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2023-06-14 19:12:43

Snoop LYING... i mean “lion”

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And OK , I did .

Yeah .

Mhm God love Lord Lord .

Good Lord , Lord .

Good .

Oh Lord .

Mhm .

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Oh Lord , you're running out my big man woman , unknown binary folk .

Them 100 years of sk while Tucker Carlson was clamoring because he can't get hard to the brown M and MS no more .

I was being mortified .

This is a tale of loss , a dirge of death , a story of sky that tangent , not , not even tangent directly correlates to Snoop Dogg .

I mean Snoop Lion .

It's no secret that I train B JJ and a great deal of people .

I spa with moonlight as the clown's private escort service .

And I like to think that these people that I share some of my most intimate moments with are good people .

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But from time to time I get a glimpse of something that just feel auntie block like you ever encounter something that you know , is not racist , but it feel racist like snow me to mid thirties , you know , in good shape .

First day doing B JJ and I just walking in from the torrential tundra going on outside .

So naturally I pair up with him so I could run him through the drills .

You know , because I'm the welcome wagon and there's something beautiful about B JJ .

You know , there's something particularly beautiful because , you know , I always say you can't be racist when you chest to chest with people of color .

How do you hate me ?

And I between your legs , I mean , well , after the sorority girls , I was posting up block squares for Floyd and juice us behind closed doors .

But if you dare to say hi to them when they sisters run , they could do you like Honey Rider that , hey , I'm gonna take a look .

That's all right .

He's with me .

Bet your bottom dollar that I bring in this box is way too good to only show you all once .

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Anyway , my punch lines is going to the next bar like what I was talking about .

Oh oh yeah .

Yeah .

This , so I do standing drills with Todd , right ?

Which is essentially doing trolls like this aficionado .

And he's about to show you how to do , but I ain't even throwing Todd .

I , we just dancing a slow steady minuet in 34 , but with the intentions of throwing him into the floor and I noticed that Todd is tremendously tense like I talking as tense as your date when you bring it to the crib for the first time and they scared to take their shoes off .

I say Todd , you know , we ain't fighting , you know , we just drilling you ain't , you ain't got a , you know , you ain't got tense up like that .

And this man would go on to let out the most pregnant breath that he ever had , you know , like he gave birth to triplets of breath .

So I thought that that was his sign of saying that things could change up , right ?

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But my boy going right back to clenching , he bought cheeks when we start drilling again .

I say to you must have been to Vietnam .

You got PTSD from all them just call it Todd was Aing sketchier than a car from Craigslist to come .

Like he knew what I did last summer to like I was 50 and he was anybody because nobody safe around 50% .

And my naive negro over here trying to figure out what happened to Todd .

Everyone else that I have been partnering up with enjoys my enthusiastic approach to Brazilian jujitsu .

Hence why my sense continues to put me with the new people so that I can bring them into the sport .

But this guy was having the hardest of times with me .

Listen , watch this .

We was doing drills where we literally had to mount each other and explaining this out loud as a black man .

You know , there really ain't no way of defending it .

Top mount is a position in B JJ and M MA where you are literally straddling the person that you are fighting .

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Please don't ask for no pictorial depictions of this because I get flagged by you too quicker than if I say .

So I explained to this man that I am about to get on top of you and I apologize in advance for the week .

He gnawed his head right .

Then he proceeds to take the deepest breath .

Like I swear this man must learn all this from LAMAs classes .

He take the deepest breath and I proceed to throw my leg over him to mount , right ?

Tell me why this man buck me off like being in a Ross cloud rodeo .

I say Todd , Todd , Todd , Todd , we ain't fighting .

I , I'm not trying to hurt you .

To Todd says reflex and I say , well , you're reflex to send me out the window like Mr Incredible .

I look at my sense , right ?

I look at him on the slide .

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This man over here and he giggling up himself because he knows that this is a part of the discipline , being able to teach what you know , you transcend your knowledge of the sport when you are able to articulate it in a way that others far different from you even can appreciate and gain knowledge and understanding of it .

So my sense on his master splinter , right ?

He looking at me like , yeah , you gotta deal with rowdy rebels because I had to deal with rowdy rebels .

You know he was a blue bell .

So now you gotta learn how to do this .

So I switch up the flow on to .

Right .

And , and I get , I did some small talk , you know , I , I'm going , you know , he , sometimes he just have to ease yourself in .

You can't , you can't just , you know , go balls in the wall , no lobe just , you know , go , you have to ease it in a little bit .

You see , and let me tell you something .

My soldier guess what ?

Todd starts self reporting , all kind of things .

Todd starts saying some things I asked Todd , you know , I say , where are you from ?

I asked Todd , you know how the wife and kids and all that , right ?

And then I asked Todd , what do you do for work ?

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And then he say he's work for the city .

I say the garbage Boers work for the city to where , what , what do you do for the city ?

And he say , oh , you know , keeping the peace , he say I keep the place safe .

I think that to must be a firefighter cause that's what I think about when I think about keeping the place safe , my sensing who was blocked by the way he come and he said , you do know that Todd is a corporate , I begin to pass out and my head hit the wall and not a big deal .

You know , I train with ex-military current marines , you know , law enforcement trumpets and I don't encounter many issues .

They part right wing propaganda on COVID and I make them top dance like Jackson , it all works out .

But this was something totally different because all of a sudden I think I figured out why he may have been behaving this way .

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The reason behind this physically diamond hard response to my touch , why this man was tensing up himself just from seeing me because it is not because I came through the door looking like blade son pocket knife because I was dressed a certain way because I was calling in a witch tent outside .

But because of something totally different that I may have overlooked towards experience with people that look like me may be vastly different than what I gave him .

He's a cop and let's be real .

Let's be frank , you know , the , the origins and the current era of cops and policing in general is abysmal .

But you all know , I like to meet people where they are .

You know , you all know , I like to be in the and , you know , I've rolled with trumpets , I've rolled with law enforcement and there's only really one thing that I've noticed .

You know , some of these people are irrevocably broken for sure .

There was a point in life in their infantry or something else where something just broken them .

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And that was their flash point .

That was their proverbial fork in the road .

The fork that on one side allowed for redemption and the ability to fight and combat the skulduggery that happened to them or the next side that steals them in their and makes them obdurate in their dogma .

I've struggled for a long time .

We're trying to figure out what to do with people whose beliefs directly contradict my very existence .

And I've come to the conclusion that I must do absolutely nothing because it doesn't have anything to do with me .

They will never experience life the way I do .

And when I tell them , they will never be able to understand it the way I do , they will filter my experience through their lens .

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And given that we're all just our accumulated biases , they will take a biased take on my biases that has everything to do with them , everything to do with their experiences and their insecurities , which is such a liberating experience and understanding to love because it allows me to be free of feeling personally attacked by their beliefs .

It allows me to engage with their experience from a completely neutral point rather than what I would do , which was approach it from being a combative or defensive one .

So I sat with the way that Todd and I interacted that day and I felt mortified .

I was like , damn , you know , Todd probably done all over himself .

Like Caitlin Bennett , I wish I did more to address that .

You know , I wish I did more to accommodate him .

I know I don't have to , but I want to because I want for anybody to be able to enjoy the sport that has given me so much .

And I would hate to know that my interaction with him might have prevented him from doing so .

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So a week passed and no Todd and I felt so despondent about that because I was just like , damn , you know , he might never come back .

I began to even tell my sense .

I was like , you know , you might consider probably partnering up someone else with the other newcomers because I was beginning to doubt my own ability to , I'm being an ambassador to this sport , a sport that I love a sport that is literally made me sane enough to sit here and talk to you today .

But all in an instance , you should have seen my eye , it glint up like when I see food , the door opened and there I was , I was never , may never ever be happier to see another man again .

I shout across the room to him , right ?

I like to go everything good .

And this man looked like he just saw a dead headlights .

I told him I was so happy that he came back and we partnered up again .

So I took a different approach with him after which he warmed up a little bit .

He started to let loose , you know .

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And after practice , I was thinking to myself , I was like , hey , I got a new friend .

This is great until Todd say some sky like this .

Lord .

You know , hey , Bud , me and the missus are going to in the Christmas would love to take you on the boat and show you how to fish .

Todd , Todd , Todd .

You see this , the , come on , Todd , how you come into my country ?

Tell me that you could teach me how to fish and you could take me on the boat .

I should be taking you on the boat .

I should be taking you to fish .

Fry Todd .

Not the next way around Todd , the utter Cassity and listen , I know he , he thought he was being hospitable , right ?

But you gotta be in your own home to be hospitable house , hospitable .

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You ain't home , you at you at Bahama , you at Atlantis , you are not home , how you could come to someone else country and assume that you could show them things that they can't show you the facial muscles I had to suppress .

In order to not resemble Popeye with a screw up face .

You can't even pronounce NASA , right ?

But you wanna show me things about nasa's fault .

You know , you have many people on average , they're American but many people that come to my country with similar attitudes , tourists that forget that this is a country with a full functional government .

You know , a ferry on a mail boat system that takes us hit and live families that literally call this island home .

Yet you still think that I never fish .

You still think that I ain't never been on a boat .

You think that I ain't got a boat ?

Which I don't .

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But I mean , dam you shouldn't assume that the Cocos isn't the only driving factor that you know , gives Americans and , and the like a goal to come to the Caribbean and act in such a man because as we will see , Snoop Lion did something rather similar .

We want to bless you with some California herbs that we have .

Yeah .

Yeah .

This man bring weed to Jamaica .

You might as well have brought some sand for the beach to Snoop .

Let me give you some context .

Bunny .

W is Bob Marley's contemporary , you know , Bob Marley and the Whalers .

You ever watch this video ?

I do up here where I basically was talking about why Bob Marley became the frontman because of his marketability , which was very closely directed to his skin despite bunny and Peter Tosh in particular being very competent front men and especially coming from that group .

However , you know , they just didn't choose them for , for some strange reason .

That's very obvious .

Anyway , that's my polemic take of the day .

So Snoop Lion , right ?

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He comes to the great bunny W house and asks him if he would like some we and just like Todd , I think that Snoop Line was just trying to be hospitable , right ?

He he's just trying to get , you know , when you bring rum to someone's house , when you come to their house .

That's what he think he doing .

Right .

You know , I understand .

You know , I , this ain't a hit piece on Snoop Dogg .

At least yet .

People aren't all malefactors , you know , they're just about half , you know , sometimes 75% .

But the bigotry and sky that I encounter is typically nine , 20% unintentional .

I rarely get people coming to me with Sky with the intentions of hurting me .

At least I don't think so .

And if they , if they actually do plan or hurt me , then they're very , very good at acting like they don't , that is not to say that it does not exist .

One of the privileges of being a big black man with a beard that I have is being a big black man with a beard .

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You know , just because I'm black doesn't , doesn't negate the fact that I have size and stature that that kind of sets the tone .

I have never been in a fight that I have haven't agreed upon and that could be attributed to a medley of things .

But it's typically because I don't think that most people when they see me would want to fight me .

So a great deal of the skullduggery is moments like this .

Someone assuming that I smoke weed because of my Caribbean heritage or someone feeling like their weed is superior to Jamaica's weed because they're from America in particular Cali in this case , thus , you feel like you are blessing the literal lord of reggae with your Californian weed , which is why I desperately need you to understand .

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I , before I go any further 10 million enslaved Africans thrown hither and between the 16th and the 19th century , rendered from the safety of their own domicile and thrown very callously into a boat where they are put on a range head to toe with other Africans sailing somewhere near Atlantic to atrocities unknown .

This is the reality of the Atlantic slave trade where 700,000 of those slaves settled in the British colony known today as Jamaica .

And despite the abolishment of slavery in Jamaica , around 18 34 I believe prejudice based on race still in giving rise to Ross the far .

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Marcus Garvey lent a lot of framework to the movement Garvey being one of the most pivotal political figures in all of history , not Black , not Caribbean in all of history , the founder and first president of the Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League , as well as the provisional president of a , as pretentious and grandiose as that sounds , if anybody deserved it , it would be Garvey , his insights to Pan Africanism were paramount and very novel and it was essential to the identity of Pan Africanism as it stands .

And Rosta far encompassed a lot of this rhetoric and theory .

The religion is also greatly influenced by Christianity which is a dash , just a , just a , you know , salt based dash of mythology in it but most of all Ethiopians is front and center stage in Rastafari , a child .

This idea that Garvey and even Malcolm X held of Black nationalism , which is vastly different than White nationalism .

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Don't , don't run with me today .

I know them ponytail looking fellas probably inside the comments already watch .

Don't run with me today .

You know , it , it , it , it cold but , but my I still I was clamoring for the Black diaspora to return to Africa teachings of African tradition and pride began to proliferate the entire community .

And at the forefront of this Ethiopia was considered to be the embodiment of Africa .

This is all one side of a two sided coin that is the black solution to the racial divide in the Western world .

Garvey represented the Black separatist movement alongside people like Malcolm X , which is different from W E Du Bois , as well as Martin Luther King Junior who advocated for more of an inclusive approach to the racial divide .

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But Garvey is waned as the great depression of the thirties grew , which encouraged black people to shelve their racial resentments in an effort to simply survive even if it wasn't harmonious , but Garvey remained hopeful , not , not even hopeful .

He , he remained obdurate , he remained steeled , he remained sure that there was a Black Messiah or a king if you will on the horizon , this was articulated in Garvey's play coronation of an African king where Prince Kuo of Sudan was crowned which brings us to a very tricky juncture and the reason why people Lord Garvey in particular as a prophet later that very year Ali was crowned making it see him like Garvey knew it was coming all along and everything was Iri Garvey was supposed to be this new prophet until Rastafari and Gary had a dramatic fracture .

Garvey didn't like what the Rastafarians would do .

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Garvey didn't like where Rastafari was even going .

He even went as far to call it a CIA coward who rules a country where black men are chained and flogged .

In reference to Ethiopia .

This ushered a new era for not only Ethiopian but Rastafari itself , the first sovereign monarch of Sub Saharan Africa .

Since the 18 hundreds , Philia came in 1930 Rastafarian saw him to be the Black Messiah .

They treated this man like he was the second coming of Jesus .

Sala's crowning was a sign of hope in a time of the spell that came with the Great Depression .

It signified the new some would say the truth beginning of Rastafari .

The first beginning would , would be Howell Howell , who would be soon arrested for sedition very early on .

I mean , this is by barely even got he foot out the gate before you get arrested for sedition .

And that is because Howell , honestly , Howell was Mussy off that .

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Howell was low key .

I hope I don't get counsel for this but Howe was low key spitting some things that sound very Hilarion .

Very , you know , Aryan .

He was literally saying that black Africans were the superior race and I can't get jiggy it up .

How will it come ?

Like , you know , the DJ start playing full of hell after he just start listening to Navarro .

Like what we doing , we moshing or we muggle in a dance .

He come like that boy who had everyone rooting for him until this is not about George Floyd .

Every color it to be .

Yeah .

Howell was mentally ill and , and he was eventually committed .

But before that even happened , Ethiopia get invaded by Italy and I had to get exiled .

It wasn't until the early 19 forties .

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I believe that I got back to his , which the rosters then took to be the fulfillment of the prophecy as evinced by Book of Revelations .

It's like all of these things just happen to happen .

And the Rasta Arians then they was just like , you know .

Yeah .

Yeah , I read that in this brings us to the 19 fifties when Rasta Farai gained a lot of momentum , but just as many enemies , Rastafari was always at odds with the establishment .

That's because the rosters saw things like government and police and class to all be weapons of these are some of the political parts of Rastafari which are very punk and it's aesthetic .

It reeked of the ethos that anarchism did and the establishment knew this .

So they immediately had an antagonistic relationship with Rastafari , many rosters were arrested on the grounds of marijuana .

But really , you know , we know why they was getting arrested .

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It's the same reason that the FBI anyway , you know what ?

Let me not even talk about that .

You know , I ain't trying to get a stigma stand .

Rastafari to be something associated with the low class .

That's the upper echelon and the elitist boo boo or I don't know what you all to say , how you say it .

This antagonist and years of refusal resulted in a militant branch of Rastafari being born the house of Youth , black faith , which aimed to defend practitioners of the faith until something truly disgusting happened at the hand of the youth , a woman was killed in 1957 and it was alleged that the black youth were responsible for it marking the most turbulent time for rosters in J A the militia tried to seize the whole city in the name of but ultimately , it failed as well as their other attempt that they did later , which also failed .

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All of this lent a very bad image to Raster Far roster shortly thereafter became persona no .

In J A so incoming , this self proclaimed prophet called Claris Henry .

He basically was telling these rosters who already marginalized in their society that listen , listen , I could bring you all to Africa like you all always wanted to .

Here's a ticket I'm selling and he sold tickets to a pilgrimage back to Africa to thousands of rosters and all of these Jamaicans and then getting ready to get on this boat thinking that they're going to Liberia or something .

And they were so happy because , you know , they , they had it hard , it was hard in J A for roster .

Come to find out there wasn't no ship .

Claudius Claude Klaus , whatever your name is .

Bamboozle everybody Hoodwinked , run amok .

It's like the rosters .

Them , couldn't get a break .

I ain't gonna lie .

I , I feel bad for the rosters .

Them .

I ain't gonna lie .

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I visit Jamaica in 66 19 sixties .

Lord .

Them roster was running mud .

It breathed new life into the entire movement .

You , you then got like um the Raster voice , the newspaper , there was building establishment , it seemed like was looking good for Rasta Far even members from , you know , the upper echelon , not just , you know , the lowly , uh you know , Buffalo soldiers in them .

You had people from , you know , the higher ranks getting involved in Rastafari membership from across the class stratification .

And after the deaths of prominent black power people such as Malcolm and Michael X as well as George Jackson , Rastafari sought to fill a void that was left by these pillars of blackness being taken out .

It was getting popular and you know , with all things that are popular , they are often getting too big to be maintained .

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As soon as Marley came onto the scene , rota far exploded he was the most visible roster ever .

And Marley was also able to articulate some of the political underpinnings in a way that was consumable by the general public .

You had people turning rota far from faith to fashion .

Soon you had every and anybody and they and Grammy talking about the , it became an aesthetic , a brand , a t-shirt , a mug content .

I don't wanna get too much into that because I have something coming down the pipeline with a good friend of mine where we could talk about the commodification of culture .

However , when it comes to Rastafari , this pretty much signal its decline .

And the final nail in the coffin was so coffin when he died in 75 .

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So when you have someone like Snoop claiming he wanted to reborn himself into Rastafari in a tone for his past , you should be able to understand now why rosters was so skeptic .

I know reggae music is a form of hip hop music .

I'm just gonna link this .

I'm just gonna leave this up here up there so that you could just just get a grasp of how blasphemous this is .

It's almost as blasphemous as niche saying God is dead .

Hip hop came from dance hall .

Dance hall came from dub and dub came experimentation surrounding Reggie .

I'm saying it again .

Wait till the end of this video and watch the Lee Scratch Perry video .

So Snoop is showing not only his ignorance of dance soul reggae , all of that , right ?

But he also this is just a showcasing his ignorance in regards to Jamaican culture in general .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He going to tough go , tough going studios and that's where Bob Marley and you know , there's just so many pillars of reggae and all kind of different celebrities and artists go to just to pay respects .

But Snoop Lion came there thinking that he was gonna learn , he said he needed to learn reggae .

He need to learn all of these cus you know , cultural artifacts and things like that , right ?

And what does he do when he gets to Tough Gong Studios ?

I wanted to go and get a real , you know , understanding of reggae far , right ?

And the whole lifestyle studios , how are you ?

We'd be sleeping out of getting over here , how you been , you know how you look good man , you look good .

The stuff that we're doing now is like writing with , with Dr A and this , this is my great personally .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you said you want to learn the culture , you want to get an understanding , an authentic understanding of the culture .

Why you gonna bring your co or white fellas ?

Diplo Ariel ?

Why you all could bring them there when you could have just did the same record back in L A ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Because that's where they all was Diplo literally the man responsible for gentrifying beginning the gentrification of Dance Hall Ari the industry , Titan that is responsible for acts like I'm and Charlie X C X , both artists and bonds of whom I love , you know , but dumb , why are you going all the way to J A say that you want to immerse yourself in the culture and basically align your team , your production team , which is essentially the mcdonald's of American music , acting like , you know , you getting a real authentic Jamaican experience , you know , I could make a compilation out of the times that I heard year a month in this documentary alone , most people first awareness of came to listening to reggae music from its leg .

Just like the late Bob Marley Peter .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Why they try to hide the fact that Snoop Dogg is doing his best Yardy impression , not even Yardy impress Chet Hank's impression because he don't sound like no Jamaican .

And that's why they needed molly , not not Bob Marley , but Damian Molly , his literal son to lend some authenticity to this documentary .

You could tell that he has attendance even before meeting him .

I mean , for example , the most obvious one is herb smoking and he was one of those first hip hop stars that I heard come across and really be a big herb advocate and they don't stop there .

Tell me you can tell me they ain't paid us money to say this right here .

When I first hear about you thought I was real Jamaican .

When you first heard of me , the skulls that were dug , this reveals an issue that was also pretty , pretty ostensible in the Bond series , the usage of locals to articulate agendas or set public opinion .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's like co-opting movements , you know .

In fact , no , it , it is co-opting movements .

It's making the viewer think that it is OK to equate Snoop lion with rota far , it is attenuating the acrimony that should be applied when trying to enter and appropriate this culture .

It's exactly why , sadly , some things need to be kept behind the gate because there is no way that should have been sampled and bastardized and parodied a travesty .

I want to spit on the floor when I heard this where we can love sour .

So pineapple main my honey .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This sample is from one of the most classic dance hall tunes ever made .

I know this boy gotta be , he gotta be rolling in his grave .

If he ain't dead .

Snoop dog just defecated on it like a dog doing on a lawn .

It was clear that Snoop Dogg had absolutely no intentions of accurately and authentically appropriating the culture .

They wanted the ethos of reggae and far and Jamaican culture .

They didn't want the politics , they didn't want the , the , the underpinnings , the political underpinnings of it .

Just like the other litany of artists that would ride the raster wave until it cannot keep them afloat anymore .

And this commodification of culture is articulated beautifully nearing the end of the documentary and I know why they put it there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They put it there because they know a lot of people , they could get to the end of this documentary because literally buddy man just starts speaking some fucks and , and this whole thing , it's a huge commerce and you have the spiritual side of it and you have the huge commercial side of it in spite of the spiritual and a part of our problem , both as a music and as a culture is how this is viewed commercially , the importance of being earnest in your dealings .

It was clear that Diplo Snoop Dogg , whatever the um director name is , they wasn't any much entertained with trying to understand this culture .

They wasn't , he wasn't trying to rob himself .

And that's exactly why he was shortly excommunicated from the Rastafari faith .

The sad part is he had already won .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

By that point , he had successfully commodified gentrified and diluted the Caribbean culture and we as Caribbean people let him .

And that's because we're often very encouraging and very inviting , very embracing of other people into our culture .

That's the Caribbean way .

But sometimes sometimes it bites us in the back much like Columbus coming to the Lucas and giving them the Bible and he left with the labor and the land and the resources and whatever spoils he was able to take with them .

It's like what F D talks about in regards to allowing the future of hip hop to be decided upon by others rather than black people that it was actually created by or the gatekeepers that were actually able to hold it with some integrity .

And it's just like I talk about in this video over here where I talk about the commodification of , well , you will hear how come I can't say that word in this video right here .

I can see it then .


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