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2023-06-14 19:13:22


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What is going on , guys , cars across Texas here and today we are meeting up with some race car , friends with North Side fund runs .

We're going to go do a little drive by past one of the members houses .

It's son's birthday and he wanted to do a little car show for him .

So , on our way to do that , we got some fast cars here already and we're still waiting on a few more .

We're going to roll out in about 30 minutes or so and let's see how this ends up without further ado .

Let's get into it .

I guess we got an adrenaline red C R one on some bead locks .

This thing is sick .

Got the racing harnesses in there , man , man .

It's just such a timeless looking car next to it .

We got the fifth Gen Z 01 , a very nice couple S S s and S RT Charger going to challenge you here on a slick in the back .

Kind of interesting .

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A V three C T S V good old 50 and then a red G T 500 crazy chopping one pulling up with a high rim intake sticking up the , this seems pretty wild .

Oh my God , man .

This Z 01 sounds good on the B blocks .

Ok .

He's your brother F R C on some be locks .

Ok , brother man .

Oh my God .

That thing down to me .

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The boy pulling up cam C six grand for it .

Yo , what up , what up ?

Yes , sir .

C L A 45 .

Ok .

Little Rock Mercedes .

Another rolling off .

Is that who is that right ?

Don't recognize him but good to have new people out .

Got a good crowd out here for a good cause I'd say .

And this is a clean C seven out here man .

Green breaks .

I like this .

He's a super nice man .

Takes up Jesus man .

Look at that .

Some sick cars out here man .

Crystal Red Z R one .

It's got a base model C six but check this out carbon fiber fenders .

I like that at his intake man .

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He so we're going to head over to the kid's house .

Do a little cruise by .

He said he wants us to be very loud .

We're hopping in my friends very loud cam one on bead locks .

So you know it's fast .

So we got Karen the F 1 50 .

She was holding us up .

We got separated a little bit .

She wants to block us off .

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Come on , Karen , learn to drive brother , her sister ready .

Hello ?

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Yeah , always all up here .

Whole line of race cars coming to celebrate a birthday going way back there .

That this is gonna be all right .

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We're almost here in this neighborhood is about to be pissed .

Oh my God .

He said be loud .

So we got a bunch of loud race cars coming by .

This mustang in particular is like the most deafening thing I've ever heard in my life .

Get on , get on .

Oh my God .

They're about to be pissed that they're enjoying it .

They're enjoying it .

They're waving and smiling .

Come , I don't think that's the house .

Ok .

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Leave it .

That Mustang is ridiculous .

They're , they're running back attack .

Yeah , I think , is this him right here ?

I don't know .

I don't , I'm not sure .

Yeah , that's him right here .

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Ok ?

It seems like he gave his neighbors a fair warning of what was gonna happen .

They were ready .

They wouldn't have watched it .

Oh , this guy , thanks Thunderbird in the grave .

Yeah .

It scared the crap out of her .

Are we going back again ?

I have no idea .

It looks like 70 .

It looks like some people are .

Oh , no .

Look how many I'm um , yeah , I'm gonna get out and I'm gonna go up to the , seems like he gave his neighbors a fair warning for what was gonna happen .

They're all out .

We're coming back .

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This car is so damn loud .

Oh my God .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Got the Z R one here .

Yeah .

More .

Think they're calling the cops .

Got the boys out here celebrating the birthday .

You know that's how we do it in the car scene .

Get to was yelling .

Oh he's grabbing the Z R one .

I hear you got that super charger one .

Oh she's getting plates .

Hey , hey Karen's mad , Karen's bad .

Are you on a shot off ?

Yes sir .

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Celebrating birthdays out here at the car scene .

Way got the boys rolling by making a lot of noise .

Some of the neighbors ain't happy .

They're calling the cops .

Karens aren't happy man .

Always got to ruin birthday celebrations , you know , but we got the boys .

It's a good day .

Picture of coop man might have to give me one of these in the future .

Three C T S V I'm getting on .

Is he blocking the road ?

706 ?

See , hey , what's going on ?

It's Karen mad , the fucking lady .

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So we're not supposed to for a kid's birthday .

He's already getting , oh , Karen is angry .

I'm glad we I if you don't , you don't own the street , Karen is angry .

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No , be I said , hey , you're in a car .

She's not .

I mean if you just go , she's gonna move .

It's one way or the other .

Thanks , right ?

She does come here .

He just threatened me .

He said he's gonna move .

Yeah .

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What's it ?

You're gonna be .

You too famous .

I mean it's cool .

You're not .

Yeah .

Now when you read it , you're not moving , man .

He just wrecked me .

I was standing on my back porch and I hear him peeling out when I got you .

You'd see the cloud .

You want to go .

I used to feel race cars .

I know about it .

Ok .

Go ahead .

That's exactly what you're doing though .

You want .

This is a destructive thing and it's not good for God .

That is .

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So , I just , we're trying to leave , this is impeding traffic .

I'm trying to park down there at the end .

You're impeding traffic though .

You are impeding traffic .

You are impeding traffic .

That's what's going on and it's going on , youtube .

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I mean , we got Karen one , we got Karen two , we got Karen and a little bit more positivity .

We have a very cute puppy who doesn't want to be on camera .

Amazing .

Where is the free ?

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Let's try .

All right guys , most of the neighborhood is enjoying it but Karen one and two down there weren't having any of it .

She was standing in the middle of the road , impeding traffic and you know , just , just being a ho man , you know .

Yeah , it was a good day .

I'm pretty sure that the kid enjoyed it .

We got one little pass .

We tried to go back for another and Karen blocked us off but she was , she was not happy .

She was not happy .

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Yeah , the constable constable just blazed by lights on , ready to get this gang of murderers and felons and thieves and stuff out here .

Oh , wait .

No , we're just a bunch of car guys .

Having a good time .

Three cops down there rolling up with their sirens blazing .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Now they're going in the neighborhood , don't hurt you .

17 , murdered in Montgomery County neighborhood .

Oh , wait , that's a couple of cards reven .

Very good .

Some of the women that were blocking the road , I'm dead .

We're going to go back and park in front of his house real quick .

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Alright , so the cops filed in , we're about to go back into the neighborhood because apparently people that were blocking us are getting arrested and the guy whose son it was his birthday for said we're good to come park in front of his house the hell no , I am not going first .

I can guarantee you right now .

I will not go first state trooper in this part of the part of the woods .

He was cool .

Yeah he's cool .

Look at all the the cats are rolling out .

They're probably sitting in the back seat handcuffing .

That's that's those heads .

They're so nice .

They wave back and everything , dude .

You got that on camera ?

I got it all on camera .

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What the heck ?

Oh bunch of hoodlums man .

Go this way the cops down there .

Oh my God waved at us .

You gave a thumbs up .

Heck yeah , you got a car right here that this is gonna do .

This is gonna be your best fucking bitch .

This is gonna be so good , man .

What the heck they're waving ?

Oh damn .

And I nice .

But the people that left are missing this .

Yeah .

Really nice .

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They sent him to jail , who sent him to jail , who they sent to jail .

But I guess what it called , that lady got mad and then there was like something with like guns and , well , I remember I was , I was in the , the one right here when we were , uh , when we were riding by and I hopped out and got the whole like altercation on camera and then what's it called ?

They started fighting and that's I got all of this on camera .

So , so we were , we were rolling by because it's his son's birthday down here .

And so we just got some cars to roll by because the son loves cars .

We all a little bit lady down here wasn't liking that so much .

A couple of ladies weren't liking that so much .

They started blocking the road and like filming people's plates and then like some dude started like trying to bite people .

I , I have it on video .

It's , it's hilarious .

It's so funny .

It's going straight to you .

I have all of it on video .

Wait , hold on .

Apparently they like laid some dude out over here because he was getting in their face .

Yeah , they came back .

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Oh my God .

This get him to say , hey , she hit my car .

It's about , it's about to blow up on youtube .

I am so glad now everybody in the neighborhood .

Knows who she is .

So , so how many people got arrested ?

At least two or three ?

Oh my God .

No , Sean's good .

Yeah , Sean's good .

Come here for that freaking girl .

The one , yeah , the one , the one who was saying that um she was standing in front of the car like trying to stop .

I was like , hey , what's her name ?

And she literally like turned around and she was like , don't fucking push me and his , his , her husband was like , you don't touch my wife .

And I was just like , what , how is that ?

He went to jail ?

That's the guy that went to jail because he got , he got in my face and then he got body .

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I go , oh my God , I'm gonna say right now , bro , there's so many cops here and they turned on the people trying to stop it , dude , this is hilarious .

So we got a lot of cops here .

I got 10 , 15 .

Everybody .

If you weren't involved in the initial disturbance , please go down .

We'll go talk to you in a minute .

If we need to , everybody else that was involved .

Y'all just come up right here and let me talk with you .

OK ?

Hey guys .

All righty .

I guess that's the end of it .

I bring a little more positivity to this video .

We have a dog , Rachel .

Oh Hello , puppy doggy smile .

Come right up to the C R one rolling out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'll see you later , boss .

All right .

We're leaving the scene .


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