'll show you a repair kit or also just how to look at the part that you currently have to see .

Maybe if you can just do the fix by removing some debris .

Yeah .

Ok .

So here we are at the outdoor spigot again , I'll show you the , where the leak is coming from .

So you can see out of the cap here , the leaks coming around .

So we're getting quite a bit of water flowing out , which we don't want , it's going right on the foundation and it's not helping this concrete slab loosening up the under footing .

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So what we do is pop this off just with the flathead .

This one's really loose .

So this one is really easy to pop off .

You might have to work your side to side , but this one's going to be real easy to take off there .

That one is so easy to take off because there is some kind of plastic missing here on that piece .

So now I'll just take some channel locks again .

We might want to reuse this part .

So take your time and try not to smash that plastic part because if you do , you could , you could damage one of these components that you could reuse after removing some debris .

Ok .

So , so really simple , right ?

There's that plunger that we talked about in kind of the outer casing .

What you can do is turn on and flush out , so flush out any debris , kind of let that water come out of the top .

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And then that will make sure there's no debris within the threads here , within the spigot .

And then what I'm gonna do is just kind of pop out that little plunger .

OK .

So that is the little seal .

If you look at mine is kind of discolored , looks to be a little oblong and , and really because it has that cone shape here , it's only , it's only gonna see on that little edge there to the plastic top there .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just swap out the cat .

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So what I got here is just a replacement kit again , an anti siphon valve , they call it the vacuum breaker valve .

So it comes with a casing that plunger there and then the cap .

So go ahead and open this guy up .

Now you can get these at most big box stores Home Depots Lowe's we got from Maynard's .

If not , I also will put a link in the description you can get , you can get them online as well from May .

So all we're going to do is place that little plunger within the casing .

OK ?

So if it falls out like that , make sure it does seat , well , as you screw this in .

So I'm gonna probably pop that back out and make sure it ski .

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All right .

And then just , of course , hand tighten it , um , should be pretty easy to tie .

Do not , do not over tighten this again .

It's just plastic so you can easily break the casing .

So really just get it snug in there .

Uh just another quarter turn or so .

Um , and even before the cap , you should be able to turn this on and you should see that plunger go up .

Let's get a little closer .

Look there .

I see the plunger is down .

I turn the water on and that plunger goes up .

Ok .

Yep .

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So you can see that will block the water and then it goes back down and that's what allows that air flow path to open back up to make sure there's no siphon on the spicket pulling back through a hose or depending on if there's a vacuum pulled through your , through your water line and then replace the cap here and believe it or not it , is that that easy ?

That's it .

Now , we got a little water leak still kind of coming out of the hose here that we might address .

But at least now the anti siphon or vacuum break valve is good to go .

All right .

Now we got the anti siphon valve swapped out that leak is fixed .

I am going to check out that hand a little bit .

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I saw some additional water coming out of that .

So if I find anything there , I'll also share that one with you guys .

Um , few tips before you buy the replacement K .

Go ahead and go out to your spigot and pop that cap off and , and take , uh take the valve out to see it could be just some debris that's not allowing that plunger to go up and down .

Like I showed you that could be a really easy kit , a really easy fix .

And that kit I think is like 8 to $10 .

So that might save you a little money .

So check it out first and also you'll check it out to see if that's the same construction valve that you have .

There are a few others on the market .

I think my cap said Mansfield .

So I believe that's the brand of this .

So just check it out before you do it , save yourself some time and then possibly some money .

So that's it again .

My name is Scott from everyday home repairs .

If you like these type of videos , don't forget to subscribe and then also look in the description if you want to know exactly what kit I got .

I'll put a link there .


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