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2023-06-14 19:12:38

My Second Pro-2 Drift Comp - ATLANTA DOWNPOUR

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Good morning guys .

Best way to start a qualifying day .

Some good old music with Alberto , cooking up some eggs , making some cereal .

How's your hangover doing ?

Dude ?

Showman was twisted last night .

So what you guys were doing last night ?

No , dude , I was editing another room .

I saw Showman commenting on my Instagram posts , like commenting slurs .

He was , he was , he was adding like extra vowels to every word .

Like what ?

Oh Yeah .

Oh man , I love this thing .

I'm so glad I have it with me .

I know I say that every morning .

But so today no one from the public really comes mainly just kind of like practice and qualifying and then some people watch on the live stream , but that's about it .

Look , one of our friends is here , Massachusetts .

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How cool it was like a tour , right ?

So , not much has changed with the car since last time .

One of the main things though , if you remember we had a throttle cable failure .

So now we have an entire stainless cable .

Alberto , do you know the specifications of how that cable is actually different ?

I believe there's nothing to melt right ?

Lining inside which the other one .

So got a new throttle cable feels a little bit different but should help us prevent from having any other issues .

And now we have a spare in case you run into any issues .

Another thing , we never really did like a full check on the alignment .

We kind of thought it was good and went , the alignment was very far off .

So now we've got a really good alignment on it .

Thanks to the guys over at Phillip in Longwood or Castle , wherever it is and you did some welding , what did you weld your suffering was cracked as you hit a differential against .

Come here a little bit .

I have to weld it .

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Also the exhaust , the had a hanger was completely broken off .

So I ended weld that and also an antenna for your radio because you , we couldn't hear you .

So now we're gonna be able to hear you from really far away .

We don't need a remote antenna .

I was , I was telling Alberto , I was like , man , I can't hear you guys .

Maybe we should put a muffler on the car and try to fight it out .

But they were like , or we could put an antenna on it .

You can keep your car loud because it's the best of both worlds .

So Alberto had his avocado toast and eggs this morning .

So he's feeling like a new man .

The Ator is showing down down over there .

Hey , hey , don't too hard on my wheels , dude .

Everybody's in town .

We got the old Trevor is in town .

Are you ready ?

Are you ready ?

That's , that's the question .

I'm ready .

I'm here .

We had such a good day yesterday .

I've , uh , I've , I've decided , I think my favorite thing after you set up day .

So we're gonna have you for set up day next time because it was so fun .

Really ?

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We just , we got done so fast and we just hung out and played and it was great that I was on the Yeah , I , I left the super on the dino just to come here .

Yours or the give away Super .

What did it make you go watch this video if you want to see him ?

What it made pump gas and everything .

So I'm sad .

I'm not even gonna be able to drive the end .

When does it end ?

Get your entries in guys the 10 , I'll plug it right here again .

I'll put it , put it in the description .

Best thing about Atlanta is renting golf carts is an electric Tommy .

It's gas .

We gotta hit the gas good .

Ok , so we're going to the driver's meeting .

I don't film there because it's like school and I feel awkward , but the driver's meeting was good .

This track is actually very , very technical .

So I'm going to , rather than just like doing things , I'm going to try to show you guys what they told us in the driver's meeting .

So you have a better idea of what you're watching .

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So , an interesting thing , Atlanta operates a bit differently where there's hot pits up by the track , so we actually won't be pitted here .

We go up on track and fit over there .

So they're getting ready to take the truck and the S 15 over there .

And I'm going to go over some of the notes from the driver's meeting with you guys to give you a little bit better understanding of what goes on .

But it should be a pretty cool little set up up there .

So this is everything that we have in the bed of the truck running up there to do the hot pit , basically going to have a mini one of these over there .

So that way if anything minor happens to the car or majorly minor , we can do it on track .

Obviously , if we have like a tranny failure or anything , we'll come back down here but did everything , nothing bolted .

The car checked all the wise fab changed the angle settings because last time it was rubbing a little bit , had a little bit too much angle , but double check everything on the car .

It's all filled up .

Ready to go .

Radio works , cool suits on , ready , not the easiest way for me to explain , but the premise of it is kind of similar to North course .

What I'm going to try to do is start and kind of push towards the outside when I enter .

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So I can start diving in earlier because you want to hit this inside clip one and kind of be line it up this hill kind of shallow to be able to get all the way up and fill this outer zone up here .

So from there , they want to see us just smoothly kind of add angle in .

And this is the only D cell zone really other than the entry where then we kind of fill this outer zone up here , which is kind of getting as close as we can to the rumble strip , you can get on it , but you don't have to go around here and then we're going to try to hit another inter clip here and then kind of bee line it down the hill and then another like inside touch and go uh basically , like they want to see our front bumper over this rumble strip and then be line it down to this last inside clip again .

So that's what they're going to be looking for .

And obviously , there's always style fluidity and speed incorporated into this .

So I'm just going to do my best to meet that criteria in practice and hopefully the car feels good .

All right .

So you guys may not know this , but this truck is really being piloted by the man himself .

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The show Solman is uh you're the , you're the runner today , right ?

Always , always .

Oh , all right .

So uh , she is gonna be , you're gonna be running the truck back and forth with like wheels and tires and stuff .

Right .

So , we're going up to the hot pit on grid where we're going to start practice as we're rolling through the pits .

How , how you doing ?

I'm , I'm just , I'm just enjoying the , the window tint back here and all this leg room .

It's a great track .

So it's always messy when Tommy drives it though .

You know ?

I mean , I mean , yeah , in case we have any engine issues , uh , Ford seems to have a few spare blocks laying around for us .

Atlanta .

There's this scenic little like forest road that you take to get to the back section of track also very fun to race golf carts on .

But yeah , don't hit him showman .

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So kind of on the back section of track , everyone's got little tents and stuff set up so you can fix the cars quickly since road Atlanta is such a big track just to be able to easily service stuff and change tires and things with this track .

One of the things is there's this big , they call it the kitty litter .

It's like sand trap .

If you enter too hot , everyone the first time always goes in and rips their kit off .

So we're actually pulling the kit off just for the first lap , even though it looks stupid .

I don't have a lot of spare replacement kits .

So we're going to go bare bones .

People are going to make fun of me though .

Pretty much .

Everybody brings absolutely everything that they could almost fit over here so that you don't have to go as the last resort to go back to the pits since it's such a far drive and just try to get everything fixed over here on track .

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Oh , the weirdest thing about this is even though I only haven't drifted for , like , maybe one or two weekends , I usually drift every weekend .

So it feels really weird getting back in this car , especially after having driven the Porsche around a bunch .

It's kind of weird to get the hang of it .

Kind of flew the first run .

The guy in front of me , like , kind of spun .

So I had to back off and it was kind of worthless .

That's a practice run .

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So , I don't know , man , getting like four practice laps in and then having to go qualify is kind of tough , especially you're not super familiar with the track or car .

So I'm going to do my best , but definitely behind the scenes , it's not a lot of practice .

So I remember I used to be very critical of watching people .

Kind of not do so well , but a lot of these dudes are in cars that they never drive , getting like two practice laps and then having to go send it on a really fast , really technical track .

So I definitely have a lot of respect for the guys that can go out here and , like , bang out a perfect lap first go because it's , it's a handful .

No .

Ok .

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Yeah , there's lots of drivers out here .

I think there's almost 40 drivers .

So Andy is a freaking man .

He's relentless .

Got Adam's car up here second in line and he's ready to go for a rent .

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I went in the kitty kitty litter , kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty litter just for the blog .

That was the only one I went in there .

So true story .

I actually , uh , I was like , man , when I enter really fast , I know left foot break while I hand break .

So I was like , I'm going to go as fast as I possibly can and do that manual breaks and like , I definitely didn't step on him hard enough and I definitely wouldn't litter , but it was thick , would do again .

Now , I know what it feels like we're the tires hot trying to get three laps in instead of going back to the pit .

So hopefully we get three laps in this practice and maybe I can qualify this round .

All right .

So we did a super fast , uh , all four wheels , brand new tires on all four corners just because this front one had a bunch of , uh , basically rocks in the beads .

Same with the back one , but it's all good .

I think Adam's ready to go .

He's still making more than two runs in this side .

I'm still going on the kitty litter .

Real talk .

Do you like the kitty litter ?

I'm glad I got it out of my system .

I want to know what it felt like .

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You know , it wasn't , it wasn't that bad though .

It was sick .

Honestly , I'm glad I went in with this and not the portion .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

So qualifying , I definitely haven't put together a good run yet .

I was having a really hard time , kind of visually figuring out where to enter as I did more runs .

And then you guys actually came over and showed me some footage of Kevin entering and I saw the hands like right at the end of the rumble strip and I just , every time I was entering somewhere different , it was either going too slow or too fast .

So that last one I found out where I want to enter , which is at the beginning of the rumble strip , but I overcooked it a little bit and rather than be lining it straight past that first clipping point , I kind of washed out a little bit and screwed up my line for that outer zone , going into the second outer zone .

So if you don't get that first part right , it screws the line for the rest of the track .

So I'm going to do my best .

I'm going to try to dial it back a little bit .

Get one decent qualifying and then pour it on a little bit harder for the second lap of qualifying just so we don't have a repeat of what happened last time , but I fun messing around .

Got a great team and great vehicle and great , great drink .

Mhm .

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Yeah , I have one .

This sucks .

This is Adam's first qualifying run and it just started raining four .

No .

How is this happening right now ?

Ah , all right .

Put the camera .

Bye .

Oh my God .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thank God .

Alright .

So it looks like they gave him one practice run to fill it out and I I think this is this qualifying run literally about to go up and it starts down pouring .

Luckily though they did call 15 minutes because I was about to go and I could not see it all .

The whole window was fogged up .

All my radio equipment is sorted out because it's right back there .

Now , the water was just pouring right into it so I couldn't hear anyone .

The car felt like junk , not prepared for the rain since it was set up for grit uh into the drive .

So uh it's moist .

Yeah , I'm moist .

All right guys .

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So out here getting ready to go , they're going to allow him one more lap to test it out and then that's his qualifying run .

They're out there looking at the track right now , but it's really , really iffy .

There's big puddles everywhere .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm .

All right .

So here we go .

Adam L Z this is his first qualifying run less than ideal conditions .

Let's see how he handles .

It comes in backwards entry looks like , oh , and he's going to go off course .

And unfortunately for him , this is , uh , that's , that's a tough break right there for , for Adam .

And now all the other drivers , the spotters , they're definitely taking note that is a tough break for him because the sighting lap actually looked like he was prepared enough for that .

And unfortunately , it looks like the nerve is getting a little bit to him there .

And as I said , we've seen a lot of footage of Adam , we saw him many , many times in practice .

It's quite clear that he's a very talented driver and expect him to do very well .

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But getting into competition is a whole other beast .

So Adam is getting ready to go out for second run in the wet .

I think the track dried up a little bit .

So Andy and basically everybody were all stoked .

Andy's cold fire up the car to eat itself up .

He's up next .

Yeah , that the time it is now the track conditions have changed .

I mean , it's completely transformed from how we started to him going in with the wet .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And now it's like I said , I keep going back to just seeing the chat on the live stream and Sean Adriano , who's at the top of the hill , he's going to have a second qualifying run and he's saying the track is just super patchy that just goes to show you it's not that easy .

So hence why we are allowing a sight lap on the second runs as well because it's very different from , from what Adam had on his first run run here coming to us from Florida and he lock it in and make it a top 16 rolling into that first front clip .

Talked about .

It looks like at the point of no return transition , sweeper gets to the outside zone , seeing some smoke coming off those back tires , which is a sign of a good time there too .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So in regards to line A L Z on a second qualifying run isn't enough .

Well , it's definitely going to be a scored run .

The question now is what's that score going to be ?

And how is that going to hold up with the remainder of the field he got through that initiation , makes the transition there .

You can tell it's still a little bit tricky out there .

There's patches of dry and then wet , but he's able to manage to get through obviously a little bit off the line here on that inside clip by a big margin , but able to get back on it .

That transition coming out of the horseshoe really difficult for people and also that final transition , but he makes it look pretty good .

It's going to be a scored run in a 76 .

So subst a substantial jump up there for Adam L Z is 76 .

Yeah , I had a sighting lap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I didn't think I was going to get one since I got one before .

But I guess it's the track dried up a lot .

They're giving people another sing LA and I really needed that because the track changed dramatically .

I got like a 76 .

Definitely not the best I can do .

But given the conditions I'm hoping that's enough to at least get me into the pan .

25 more people to go .

So I'm not getting my hopes up .

Maybe , maybe I pump up .

Now we go back to the pits so we can watch everyone else as we load up sick .

Look at how cool this drive is .

It's so cool if I were ignorant and I didn't care , I would be ripping a fat fourth year burnout of this hill yet again .

Another trailer hang finding myself right on the cusp .

The mood is very heavy , but I feel like the odds are better this time than last time .

So fingers crossed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's two more people to go and they could both do better than me and then bump me out , which would suck .

But I did my best Trevor's on here .

He keeps promoting his giveaway .

It's kind of funny .

It's super gives tomorrow .

Shameless , plug me straight .

So I think we're in that means instead of pizza , we got to go to the qualifying meeting .

Oh , the source of the show .

The Nation comes out .

At least it came out of your mouth .

This time , final update we did make it in .

What do we get ?

Do we get ?

14 , 14 .

What are we gonna do the competition tomorrow ?

Oh , you gotta put more effort , more effort than the .

So , uh , conveniently enough here in Cumming Georgia .

My friend actually has a , uh , a parking lot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He's got like a little like boating business over here and he told me he wouldn't mind if I did a celebratory uh , donut real quick .

So it's my first one I've ever done in my Porsche and it's wet out .

So I won't feel too guilty about drifting on the tires and stuff .

So , or should I try the thing ?

Maybe I will , right .

I spot a little bit though .

Yeah , that was cool .

The clutch kick thing .

That's rad .

Good job .

And thanks Bill for the music parking lot .

I really do appreciate it .

Great guy , Bill .

All right guys .

So , officially we are indeed in and we are going to be going against Riley Sexsmith tomorrow for our first battle in top 16 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So it is very , very difficult , as I said before , like with the track conditions being all over the place and a field of 40 drivers being narrowed down to 16 .

So I'm more than happy than anything just to be able to make it to the next stage this time to feel like I did a little bit better than the last time where I didn't even qualify and get to drive more and get to finally do some tandem with the car .

So I'm excited , I will say kind of what we learned as a team from Orlando and what I think helped us excel the most in Atlanta was not messing with the car too much .

So I think it's easy to get confused and blame things on the car when you don't really have that much time out on track .

So especially at Atlanta , I only turned like maybe five or six laps .

So it would be easy to keep saying , oh , we should change this with the car .

We should change this with this car .

But I was just like , I just want to get laps in , just feel comfortable with the car .

Let's not change a million things and I'll just drive around whatever the car feels like .

So I think that that in the end helped not messing with things a bunch that way .

Every time I went out , it was somewhat similar despite the conditions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I definitely think I'm very , very proud of where we've come as a team because Atlanta having the pits be so far away from the hot pits .

It really takes a higher level of coordination and kind of thought to go into fully preparing a program and like making everything work .

So we definitely had some hiccups as you guys saw on the video and the weather almost wasn't in our favor , but it worked out to where we weren't the only ones that had to drive in the rain .

So anyway , I'm so thankful , like how excited you guys are about this and like how many messages I got after I qualified or even after I put together a scoring run , um It's just really cool seeing how you guys are behind it and I'm excited to go drive tomorrow and uh hopefully I'll meet some of you guys at Road Atlanta .

Uh keep an eye on my Instagram stuff and I'll post like if we're doing any like meet ups or anything .

Um That way if you can buy the rig , you know , we're there because Road Atlanta is huge and it could take you like 15 , 20 minutes to walk from one side to the other .

So I try to do my best with that and I'll see you guys tomorrow .

Yes .


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