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2023-06-14 19:13:01

Watch This Before you Stay at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.. 😲

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Super excited .

Ok .

You guys , we just checked into the area .

We are staying in a stay well king with an incredible strip view .

Stay well , basically means there's extra things like air purification and vitamin C in the shower .

We just got here .

We're already so impressed .

Let me give you guys a quick room tour .

So this is like the front foyer , right ?

When you walk in , you have this huge area for like storage .

They provide some masks .

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There are two closets , there's like your iron board and everything as well as robes , which is really nice because I haven't had them in a lot of places .

I'll show you the bathroom .

There is first of all like a pocket door for this bathroom , which is amazing .

This is the water closet , which is where the toilet is because somebody told me they didn't never heard the term water closet before , but that's that this is the shower , which is insane .

It has a vitamin C infuser on the shower head and it's gigantic and the top is also in here and here we have the mirror area with the double sinks .

There's a makeup mirror here really nice .

So the main part of the room , huge king bed , it looks incredibly comfortable , two nightstands , this desk area here with the TV , your mini fridge , which you're not going to want to touch .

There's no like small fridge , it's just the minibar .

Then you have these two beautiful chairs , the incredible view .

This room feels super spacious .

It's really nice .

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Another thing that's really awesome if you've never stated the aria is that everything is controlled via this ipad .

So you can control your room like your lights .

That's how we opened the curtains earlier , your temperature , everything .

But then if you want to do anything else like order room service or like see what's available for restaurants , we can basically like make this room our own without having to get up and move things , which is awesome .

So that is the room and now it's really nice out today actually .

And we really , really want to go down to the pool .

I hit the we are at the Aria pool .

It's so nice out .

It's like 70 something degrees , but the water is like incredibly hot .

All right .

So the area has three separate pool areas we were in the largest .

This is the second one over here .

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There is a third one behind us , which is the sky pool that is reserved only for sky suites guests .

And it has like extra amenities and all the bells and whistles for those of you who want to spend the extra money .

Ok , guys , we are going to a secret art exhibit inside the Louis Vuitton store inside the Crystal shops .

It's called a Cab by James Terrell .

A cob means pure water in Ancient Egyptian .

Basically what this is , is what he's known for are these Gans Fels or a light field ?

We're going to be basically just submerged in a huge tunnel of light .

Really excited .

It's kind of a secret thing .

They don't even advertise it .

OK ?

You guys , we just finished James Rell's a cob and it was incredible .

I'm going to put some pictures up from their website .

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There is no filming no photography whatsoever in the installation .

So we definitely wanted to respect that , but I will show you some pictures .

They do it no justice whatsoever .

You ascend up into this light chamber and the colors are so vibrant that they almost hit you in the face like a cloud and you feel like your brain is like putting on relax , like on mute , like for a minute , you're just kind of like thoughtless .

It was , this is completely free to do .

However , they book out 6 to 8 weeks in advance .

This part right here is just a small mini installation from James Tarell inside the shops that we were allowed to film at .

So you should definitely go check out a cop .

Guys .

I highly recommend it to .

Ok , guys , we lost track after the pool and like time went so fast .

We had to rush , but we are now here at Catch and we're going to have a fabulous dinner .

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I'm so excited .

It's probably the most beautiful restaurant in Las Vegas .

So let's go .

So we just got into Catch and we started with their signature appetizer .

This is the truffle sashimi .

So it's tuna , hamachi chili oil pan , caviar and black Truffle .

Really excited .

It'll go perfectly to start out all our sushi .

Oh my God .

Oh , that is so good .

That was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my entire life .

OK .

We got our sushi .

My favorite food in the world is sushi .

I am so excited .

So I wanted to try the vegan one which is King oyster mushrooms , cashew and spicy miso aai , avocado , spicy salmon and yellow tail and avocado .

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I can't wait .

I'm freaking out .

Yeah .

OK .

Pour that on and then , oh my God , it's like molten ice cream .

OK .

The girl on the piano right now is just killing it , killing it .

First of all , ketch was phenomenal .

Amazing , delicious .

If you're anywhere near the area , go there also make sure you get a reservation because it's hard to get in there .

But I have a free reward for a cocktail over here .

So we're gonna go and listen to her .

Yeah , there is the Sunday .

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Yes .

This good morning everybody .

So we had a really fun night last night .

Had an amazing night's rest .

Uh , this morning we just got up and had coffee and I want to give you guys one of my pro tips .

Always , always , always ask for a venti ice water .

They will give it to you for free so that you have some more water in your system .

But I think we are gonna head over to the cosmo , which is really nearby and grab ourselves some eggs left for breakfast .

Holy line .

Ok .

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Breakfast was awesome .

Now , I think it's time to head back to the area .

We haven't gotten a huge amount of time to like , explore everything .

So we really want to go and check out all the details of the resort .

Ok .

So we just did a ton of exploring .

We walked around this entire place .

It's actually really awesome , but we're starving .

So we stopped to get something to eat .

And I used another my vega promotion and I managed to get three items .

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So a large latte , a croissant and a cobb salad , uh for $30 .

And this place is open 24 hours and this is actually really big .

So I'm really excited to eat now .

Yes .

Thank you so much .

Get the carb salad and get the cookie butter latte .

Mm , 2000 years later .

So apparently the area has a really incredible Uber pick up area , but just note that it is in a different spot than the main entrance .

We're just calling an Uber right now to go have some tacos Al , go for dinner because it's gonna be a really good cheap meal , everything .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Everything .

Yeah .

Ok .

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We made it , we got steak and we got chicken and we got chorizo and it all looks amazing .

Watch below in between .

And that's not my day after all .

The truth is she's a real honey bee .

I wanted to say so I told her that I like to run .

Ok .

True story .

We actually went to the wrong taco place .

We thought we were at Tacos Al Go but we actually ended up at tacos store and um the tacos were only 10 times more than they are at Tacos Al Gordo .

It was way less busy and the people were so nice and the food was really good .

So if there's a line out the door to Tacos gordo , walk down the street like two ft and go to Tacos Alpa store , it was really good .

And now we're at my favorite place ever .

I drew a the boys club , the Pros and the fat OK .

I finished my blue Hawaii and I wanted to try a different drink for you guys .

So I am trying the bubble bath .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's Dragon berry Bacardi watermelon mint and Moscato .

So if you're like a wine drinker , if you want something fresh , this is another really good option .

Just be aware .

There's a bunch of raspberry seeds in here .

We are just gonna finish up our drinks and enjoy ourselves before calling an Uber and heading back to the hotel because it is windier than I've ever seen in my life in Vegas right now .

It's crazy and I don't wanna blow away .

So let me give you my final thoughts on the R F .

So room wise , the room is really , really nice .

I really loved the bathroom , the shower and the tub , the bed was incredible .

Incredible bed little touches for the stay well , like having the air purifier going and the vitamin C thing in the shower to try to help keep your skin soft .

I do feel like I definitely felt a difference and felt very like refreshed in this room .

Casino here is massive , tons of variety of games .

Really great location wise , it is still center strip in my opinion and you are close to other amenities .

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So it's not too bad as far as walking goes .

Restaurant wise , there are really wonderful restaurants in here and there's a lot of them , but everything's pretty expensive .

You are gonna end up paying more for food .

If you stay here , everything's yummy , but it costs a little bit more .

Lastly , let's talk about the price .

So two nights here should cost about $458 .

I would totally stay here again with all my comp rates , but $450 for two nights is a lot .

I would say if you want to stay in your room a lot .

If you're trying to relax on your vacation , maybe consider the Aria .

If you're gonna go out and party all night , crash in your bed , wake up and then go out again .

Um maybe find a cheaper one .

But those are my thoughts for you guys .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

If you did go ahead and click , subscribe .

If you're not a subscriber , give this video a thumbs up and I will see you all in my next one .

Bye .

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My name you want for me mix , mix , mix .


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