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2023-06-14 19:14:19

How to Make Baklava From Scratch! Easy Turkish Walnut Baklava With Secrets You Can't Find!

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Hi , everyone .

This is a to Turkish full time travel .

In this episode , we are making Turkish homemade .

You're not gonna roll out the dough one by one .

Instead , I have an easy method for you , but lots of tips to make it successful and you can see the layers even so crunchy right now .

It's gonna be delicious .

Let's make it .

I have half cup each water , milk , vegetable oil , one teaspoon baking powder , one teaspoon butter .

It is optional .

Pinch of salt , one egg .

I'm also gonna add vinegar for extra crunchiness because uh most of the recipe uses .

But uh I didn't like the texture that much .

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It might happen because the vinegar I used was apple cider and uh natural homemade .

So I would recommend you to uh try without vinegar too .

After the liquid ingredients , I'm eating close to four cups of flour along with baking powder .

I'm going to need my door .

We want a soft a playable and sticky doll .

In total .

I used a close to four cups , uh three cups plus 3/4 of a cup .

We have a silky special flour for baklava , preferably with a high protein amount , but it is also possible to make it with all purpose flour .

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So now I'm gonna cut my dough into three piece and each piece I'm gonna make it look again and cut into eight pieces .

In my first recipe I shared with you more than seven years ago .

I used a similar recipe .

The dough is the same actually , but I make the balls smaller for the amount of this dough .

I made 48 balls .

But over the years , I realized that uh if you roll out the dough more thinly , you don't have to and make the ball smaller .

It comes to the same idea with lots of layers , but it's up to you .

You can even make it more uh smaller .

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If you like , then you don't have to roll out the door that much .

So now I have three batches of uh eight pieces of dough .

And I'm going to begin with this first batch , roll out my door into about a 24 centimeter in diameter using only beat starch .

Make sure we are using starch .

It can also be corn , but we prefer to make it with wheat .

If you can find .

And with the help of the starch , we will create our layers between each layer .

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I use plenty full of starch as you can see , make sure to have a nice coat of starch and continue to roll out the other pieces .

My first batch is done .

I'm gonna do the same with the other two batches .

Meanwhile , I would like to remind you if you like and enjoy my videos .

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So I have my three batches ready beginning from the first one .

Since it will be rested for a while .

I begin to roll out my door from time to time , you can change a flip a couple of pieces of dough and uh to see if it has enough starch between the layers , you can always Sprinkle some more .

It is better to uh let me mention it again to use enough it start between each layers .

Then we are first rolling out the batches and continue to roll out until it is bigger than the size of the pan we're gonna use .

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But here I use my , I wanted to show you it is optional , but it helps to uh create some air between the each layer to prevent sticking .

So from time to time , you can roll out to a thinner OK lava rolling pin if you have uh to help separate the pieces .

But again , for years , I made this recipe only using a rolling pin .

So it is still optional , but it's a a good option and a way of making your lava even thinner and lighter .

My around baking pan .

Is about a 40 centimeter in diameter .

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I'm cutting the excess dough part , I'm gonna use them between the layers and separate a couple of pieces for the bottom .

Uh If you separate the layers one by one or a couple of them , at least , uh it will make air between the layers so it will be lighter and more crunchy .

This is another update I made over the years for the recipe and use the excess dough again between the layers and then you place the the first batch , we can place our walnut layers .

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I used in total 350 g of walnuts and it was plentiful enough and you can use a little bit less if you want .

And uh for each day , I use about 1.5 cups of coarsely chopped walnuts .

Let me quickly show the same process for the second batch .

Another useful tip , you can wrinkle the it dough batches after you roll it out again .

This would also help to uh separate each layer and continue to is spread to layers .

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Baklava masters also use oils between the layers but it should be very less .

They have this special a gadget for it .

It is called .

So I wanted to imitate it with sprinkling some oil between the layers .

And you might also use a spritz bottle for it .

You see how thin the sheet becomes .

You can see my hand even so beautiful .

So I'm ready to add the final layers and these are the most important layers to have the the traditional look of of its 10 layers on top .

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So I would suggest at least try to separate the layers again for the top final layers .

They have special expression for that too .

Among the Baklava masters , they of course make it with the a low sheets that has been rolled out one by one .

But you can imitate it with this recipe too .

So I'm gonna use the uh final tin and the most beautiful uh sheets on top of my buck lava .

You can again Sprinkle some oil between them , secure it from the sides and it's ready for cutting and pouring the butter .

I have 250 g of butter unsalted .

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If we need that much oil , some recipes use even more .

And if we're gonna collect the foam part after it is melted to prevent having brown spots on top of our .

And you can also use unsalted G for it to cut your Bava use a sharp knife and cut it with one more if possible .

So the layers won't stick to each other .

Traditionally , we cut the , the bar bar with walnuts in diamond shape .

If you use a door cutter or a ruler , maybe , uh you end up having more straight lines .

And before I complete my cutting , I pour the melted butter .

So it will be easier to cut .

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There is also another way of cutting the lava , you end up having a star shape in the whole look .

Uh I'm gonna add the links .

I already shared that pattern so you can make that too .

I sent my to bake at 180 Celsius degree preheated oven .

And meanwhile , I'm gonna make my syrup .

I made my chart with five cups of sugar and three plus 4 to 4 cups of water .

Adding one lemon veges along with a teaspoon of lemon juice and first boil , closing the lid and after it is boiled , continue to boil for about 10 to 15 minutes until it thickens .

How are you gonna understand ?

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You pour the Sharpe from high above and check the last drops .

The last final drops should be heavy or should be oozing .

I can say , then we understand that it , it is thick enough .

Let's check the baklava .

I lowered the temperature to 160 Celsius degree after half an hour and continue to cook for one hour and 15 minutes .

Turn it over a little bit , check the bottom and the inside and cook for 10 more minutes until I have nice golden color on top and bottom .

If you haven't give your thumbs up yet , this is where you do now .

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And we are in the final step than to pour the syrup over the baklava in this homemade , we pour syrup at room temperature to the uh that has been cooked for five minutes .

So it is still warm but not very hot .

But the traditional and commercial recipes , pour the hot syrup over hot balo and I decided to try that and made another version of a with pistachio .

I use the same recipe with a half amount .

I'm gonna share it in the upcoming episode .

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But if you stick to the tips I gave you and use just enough starch for the layers , it is also possible to pour a hot syrup over the hot it to keep it crunchy for a longer time .

So my friends , I wanna show you , I can see the layers I made this for you during the Ramadan .

So you can make it for eat and enjoy it .

Of course , I'm gonna taste it .

Uh After the uh make sure to try and share your photos with me from my Instagram and Facebook account , Turkish Food and travel .

I have many other buck recipes on my channel .

You can check from the links .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs .


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