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2023-06-14 19:11:59

Using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on DGFT e-Platform

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Hello , I am Wahi , a virtual assistant to help importers and exporters .

In this brief video , I will provide guidance on usage of digital signature certificate for signing applications on the new DG FT platform .

Digital signature certificate is a secure token in the shape of a USB drive .

It is used to sign documents and applications electronically on the D G F T and other platforms for D G F T .

It may be a class two or class three DS C token .

You may get your DS C token from any C C A approved agencies .

Please refer C C A dot gov dot in for the list of licensed DS C providers .

The validity period of DS C should not have expired .

Make sure that drivers for digital signature are installed on your system so that your machine can read the token .

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Please download and install the em Mudra utility from the link bridge dot IUA dot com .

Any of the following DS C tokens works on the D G F T platform for individual based token .

The pan of the signatory on the I E C should match with the pan in DS C for organization based Token .

The organization name in the DS C should match with the firm name on the I E C for I E C based Token .

The I E C number embedded in DS C Token should match for proprietorships I E C is issued against the proprietor's plan .

No separate plan is issued in the name of the proprietorship firm .

Individual Token or the aha of the proprietor would work fine here for limited company or C A signature .

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The then director may be authorized by its vote and as per C C A rules are allowed , you may also refer this matrix for type of tokens allowed according to the type of firm how to use the digital signature token to link the I E C install the DS C token drivers , install a bridge Mudra utility application after installing open em bridge application and check whether the service status of Enbridge utility application is running .

If it is not running , please refer to the faqs provided later in the video for troubleshooting such issues .

Go to link I E C and select E sign using DS C select provider from dropdown , select certificate from dropdown , enter the DS C password and submit .

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Once you click , submit the details of DS C are matched with the I E C details .

An error message is generated if the details in the I E C do not match the DS C upon successful validation , the I E C shall be linked with the user id .

Let's do a small demo on how to link I E C using DS C token register first and then log in with valid credentials .

Click on link I E C enter I E C number , then click on link I E C click on ok , then select digital signature certificate , then select provider from provider list , select certificate from certificate , list , enter your token password and click on submit button .

After clicking on submit button .

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The details of DS C will be validated with the I E C profile and upon successful validation , the I E C will be linked to profile .

Some commonly asked question on signing using DSC .

Please reinsert the digital signature token check and bridges installed and running in the system check if the correct Dongle crypto tokens are connected with the system check if the right drivers are installed with respective Dongle crypto tokens in the system .

In the above scenario , kindly check two points .

M bridge utility is installed and in running state you are using windows version seven S P two plus or above .

May also refer to the troubleshooting guidelines on E M bridge website .

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Please click on refresh the status will change to running if the same problem persists .

It is recommended to reinstall the E M bridge application and make sure you are using the correct OS version .

Kindly change the default password of your DS C token and then proceed .

Such mismatches are handled in the D G F T process flow and system would allow you to proceed with assigning , please proceed with using the DSC to link or apply I E C .

The I E C based DSC would work here at E sign or the individual DSC would not work if the director slash partner details are not correct .

I E C holders are also mandated to ensure that the I E C is updated at all times .

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You can also check our guide and FAQS by going to the D G FT portal , then go to learn and then go to application help and faqs for more information .

Thank you for watching .


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