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2023-06-14 19:13:36

LGR - The Sims 4 Get Together Review

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Typically , I'm reviewing Christmas games right about now , but then comes along .

The Sims four , get together the second expansion pack for the Sims four and also the second one with the word get in the title beyond this emerging naming pattern .

It's an amusing name .

Get together like it's been a year and two months since the Sims four launched and they're just now getting it together right ?

Enough pot shots and bad jokes .

Let's dive into this thing .

The whole idea of get together is to uh get your Sims together in ways they never have before .

Dancing and partying and D jing and all this is totally new stuff .

Guys , I swear actually , they kind of are here since D Jing has many more options than ever before .

And dancing is a skill now and can even be done choreographed in groups and dance offs and stuff like that .

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But still is there some unwritten rule where every Sims game has to have an expansion that dumps a ton of partying activities into a pack of ambiguous description .

The Sims Three Showtime did this Sims two nightlife .

The Sims one house party .

Yeah .

However , even though I don't care for the series , bizarre fixation on jockeying discs and shaking groove things .

The Sims Four get together has an Ace or two up its sleeve .

First up is the new town of Winberg , a fictionalized European setting .

That looks absolutely awesome .

If you ask me , classy cafes , hopping pubs , ancient ruins , a haunted mansion , Tudor style architecture with a modern twist .

Even a sea monster .

If you're patient enough , of course , you're still waiting through a loading screen between everything .

But hey , at least the map has some color now .

So that's a fair trade .

Ok .

It's not really , I'd just rather have no loading screens but any variety and location .

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And this game is welcomed by me and the map screen does look nicer and thankfully , there's more things than ever to do in each lot .

So you've got more of a reason to stick around in one area , new things like the walk in closet , which not only allows you to dress yourself but also dress your friends and even your enemies .

Anyone who's on your lot can be dressed up , which is quite handy for townies that randomly ended up with the worst mismatch of costume clothing imaginable .

It's also a place for Children to play somewhere for depressed sims to break down and cry and a new woohoo location and good grief .

This is so steamy .

Even the topiaries get turned on .

You can also woohoo inside a bush now making for one delightful double entender .

There are also new games for your Sims to play within the game , things like foosball and darts and don't wake the llama making a return from previous entries in the Sims .

And by far the biggest addition to get together are clubs .

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Although the way I play them , they're more like cults , clubs , cults , clans , whatever you wanna call them , they're a new way to manipulate the world of the Sims by way of forced camaraderie and social pressure , anyone from Children to adults can join or form their own clubs .

And while this sounded pretty tame to me at first , this has turned out to be one of my favorite additions to the Sims in ages .

There are a variety of existing clubs to join with typical interests like dancing or reading or even just being mean , but making your own is where the real fun begins and we'll get to that here soon .

Once you've pledge your allegiance to a club , you can meet up with other members and perform activities that , that club approves of .

The more of these approved activities that club members do , the more powerful and influential the club becomes .

And the things that they can do are all over the place .

For example , you can make a club with the sole purpose of collecting frogs and obsessively cleaning homes .

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And if they do it long enough , they'll be feared for it .

I'm completely serious .

It gets that specific another club could be for young adults who are interested in banging old people and hating violins or a group of rich Sims that feel guilty about their success .

So they go around tending bars for free while hugging everyone and telling jokes whether they like it or not .

See here , almost every action in the game can be applied to a club's dos and don't .

And the possibilities here are astounding , especially with the perks and emotional influencers .

You can unlock , you can make a club infamous or private , give your members secret handshakes and friendship bracelets , force everyone to wear hotdog suits or stupid hats , make it so that members level up faster in certain skills , build them a private lodge or a compound to hang out at and even manipulate their emotions so that any time they're at an event , they will feel a certain way .

And if you're thinking this can be absolutely abused , then you're absolutely right .

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And I love this .

You can make Sims in a club woohoo each other all night long .

And it doesn't matter if they don't even like each other that much if the club's mood is extra flirty or are you tired of cleaning up , form a child labor club of random kids from around the neighborhood that take care of all your housework and even make sure they're not allowed to sleep or talk back .

You can even form rivalries with other clubs infiltrate them in secret , sabotage their plans .

And overthrow their leader .

Then once you're in control , you can change things around to your heart's content .

I've taken over a peaceful book club that met in a coffee shop and turned them into a violent bunch of cheeseburger eating lunatics that dance naked around a bonfire .

That was fun .

Combine this with the other miscellaneous additions and you've got quite a worthwhile pack .

I already mentioned the dancing and D jing earlier , both of which are skills now , but it's worth bringing up again simply because it'll take up a lot of your time .

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If you're into that , then there are things like barista MP CS caterers and hired performers , all of which tie into the new cafes , you can sit down and order some food and drinks to eat there or take home with you and even run your own as a business with the previous expansion installed .

There are also the additions of public pools as community lots diving platforms for sad Pools , giant hedge mazes to explore new food and drink options , user interface improvements and something like 350 new objects to the game and build mode , including the aforementioned leisure activities along with everything from new windows to new chairs , 11 chairs to be precise along with a slew of couches and ottomans .

Of course , you also get quite a selection of clothing options for men , women and Children .

Some of it goes into full on nightclub douchebag territory , but most of it is actually pretty easy on the eyes .

I've got no complaints here .

I mean , you get a suit of armor that looks like something straight out of the looney tunes episode .

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So I approve .

Alright .

So is the Sims Four Get together expansion worth buying ?

It's a $40 pack as always and honestly I'd say go for it .

This is the most fun I've had with the Sims Four since it launched .

And that's due in no small part to the addition of customizable clubs .

If they were just another way for Sims to fart around and go places together , like I thought they were gonna be , then I wouldn't have given a crap .

Social groups and outings in the Sims three were boring as balls , but these are a huge improvement .

The sheer chaos you can create is wonderful as is the sheer good you can do for your community if you desire .

Yeah , you can create a horrible bunch of Sims .

But you can also create a club that just goes around fixing up people's broken items or giving words of encouragement and growing lush gardens .

This kind of tool for player driven creativity hits right at the core of what makes the Sims the Sims in my eyes and it's high time for this kind of freedom to be added back to the game .

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Now , this recommendation assumes that you're into the game play that's already here because once you look past the fancy new interface , all these clubs really do is let you play with what's already in the game when all is said and done .

It's still the Sims four and there are still the usual complaints of loading screens .

No toddlers wonky A I , et cetera , et cetera .

So if you're still on the fence about the game in general , I can't imagine this fixes that .

But if you've had it since launched like me and wanted a fun reason to jump back in and screw around with crazy possibilities .

Get together is a fun choice .

Indeed .

Even if you wait for it to come down a little bit in price , it's definitely worth playing .

And in case you're wondering this is not a stuff pack .

So Ralph does not lose a limb that only happens for stuff packs .

Uh Yes .

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So , well , that was my take on this pack .

And if you'd like to see my take on others , then click some of these or just subscribe to be notified whenever things come out in the future , new videos every Monday and Friday .

And of course , Sims four things whenever those come out and you can also do Twitter and Facebook if you'd like to hear more or talk to me about whatever .

And Patreon , if you'd like to support the show financially and see videos early , cool stuff like that .

And as always , thank you very much for watching


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