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2023-06-14 19:14:07

The E28 M535i. A proper BMW Classic!

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Guys and welcome back to my story series that I introduced last year .

I know right ?

The name is really original .

But anyway , if you're new here , first off , welcome .

And second of all , let me tell you a bit about these story videos .

They are basically a series of interviews with fellow car fanatics where we talk about their cars and of course their passion for cars .

Last year , I filmed about eight or nine videos and I've had an amazing time I am doing so .

We've had a line up of some pretty cool cars , a supercharged Lotus powered by a Honda engine , for example , a gorgeous M 635 CIA two m wing on the back of an E 36 much more .

I'll leave the link to those videos in the description below .

But for now it's time for a new video with another classic BMW , the E 28 M 5 35 .

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The E 28 is the second generation of BMW S five series .

It was produced between 1981 and 1988 and it brought a couple of first to the line up .

It was the first five series with a driver oriented dashboard , the first ever fiver to feature a diesel engine .

And most importantly , it was the first fiver that would spawn an M five .

It is without a doubt , one of my favorite BMW designs .

Let's start by , by telling me about your past as a car guy because if you own one of these , you have to love cars .

Right ?

Yeah , I always love beamers and uh , like all the old beamers , I love them .

But it all started with the old Volvo plus uh a tractor .

When you're 15 , you can drive one of those .

So it all started there .

So , what about other cars you've had in the past ?

Yeah , this is my sixth beamer .

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Uh I have uh three , a 46 1 , a 30 this one and a 91 .

Do you still have that one ?

Yeah , the one I have as a daily and this one I use on the weekends .

So today's car is an M 535 I , which is basically a regular 5 35 I with an M aerodynamic pack and like any proper BMW .

It follows the classic recipe .

A six cylinder engine at the front drive , goes to the back and the manual transmission in the middle .

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How did you end up buying five 35 in the beginning ?

I was dreaming about uh 6 35 C I , but then my dad was one and uh I started looking for one of my own , then I started checking more on M 5 35 and , uh , and I didn't want , uh , six years anymore .

So I ended up looking for one of these for two years maybe .

And then I got an offer to buy this one .

How much time did you own this car for like a year now ?

Beautiful classic BMW design .

Yeah .

Yeah , I love the design and it's basically my dream car .

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And as you've probably seen this car is not exactly stuck , it's lowered , it sits on this wonderful 17 inch Ac Snitzer type two wheels , 10 inch wide at the back and 8.5 at the front .

And as you've probably heard by now it has a louder exhaust system .

Yeah .

What's your plans with the car ?

Uh I'm gonna bag it soon .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's , and then I want to widen the wheels and , uh , I'm gonna wet sand all the paint and polish it again .

I think I want another color , but that's been it for this video , guys short and sweet .

If you've enjoyed it , please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to cartoons .

There's a bunch more story videos in the works coming your way in the following weeks and as always until next time , take good care of yourselves and I'll see you around .


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