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2023-06-14 19:13:07

How To Make Sutlac _ Turkish Rice Pudding

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Hi , everyone .

This is a Alton .

Welcome to Turkish food recipes .

In this episode , we are making one of the best known and liked Turkish dessert .

So lunch as an English rice pudding .

It is very creamy yet light and caramelized topping makes it so delicious .

Let's get started here .

I have washed about little less than half cup , regular rice .

If you have many different kinds , try to use one that has more starch in it .

I added one cup plus 1/4 cup of water and cook it until soft .

The reason I added not that much uh water because I will continue to cook the rice with the milk that I'm gonna use for the sweet lunch , the rice pudding .

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First I edit about just eye boiling it two cups and then after it's boiled and continue to cook for 10 , 15 minutes , I edit the rest of the whole milk which is one liter in total and I continue to cook it for about 30 to 35 minutes stirring frequently in order to not uh stick to the bottom .

And after that , I added one cup , granulated sugar , just plain white sugar .

After sugar melts check the consistency .

It should be little runnier than a pudding because it's thickens more when it cools down because of the rice .

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So I added just a little more uh milk about half cup at that point .

And now to thicken and bind everything , I will use corn starch just about 1.5 tablespoon .

And I added some cold milk to mix everything well and just pour slowly while mixing the rice pudding , the soup large and mix everything .

Well , again , I continue to cook about 5 to 8 more minutes and added the vanilla powder .

If you have vanilla beans , it's better .

It's really expensive in turkey and you can find it in most of the places .

Uh you can also use vanilla extract if you want .

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And after this point , just uh check the rice pudding again , this is important because the consistency can be changed because of the type of the rice , the starch and also the heat .

It should be a little runnier .

As I said again , you can still add more milk .

I added about total one liter and one cup more whole milk .

Now , I'm going to transfer the sweet lunch to the cups .

These are often safe because after the transferring , we will burn the tops in the oven .

Right now , you can skip this step and just serve after cooled down .

But it is really , it gives a nice taste with caramelized toppings .

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As you can see in the baking tray .

I have water .

This is to prevent to cook the so more in the oven .

So I opened the broiler and in 200 degree oven , you can use more .

Just uh check regularly .

Don't leave the oven since my oven wasn't browning the tops evenly .

I had to turn after some of them was brown to make it evenly and continue to cook .

The tray is really very heavy .

So I had to be careful and here they are done nicely brown on top .

This food not really goes well .

After a nice dinner , just serve it after it is chilled completely .

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Let's shake it a little .

You can see they are still running .

This is the consistency we are looking for and you had this .

So after a nice uh ottoman dish , I will share the recipe as soon as I can .

There are uh many delicious recipes actually waiting for me to publish .

And after the dinner , I hit my .

So just with ground cinnamon , but you can also serve it with chopped hazelnuts .

It makes it really delicious too .

So I hope you try my recipe and let me know how it turn out .

Thanks for watching .

Please don't forget to subscribe for more recipes like this .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes to


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