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2023-06-14 19:14:45

Easy Turkish Baklava 2 Ways _ Walnut & Pistachio

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Hi , everyone .

This is a , in this episode , I want to show you how to make an easy buck with two versions using only one dough , very easy to make compared to traditional buck recipes .

And it's gonna be irresistibly delicious .

I'm warning you .

Let's get started first .

I'm going to make the dough .

It has simple ingredients .

I'm using one egg , half cup of vegetable oil .

I use olive oil for it and one cup , a mixed of milk and water .

I'm using all purpose flour and uh one pack of uh two teaspoon baking powder and pinch of salt .

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First , it's close to four cups of flour and then you can add more if needed until you have a smooth uns , sticky consistency of a dough in total .

It takes about uh 4.5 cups of flour .

But as always , I say they don't eat all of them at once .

My dough is ready .

I'm gonna turn it to a ball cover it and let the dress for at least half an hour .

In the meantime , I'm going to sift the wheat and corn starch .

You can use uh both of them .

Uh Normally we use a wheat starch , but it's OK to use corn .

I also added about two full of tablespoon of flour to help when I use to Sprinkle the starch .

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And uh let me say that this , this is not corn , flour or wheat flour , of course , but starch my door has rested .

Now , I think you can understand how smooth it looks .

It is very playable .

The first I cut it in three pieces and then each piece I'm going to cut in 16 to do that .

I just roll out to a lock and then cut it four and every piece to four again to have 16 pieces from each piece of dough .

And after that , I'm gonna just roll it to small balls .

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You can also uh get help from the counter top like this or use your hands .

Make sure you cover all of the door when you are working with the others with a damp cloth and do the same thing to other two pieces .

It is really fun to make and uh nothing is too hard in this recipe .

Don't think that you cannot make it if I do .

And so you can , I finished shaping the balls and beginning from the first batch .

Now , I'm going to roll out using starch , lots of starch here in the first moment .

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Just using roll pin , not OK .

The tin ones uh we use in traditional uh Turkish baklava recipes .

This is easy version , the thing you have to know is to use at the first time , uh enough starch that you cover the uh piece of dough each dough because after the after that , we were going to roll them all together and the starch between them will separate each other and make us a nice thin fellow sheets .

And this is the last one from the first batch .

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I have 16 pieces now here and I'm going to do the same thing to other 16 .

It is enough to roll each piece to about 20 to 25 centimeters .

And now I'm done with all three batches and I'm going to again , begin with the first batch because it is rested .

Here is the fun part begins .

Normally I use a 40 centimeter in diameter pan like this .

But in this recipe , I'm going to change it and make uh two different kind of lava from one dough .

So each of my pan is uh the first one is like 30 centimeter and the second one is uh 24 .

I used stainless steel because of the sizes .

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But um I think it is better if you can find aluminum pan or also you can use oven safe glass baking tray .

Again , if you don't have round pans , you can also make it rectangular if doing so you have to roll your doors um to rectangular or square shapes , depends on your pan rather than round .

So I begin to roll the door and while I'm rolling as you can see , I changed some of the pieces turned from the inside out to make it evenly .

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And if I see that it already soaked the starch between the layers , I add a little more to help to separate the layers by sifting a little .

It's that easy actually because we have many layers all together .

You don't have to roll out each piece separately .

I rolled out my door as much as I can .

And now it's big enough even bigger than the pan .

I'm gonna use , I'm just cutting around the pan to make a nice round piece .

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I'm gonna use this one for top and other pieces for the bottom .

Let's check the layers .

You see how beautifully they are separated with the help of starch and very thinly .

I'm going to place the button sheets as neatly as possible .

Now , as you can see , I didn't waste anything and use the left over uh strips , let's say if you can , it is better to separate them .

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So it gives a layer uh the air inside the layers and makes it more crispy .

I just edit one layer from the top to make it evenly .

And I want to show you how thin it is .

You can see the pattern .

It is very beautiful , just add more couple of sheets from the top .

And now I'm going to roll out the second batch to use more layers for my back of us this time I'm using the small second baking tray to have a nice round for the top and the bottom .

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And again , it same idea as the first one .

I will begin to layer it .

It is really fun to make not very hard as you can see .

Uh I hope you try this and share the photos with me from my Instagram account .

Uh Turkish food recipes .

I really get excited to see them and here is the tart batch ready .

Again , I cut around to have nice top players and I use the sites for the inside layers .

OK ?

Right now I'm in the middle of the layers .

I use half of the door .

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And now I can use my feelings for the small balo I wanted to use the pistachios and now I'm going to layer the top with the neat ones .

Try to separate them as much as possible .

It is not a must thing to do , but it is better if you can separate them .

And I wanted to show you again how thin it is you can see from the screen .

And here is the second bigger one .

I used lots of walnut for this .

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If you want to , you can make two layers of nuts and again , placing the top layers and my levels are done to cut , use a sharp knife , of course , as much as possible for the walnut .

I wanted to make a star shape cut .

I shared the detailed video about this , you can watch it from the links .

It really looks beautifully in round baklava .

And for the Pisa baklava , I wanted to cut it as a long triangle shape which we call and how , which means carrot .

Ok .

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Now we are ready to the next step , which is uh easy .

We're gonna bother the sheets so it can cook nicely evenly and have a beautiful taste of the butter in the balo .

Don't forget to get the foamy part after you melt your butter .

It is important because uh the foamy parts burns in the oven and doesn't look nice .

Uh The butter we use might see too much but it is not really believe me .

It needs butter in order to cook uh in golden brown and make a crunchy Bava for us for two bucks .

I melt about 175 g of butter and I will cook them in pre heated 170 Celsius degree oven .

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It takes about 45 to 55 minutes or even one hour .

Depends on your oven .

It is important to cook the middle layers as well as top and bottom .

Make sure your oven is not too high .

If it browns quickly on top , they lower the temperature to 160 continue to cook until it is all the way nicely .

Golden color about uh at least uh 50 minutes .

Meanwhile , I'm making the syrup .

I used a 4.5 cups of sugar and 3.5 cups of water , I boiled them together .

And after it is boiled , I continue to boil for 15 minutes on love heat , but still bubbling .

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We need a syrup for the in order to keep its crunchiness .

So this is also important .

As you can see , it is not very hard to make but has some uh tricks and tips to make it beautifully and crunchy and tasty as possible .

Since I'm baking two Bavas together in the half day , I change the shelves and continue to cook first .

I got out the pistachio Bava because it was smaller .

It cooked earlier and after it is cooked for , uh let's say 5 , 10 minutes , I poured the cooled syrup over .

It unfortunately looks like even I couldn't get the foam parts from the butter is clear .

So you can see the brown spots and here is the walnut Palo .

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I poured the syrup the next day for this one .

If you are making it for a special event or eat , uh you can make it ahead of time and I pour the syrup the day .

You wanna serve just about 1 to 2 hours before , but I wanna taste it right now .

Just a minute .

It looks beautiful .

I need to show you the layers .

You see how separate they are very thin .

It is just perfect .

Really ?

You don't have to wait .

You can eat right away .

It's light right now .

I first shared this recipe five years ago .

And many of you tried give a comment if you already tried from my channel .

This time , I wanted to make a change in this easy recipe and turn it to a two different .

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And I have many different kind of uh recipes on my channel , including with ready do sheets .

You can check them from the links too .

We are very close to one of the two major holidays in Islamic calendar .

So I want to say eat Mubarak to all of you .

Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes .

Yes .


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