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2023-06-14 19:12:12

I Tried the WORST Rated Buffet in Las Vegas.. 😳

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Hey guys , it's Ruby .

And today we are doing another buffet review and this time we're doing dinner today , we are going to circus circus for their buffet .

Now they do have a brunch buffet and a dinner buffet .

Dinner starts at 4 30 goes till nine .

And that's when we're heading to now .

So let's go try after years of dealing with people is that you can turn your back on a person but never turn your back on a drug , especially when it's waving a razor sharp hunting knife .

Ok ?

We made it to circus circus buffet for dinner .

It's $30 a person .

It just recently reopened and dinner is really only served on weekends currently from 4 30 to 9 .

So let's go see what the selection is .

I have no idea what they are here .

Who are ?

Yeah .

Where do they come from ?

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They look like characters of used car dealers in Dallas the Sweet Jesus at 4 30 on .

I'm still humping the shit .

And me it's pretty good .

No corn dog action .

And it looks like they've got , oh , like chicken and waffles here .

You wanna get a waffle too ?

Oh , ok .

Hello ?

Sir ?

Cool .

It's a good start .

Took a look around the buffet and we decided to start in like the American section .

So let me show you what we got .

Ok .

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Mac and cheese , corn , dog , chicken and waffles and some mixed veggies .

Ok , we're gonna get started .

Let's start fresh .

Let's just try some veggies .

I don't really have any seasoning on them , so they just taste like vegetables , um , kind of greasy , but there's like no flavor .

So I don't know what's up that it kind of feels like .

Um , there's like steam veggies in the bag that your mom makes .

Let's try the mac and cheese .

Let's see .

It looks kind of good .

Let's do some .

It's got good flavor .

I can taste the cheese .

There's a little bit of like crispy cheese up on the top .

That's good .

I mean , nothing amazing .

That's good .

Go ahead .

Let's try this chicken and waffle .

Mr Ruby was kind of excited to see this on the buffet .

I'm just gonna take a little bit of chicken and a little bit of waffle and give him a try if I can cut that chicken .

Ok .

All right .

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I've got a piece of chicken piece of waffle .

Let's give this a shot .

Ok .

Uh , chicken and waffles is good .

It's got a good flavor .

The waffle is like really tasty .

You can taste the vanilla and the waffle and then like the batter and it's crispy chicken tastes well prepared .

That's pretty decent .

No complaints .

Let's try the corn dog .

Hm .

Not very good .

10 inches like it's been sitting a really long time like the batter is like separated from the hot dog .

Um , not a fan .

Um It was ok .

This plate was ok like the chicken and waffle was pretty good .

The mac and cheese is pretty good .

Uh definitely skipped the corn dog .

Not very good .

Uh yeah , let's try something else .

All right , let's get some corn bread .

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Oh , baked beans so good .

Yeah .

Gone .

Alright , let's get some chicken looks good .

And then this is beef stew with rice pelo .

I want to get this time .

Mash potatoes .

They got a tricky gravy brown looks too tricky .

Oop .

That's messy .

There's toppings too .

I'll have to pick some toppings but I'm interested in the right here .

These look good and then next to it they've got the Asian section .

This looks good .

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Mean and the negro here .

So it's this .

All right .

Ok .

On to the next section .

I'm hoping this one's better than the last one .

The last one is just OK .

This is like southern food come from foods .

Let me show you what we got .

Ok .

Roast chicken beef stew with rice , pela , mashed potatoes with turkey gravy , cornbread and some baked beans .

All right , let's get started .

I kind of wanna try this beef stew .

This looks pretty good .

On top of a rice pilaf .

Hm .

That's good .

I like the flavor of the meat .

The rice is good .

There's like some onions in there .

The meat is super tender and falling apart .

The potatoes are soft but they're not mushy .

That's decent .

I like that .

But that's pretty good .

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These mashed potatoes also look really good .

Let's try these with some gravy .

They have the skins and I really like when they leave the skins in mashed potatoes .

Mhm .

Hm .

Tastes kind of how my grandma makes them .

She leaves the skin on .

It tastes really , really buttery .

The gravy tastes good .

All right .

Pretty decent plate .

So far I'm liking this spoon .

I'm gonna try the chicken .

So it is bone in chicken .

Just , just a little bit of this meat .

It's tender , it's nicely cooked .

Um , it's got good flavor .

I'm not usually a huge fan of like bone and chicken .

It's not my favorite thing , but the skin is good .

It has a nice seasoning on it .

Pretty good .

So far .

No complaints yet .

Everything's pretty good .

All right .

Let me try the baked beans .

Mm .

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They use like ketchup and barbecue sauce and their baked beans .

You can taste it .

Really taste this seasoning .

Those are good baked beans .

Hm .

I like those .

They have two different kinds of beans .

I grabbed the baked ones .

I bet the other ones are really good too .

These are yummy so far .

This is a really solid plate .

I'm gonna try the cornbread .

It feels a little suspect .

Like it feels kind of weird .

I don't , I'm hoping that's just like honey , like , all on the outside because I love corn bread .

So I'm hoping it's good .

Yeah .

No , that's not good .

It's like , um , it's not fluffy at all .

It's like hard and , like , crumbly , like styrofoam .

But it's all bad , all bad .

That's disappointing .

I love corn bread .

That is not everything else on the plate was decent .

The beef stew is a really good stand out .

I really liked that but everything else on the plate was pretty good .

Ok ?

On to the next plate .

Let me show you guys what I got right .

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We got low main new and egg rolls and taquitos and a beef taco with nothing .

Just beef .

Ok .

Let's start with some .

I'm excited for this .

This looks pretty good .

I really like Loma and it's hard to kind of screw up .

That's good .

Taste like um greasy Chinese American food that you get in a food court .

I like that .

If I were not doing like a review , I could eat like a big old plate of that and feel really satisfied .

Let's try the egg roll .

Not a ton of filling .

Like normally egg rolls are like bursting with filling , but the roll is really nice .

The whipper tastes really good and what's inside does taste good .

It's just like kind of empty .

Definitely tastes like food court quality .

Not a bad thing .

Just what it tastes like .

All Right .

Let's try some Quito .

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The ones I eat at home that are frozen are better than those .

He's like , super dry and there's like , no felling in it .

Yeah .

Not a fan .

No , I had high hopes for those because like , microwave mosquitoes at home taste good .

Those are not good .

Ok .

I just got a plain beef taco .

I couldn't be bothered to go get meat topping .

I just want to taste the meat .

So let's see how this is .

Yeah .

The meat kind of tastes like breakfast sausage .

It doesn't taste like taco meat .

I kind of don't think that they put any , like taco seasoning in the meat .

Like other people maybe put their toppings on and they don't taste it .

But like it doesn't , the ground beef doesn't taste like taco seasoned at all .

I not like that .

Um , the main was OK .

And the egg roll was OK .

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The Mexican food was definitely not , not a fan .

Mm .

Mm .

All right .

Spaghetti and meatballs there .

And let's get some stuff .

Show a little bit of that .

All right .

Some Fried Shrine got some Stampy here , suspense and some waffle f with a couple of those .

Yes .

Ok .

We had the seafood section and the Italian section kind of getting to the end of the sections here .

Let me show you what we got .

Ok .

Uh , stuff shells , spaghetti and meatballs , some fried shrimp and fried chicken .

I don't remember what this was like a shrimp Alfredo something or other .

And some waffle fries .

I have high hopes for this .

The last section wasn't great .

But let's try stuff .

Shells .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Italian food's pretty , pretty easy .

Let's see how this is .

They do taste like , um , you , like , make at home .

The only thing I think is lacking is like the sauce , the sauce doesn't have a whole lot of flavor and I feel like they really needed to salt the ricotta cheese that's inside .

That's what it's missing really bad .

It's just like salt .

Like overall all the food is missing salt and like seasoning .

Let's try the spaghetti and meatballs .

Big meatball here that , yeah , the meatballs are kind of weird too .

Something's going on with their like red meat .

Like , I don't know if they're using like breakfast meat over again or something .

Like , because I can taste like breakfast food when I'm eating the red meat stuff .

Um , it's ok .

The red sauce is like really , really lacking .

It just doesn't have a lot of flavor to it .

It's really watery .

All right .

Let's try the shrimp , uh , shrimp Alfredo .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think it is Bucatini .

I don't remember what this was , but we're gonna give a shot .

It's got a cream sauce and Alfredo noodles .

Let's see .

That actually has like seasoning and flavor to it .

Um There's like a little bit of spice in it .

Creamy , taste some cheese .

This is actually really decent .

I don't usually do like white sauce .

Pasta .

I always find it way too rich .

But I think because everything else has been really lacking and seasoning .

I'm like , happy to have something really rich .

That's decent .

I would eat that .

That's pretty good .

All right .

Um , fried shrimp .

I usually don't eat like raw shrimp .

That's usually Mr Ruby's Job .

But I do like it fried .

We couldn't find any tartar sauce or like shrimp sauce or anything .

There , there just wasn't any sauce .

So , mm .

Mm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But the fried shrimp Brooklyn .

So the fried shrimp and like that dish there .

The Alfredo that was decent .

Let's just try this fish .

This fish does not look very good .

Yeah , it's all bad .

See how the breading is , like , separating from the fish and the fish inside is like a really weird color .

Like , it's just like super , super overcooked .

If you ever see a piece of fish that looks like it's turning into a square .

It's a really bad sign .

That means they like fried all the , all the life out of it .

Not good .

Not great .

The fried shrimp are pretty good but everything else .

Not so much getting .

This looks like tiramisu .

Oh , blueberry .

Absolutely .

That was amazing .

How many can I carry do you think ?

Oh , I really want this .

This is Boston cream that looks delicious .

And these brownies here look amazing too .

So we'll get one of these .

Ok .

You guys on to dessert ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , there were a few more sections there's like a salad bar and like some carving meats , but I wasn't super impressed with what I've had so far and I kind of feel like I've got the general idea .

So I thought I would just get ready to try some dessert .

So why don't I show you what I got ?

Ok , blueberry pie .

That looks great .

And this one looks like Boston cream tiramisu cake and chocolate brownie .

Ok .

I want to start with the tiramisu cake .

This one was calling to me .

This looks really nice .

They're presented really nicely .

Got a cup of coffee to go with .

Let's see how they are .

Ok , so I'm expecting coffee coffee cream .

Let's see .

It looks pretty .

Hm .

Oh that's good .

I'm gonna taste the coffee .

Light fluffy .

The cake is nice and moist .

Mm .

Ok .

That one's good .

Very happy with that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's that's good .

Move on to the next one .

Boston cream pie .

Another big favorite of mine .

It looks beautiful .

So let's see .

The desserts all look really nice .

Let's give this a shot .

This looks this looks good .

Yeah .

Yeah .

The cake is nice and fluffy and light chocolate ganache on top is rich that Hershey's chocolate taste really flavorful .

I love the cream .

All good .

All good .

Ok .

Two for two .

Both of these are good looking up .

I'm very happy .

I was a little I was getting a little scared .

The brownie .

The brownie looks it looks gorgeous .

I mean the desserts honestly looked very appetizing and a lot of the food didn't shred the brownie .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , I'm ok that your tay brownies .

I prefer a fudgy brownie .

So it's more of a light brownie than that .

Like real dense .

A lot of people like cakey , light brownies don't .

It's more like chocolate cakey .

So they would like this one .

So it's not bad .

It's just not my personal preference for a brownie and the other two cakes who this is , but the other two cakes are way better than that .

I'm definitely gonna eat all of these by the way because I haven't eaten a whole lot yet .

So gonna definitely be eating those .

Ok , let's try the blueberry pie to finish the blueberry filling .

Looks great .

I mean it's really thick now it's probably canned and that's really not a bad thing as long as it's got good flavor .

Let's see how it is .

It's just got that cough syrupy taste .

So even if it was canned , it's bad canned blueberry .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I like when blueberry pie has like a lemon flavor or a cinnamon flavor , this tastes like artificial flavor .

I just skip that one .

So I'm gonna finish up my dessert , have some coffee and uh take you guys outside to give you my overall impression .

Also , the coffee tastes kind of weird .

All right guys finished up at Circus Circus buffet .

Obviously , I feel like you guys could see my thoughts .

I did not like the food here the dessert was all right .

Everything else was mediocre or bad .

$30 is way too much for that quality .

If it was like a $10 buffet , I wouldn't complain , but I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed it and I will see you guys all in my next .

Probably hopefully better buffet review .


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