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2023-06-14 19:12:32

1000hp Golf R32! - Watch this VR6 run an easy 10 seconds (and it's his daily driver)

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Um My name is Jacque Tibia .

I'm the owner of the R 32 M K five model .

Uh I bought it in 2009 brand new .

Um The first night out I raised my boot with a G T I and I lost the race .

So um we decided to turbocharge the car .

So that was the first and the last race I lost after that race .

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Um The car had 3000 K's on the clock and um we decided to strip the vehicle so that we can obviously install a um a turbocharger .

Initially on the car , we started with a G T 35 turbo at that stage .

There was no turbo parts available for the vehicle that was in 2009 .

So over the years , we decided to , to upgrade parts internally .

It's running with a precision 64 66 with Wasner pistons and Waner Conrades .

It's a Ford motor and then on the internal side , um we've got H P A intake manifold , still standard cast manifold .

Um On the injector side , we've got 980 cc injectors um running flex fuel at the moment .

E 70 .

Eventually we started off with trying to tune the vehicle with a plug and play set that never worked out .

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So in 2012 , we found Shain from the E tuner side to assist us with the car .

Um He was willing to assist us with the R and D on the car , took us over four years to complete the tune on the vehicle .

We've got two E C US that we can run the car on the first one is on the E tune at E C U .

Um And then we've got the S X um seven plus .

Next gen um Craig assisted us eight months ago to get the vehicle to the 733 kilowatt mark .

We are currently boosting 1.7 bar base time .

Currently on the vehicle is um 10.3 at 224 kilometers an hour over a , the launch is set at 5000 R P MS .

Ok .

And let's see what it does .

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That's it .

Let's look at the times we were running a 10.4 seconds .

The exhaust is a four inch straight through exhaust , so it's extremely loud , especially in the car .

I think the next changeover that we'll be doing is trying to look at the car manifold um improving that um installing , you know , proper branches on the vehicle to see if we can't get the gas flow sorted out on the turbo side at this stage , I'm the most wanted person in my neighborhood .

So everybody knows when I start up the car on a Saturday morning , test driving it and also testing , especially around the the area on the water meth side , we have two sets of water meth .

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The first one is a 630 um C C injector , main injector at 1.5 bar boost .

We opened the port injection .

Um So that would help us from 1.5 up to the two bar range .

The biggest challenges on this car was um the gearbox , we were running AD Q 2 50 .

That is the original gearbox on the car .

We kept on burning clutches .

We've lost almost eight sets of clutches over the past eight years and um we've lost one of the gearboxes on the third gear .

So we're running currently with AD Q 500 gearbox set up with 1000 horsepower clutches on the car .

The R 32 at this stage is um 100% street .

So the Air con is working .

Um We've got the radio still working .

All the windows are in the vehicle .

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So if we say it's a 10.3 2nd , it is as is with street tires , we don't run any semi slicks on the car at this stage .

So on the wheel side , we've got O Z um rims and standard three tires on the car on the brakes .

We've got standard brakes at the back Varis in the front .

The reason why we went for is just to reduce the weight on the front section .

We lost almost eight K G S per wheel on the varies .

The car is running BC coil overs whereby you can adjust the , the , the hardness of the shocks , front and back on the interior side .

We have removed the original seats , front and back .

We installed lightweight seats in the front section and we have removed all the seats at the back on the inside of the vehicle .

We've got three gauges , one is fuel pressure .

The other one is obviously the boost control and the measuring of the boost .

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And then we've got a Ronni gauge that measures the A F R .

The final test for us is to push the car down to a nine seconds .

It's currently weighing 1.72 tons .

So , um for us to get into the nine seconds , we need to work on the 60 ft .

So the idea is to improve the branches on the vehicle and then if we cannot get to the nine seconds , then we will have to add Nitro on it .

So I do have the nitrous system on the vehicle connected to a vehicle , but we haven't tasted it as yet .

Yeah , the reason why I really like the R 32 is obviously you get to a stop street to a robot and you are always the underdog .

They always think you know , they will beat you even the B MS .

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So , um , it is nice to beat the Porsche 91 ones , the G T threes , the G T R S , you know , when you stand next to them at a robot and , um , they normally lose the race .

So , um , I think that's the best thing , um , of this car is , is the torque , especially at the top end .

And then the launch , the 5000 R PM launch on the C system is brutal .


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