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2023-06-14 19:12:52

GARAGE BUILT 800+ HP CHEVY SS vs. Houston Streets! (Nitrous Corvettes and MORE!)

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That is how the spotters are gonna let us go there as cops is right here .

Come get the channel , then I'll do the driver meeting .

There's over 80 cars tonight and it's gonna be really cluster fucked all the way to where we're racing at .

That being said , once we get the , where we're running straight down all the way to , it's y'all's territory , y'all can do whatever the fuck y'all want to do .

All I ask is y'all to be safe with the bikers .

They know what they're doing .

Please be safe with what you're doing .

Don't do nothing crazy .

Everybody gets home safe tonight .

We're gonna have spotters on the front and spotters on the back .

Don't worry about the cars , don't worry about what they drive , just listen to the radio , the radio will tell you what's going down .

I'll probably be in the middle letting y'all know .

I'll tell y'all black Mustang , you're clear to run , run it .

Do not run by trains and they sit in corners looking for people to pull over .

There's a lot of cars tonight so there's no real chance for you to run away .

So don't do nothing stupid .

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I guarantee we'll be all right .

There won't be any cops out there because we tend to run a tight shift for those that haven't gone with us , but just don't do nothing stupid .

Don't chase runs , don't run four lanes wide , don't run five lanes wide .

I saw that shit last time .

I don't know how the fuck y'all do .

It's three lanes wide , but I respect it .

You know , it's a straight shot down .

We're gonna go all the way to take a right head towards go to .

You can't get lost .

We're basically Houston travel all the way down .

Once we leave here , there's a lot of boosted and a lot of N A cars , the boosted guys will be in the front and A will be in the back for all the party .

Get , let's go as well .

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Give me two cars and a , one of the ok .

Pardon ?

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266.51 --> 335.73

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I know it was a cluster B on the way down .

It always is .

That's gonna happen .

People didn't get any runs yet , please .

On the way back up north , spread it out a little bit .

The cops pulled over two Rs .

They leave us alone , we leave them alone .

Let's get the runs all the way to , you know , get some more runs .

Be in the front , I'll be in the back as usual .

We'll get some runs in .

We'll , once we leave this place , take a right .

Yeah .

Do not take south .

Do not go east .

Do not go any other direction , but let's go .

They will pull you over , over that speed up .

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We go 75 .

There is no reason of the left lane too .

You guys are walking back up , get on the left lane and get this little right up here and once he pass him , he's gonna get up up here too .

You got a sauce that charge that that's me .

Catch up to the room .

Let's go guys , I'm over here and I'm gonna let you all know when John , when John passes me , I'll let you all know what's out there .

They pull over for the accident .

Ok bye right now .

It's gonna be good .

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Yeah , constable looks like he wants to pull out .

How's it going ?


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