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2023-06-14 19:14:08

Turkish Eggplant Kebab Recipe _ Easy Baked Eggplant Shishkebab By Aysenur Altan

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to my channel .

Today .

We are making Turkish Eggplant kebab , which is one of the best known and favorite dishes in turkey .

We are actually famous by making hundreds of different type of recipes from eggplant and this is one of the best one you can make with it .

So let's get started for this recipe because we will stack them to the baking tray .

It is better if you can find it the same size in diameter and also try to choose a little bit soft ones which are easier to bake and more delicious .

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So I just wash them and as you see , slicing them about two centimeters thick and to take out the juices that eggplants have , I just Sprinkle good amount of salt and wait about 15 minutes .

Uh After that , you will see that the juice will come , which they are mostly bitter .

So they will get rid of it by uh pressing some uh kitchen towel on it .

This step also helps vineyard frying eggplants for other recipes .

It helps not to soak that much oil than frying .

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So for the keba , which is very , very easy to make .

If it's a food processor , I have two medium size onion .

I will process them to a very fine pieces .

And that I'm adding 500 g of ground beef .

You can use half of it .

Lamp meat .

And also you should choose a meat that has fat in it , that it will give much more flavor when it is baked in the oven for the seasonings .

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I'm just adding uh each one tablespoon of salt , black pepper and red pepper and just half teaspoon of baking soda and about 23 tablespoons of water just mix everything by pulsing , you know , well , as always in a food processor , you can help with your hand for the sides .

So after mixing very well , my kebab dough is ready .

I am transferring it to another bowl covered it with a plastic wrap and rested in the refrigerator for at least about two hours while the kebab mixture is resting .

I'm going to precook the eggplants .

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So uh I'm just transferring to a baking tray , drizzle little bit of olive oil and bake it in 200 degree preheated oven until it is colored some on the edges and soft about , let's say uh 15 to 20 minutes .

So my uh kebab mixture is rested in the refrigerator if you don't have time , just at least uh put it for 30 minutes .

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Now , I'm going to make a round shape which in the same diameter as the , the kebab and eggplants I will also bake some vegetables , tomatoes and green peppers .

So I'm preparing them .

My tomatoes were small so I just have them .

But if you have a bigger tomatoes , you can just uh slice it in a fork or eight pieces .

I'm also using green pepper too .

In about 20 minutes .

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My Egglands were soft enough after waiting to cool a little bit so I can touch .

I'm ready to arrange them in a smaller round pan .

If you don't have a round pan , you can use rectangular or square .

It's ok .

But make sure it's a deep baking tray .

After all the preparations , this is really the fun part .

It looks very beautiful when you arrange it like this .

If you think the same thing , just give me a thumbs up .

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So as you see , I arranged them uh one kebab and one eggplant and to the empty space that I have on the middle , I just put the uh other eggplants , tomatoes and peppers some between the layers too .

And lastly , I just uh chop some onions on the middle and drizzle with olive oil .

And for the tomato sauce in a small pan saute , two tablespoons of tomato paste with enough olive oil , about three tablespoons and then mix it with about 2.5 cups of hot water .

Make sure you cover the dish nicely .

So no steam is coming out .

I first covered , it's baking paper and done aluminum foil .

Now it goes to the preheated 220 Celsius degree oven for the menu .

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I also wanted to bake some desserts , uh , which I choose a poppy C for this time .

It's a , a cake with a syrup .

If you are interested with the recipe , I have a Turkish website .

You can just check how I did it by clicking on the top right side .

After baking my dessert , my uh main dish was in the oven for 30 minutes .

It is still not very soft .

I just take off the cover and let it cook about 45 more minutes until vegetables and the meat is soft and baked .

Well , and here is the final look of my delicious kebob .

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I wanted to serve it with a B P but rice pia is also uh the best friend for the uh I have one similar recipe .

I will put the link on top right corner .

So I hope you enjoyed watching the recipe .

Please give it a try and give me a comment .

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more recipes .

See you next time in .

Bye .


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