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2023-06-14 19:13:21

Motul 300V vs Rotella T6 Oil Comparison

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Hey guys .

So Canadian Rider today , we're gonna be doing a comparison for two different really popular oils for your motorcycle .

Two of the most popular brands that come up and I always see this in discussion forums and everything is Rotella T six and 300 V .

Um What do you use ?

Um Well , I think it depends on what you're using it for .

Um So let's talk similarities of the oils first .

They're both group for synthetic based on oil .

So that's the highest quality synthetic oil that's in the market and they're both J O certified .

So J O MA certified as a certification that this oil can be used in wet clutch applications such as your motorcycle when it's the oil is going through and actually engaging with the clutch .

So let's talk about the T six product .

Um right off the bat .

This is an all purpose oil .

This oil has been around for a while now and people just rave about this oil online .

They use it for so many applications .

My father uses it for his 18 wheelers , his trucks .

I used it on my ninja 2 50 .

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My so 95 , you can go online , you can find people who have been using this oil for everything they need to loop up freaking parts , they put it in their lawnmower , whatever this oil is like a great all purpose oil .

A lot of people use it and it's no different for your motorcycle .

Honestly .

Um I've heard some people say , hey , the Rola six oil , you know , it's really cheap and that's a really good benefit of it , but it wasn't designed for your motorcycle applications .

It may , it may not have been specifically designed for that , but it was specifically designed for diesel truck engines .

And when people say that , you know , the R P MS of those engines is completely different than a motorcycle .

Well , no , not really .

The turbos are spinning much higher R PM than one of our motorcycle engines and it deals with a lot of stress .

It's a high load environment .

This oil provides great sheer protection , has great detergent pack .

It's a full synth oil .

Now , from what I've read and research and from what I've experienced with my ninja 2 50 in my car using the Rotella T six is that it provides great protection .

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Everything's great with it , but I prefer to kind of change up the oil a little bit sooner than I would with maybe another kind of oil if I was going with the 300 .

Um So again , the Ella , for example , I got for $40 the tool for five liters .

The mo tool was $90 for four liters .

So you can see this is there's a lot of savings and benefit um for your pocket .

But now let's talk about what motu oil kind of brings .

So the oils brings this cheap , um great lasting all purpose oil for your application .

But the Mola oil is really designed for your motorcycle .

Um Again , so this is a full group , four synthetic based stock oil .

Um It's J O M AJ O MA two certified .

So the ma two means that it's got a little bit less phosphorus and boron in the product .

So it's going to be better for your cat converters if you have a cat on your motorcycle .

Um So this oil is designed specifically for your motorcycle , high revving applications .

It's an ester based technology oil .

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Um So what that means is that it's going to be kind of sticking onto the internal parts of your engine much better than a traditional synthetic oil and it has anti foaming agents .

So if you're at the higher R PM , some oil can 10 the foam .

And now , I don't know , I personally have no experience to verify this , but reading they apparently other synthetic oils have a tendency to foam , the higher R P MS that this moto product will resist that foaming and give you better protection , the high R PM uh heat ready usage .

Now , for me personally , I'm going to be changing my 899 Panga with the uh moto 300 V for the first time .

You know , I , I , I actually posted the first time on a motorcycle forum and I got blasted by some people saying don't use your 600 ducati .

Uh , you spent $15,000 on a bike and now you're chipping out on the oil .

I'm not cheaping out on the oil .

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I'm just thinking to myself , hey , why spend $90 on an oil if it's only going to give me a 1% better benefit at the most .

I'm not debating the fact that .

Well , 2 , 300 visa better oil .

I understand that .

But for a guy , let's say like me , that isn't going to the track day blasting his bike around , you know , I'm just kind of cruising around city driving a little bit , you know , going around like this , like a little bit of craziness once in a while .

Um , is the Rotella T six more than enough for my applications probably .

Um So I've used it for my car .

I've used it for my ninja 2 50 .

My , I've never seen actually a reported problem with Rotella T six oil failure of an engine in any way in any lawnmower in any bike , in any car , in any truck .

Well , a few trucks have blown up but that's not from the oil .

Um , but overall , I think it's a great oil now .

This isn't about , um , you know what's better for a motorcycle .

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What's better for a motorcycle is the moto 300 B but I'm saying , you know , if you got a car and you got some other stuff and you want to buy one oil that's , does it all pretty much , I think the vitality is a great option .

It's , it's cheap , widely available .

You can go to Walmart or Napa or part source to pick it up and , um , I , I think I'm gonna go on my second oil change with that oil .

Um And yeah , so I just want to figure out what your thoughts are .

Now .

I know a lot of people are really invested in this .

We got a lot of people that are like only 23 V and you know , they'll stab the people that ever choose Rotella T or T six for any other reason .

And we got people at the T six camp saying those people are wasting all their money .

Um It's all marketing gimmicks .

Now you tell me what your thoughts are .

I personally think like for the first time , you know what , I'm gonna go ahead and use the moto 300 V on my Ducati 899 .

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I'm going to continue using the Rotella T six in my ninja 2 50 my sub and my father will continue using it and for all other purposes , our lawnmower , cetera .

Um What do you think ?

What have you been using this oil for Have you seen any loss of protection for T six in your product ?

Do you use 1 to 300 V ?

Have you have a comparison ?

Have you tried them both ?

Um Give me your thoughts below in the comment section .

Um Like this video , if you liked it , dislike this video , if you dislike it .

Um , subscribe to my channel , I'm gonna be posting a lot more great videos coming out .

Um The spring is coming about a month and a half away , so I can't wait to start motive and I got that set up as well .

So until the next video I'll see you then guys .


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