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2023-06-14 19:11:47

How To Make Turkish Coffee _ Best Brand & Where To Buy!

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Hi , everyone .

This is a tan .

Welcome to Turkish full time travel .

I'm excited to share with you how to make Turkish coffee .

I'm gonna give all the details .

I know on how to make fro coffee .

But first , we're gonna take a closer look on where to buy the best Turkish coffee , the most famous brands and the famous places where locals get them .

And finally , I'm gonna show you two ways of making the Turkish coffee .

First will be my husband's way and the second mine .

So let's get started .

My friends where I live , these stores are very common .

You can buy beans and all kinds of nuts and everything .

Seasonings .

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They also sell freshly ground coffee .

I'm gonna buy it from here to show you inside .

They check your temperature first .

I was successful after I filmed and it was 36 .

Thankfully , Turkish ground coffee here is 38 Turkish lira per kilogram .

It's about $4.5 next to the coffee .

They also sell Turkish delights which is served with coffee , but I already have it at home .

Use Turkish coffee is mostly made from Arabic beans .

It is medium roasted and grounded to very fine .

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After having Corona virus , you realize that it's such a blessing to be able to smell and we should never take them for granted .

The , now I'm in another very common store which called Ice Beer .

And let's check what kind of Turkish coffee they have as a package .

Yeah , see one .

Here I tried it .

My mother uses this one and it is ok .

It says 100% Arabic coffee beans .

That's it .

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And here is the smaller one and it is again , coffee Arabia , medium roasted and finely grounded and it is 45 Turkish lira four kg .

And normally I also buy this one but they don't have it here .

It's finished .

Now you come to Turkey .

You might also see this coffee but it is not my type actually be because it has many other ingredients like coffee , whitener , glucose syrup and other stuff .

So I wouldn't recommend it .

Traditionally , we serve water with the coffee together in these small glasses .

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I just wanted to show you and in the next store I found this brand which is the most famous one and they have special store in .

If you come to Turkey , you must already seen it .

And last year when I was filming Copper Pants in , I showed you there too .

Let's take a look .

Sure .

Right now , I think the college is famous for Turkish coffee and there's always in mind for it .

This is the end of the life .

Right .

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Man , there was a lie but they weren't really minutes away even though from the crowd , my daughter couldn't feel me when I was buying the coffee .

When I look back , I see that it was good old crowd at times .

By the way , when I check the ingredients , it is again , made from 100% Arabic coffee .

And now let's go back home and make our coffee .

I'm gonna show you two methods of cooking .

And the first one is my husband's since I was also filming , I decided to let my husband cook the tea .

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I just edit one heat , teaspoon ground Turkish coffee and one Turkish coffee cup water , which is about 70 mL .

I turn on the heat on medium low and gave it to my husband .

He likes to stir the coffee for 3 to 4 times leaving 10 to 15 seconds on each time until you see a lighter colored foam on top .

The heat is very low .

Here , I was trying to get the best light to uh see the coffee after about 15 seconds .

He's stirring the coffee again .

But one minute he's done with the steering .

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I fast forwarded it after that and he waits to get the foam on top .

It's in 2.5 minutes in total .

The coffee begins to rise and he pours everything all at once .

We have nice form and our no sugar Turkish coffee for one person is ready , which was for me in this case and it was delicious .

Thumbs up for my husband .

OK .

Next my method this time , I'm gonna do it for two person which is me and my daughter .

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And I'm using this special that I bought from this year .

You can watch the whole episode from the link in the description box below .

I scaled my water with the coffee cups for two , adding two heaped , very heaped teaspoon Turkish coffee and just a little sugar .

This time our coffee will be with less sugar and then you are making it to your guest .

You have to ask if they want it with less sugar which we call or medium or or with sugar means with sugar .

And what I did here was just tea for about 20 times until everything is corporated .

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I turn on the heat again .

It is on low , medium , close to low .

I can say I'm gonna clean the sides if I have any particles of the coffee again .

And that's it .

After this just don't stir it , you're gonna have to wait until it reaches to the point that will rise .

I wanted to get you a clear idea .

So I opened my phone for time .

Now it's 1.5 minutes as you can see and now it is fast forwarded and 2.5 minutes .

I didn't touch it at all .

I see that it begins to rise slowly and create that lovely form .

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And here , the heat should be really less .

You can maybe uh play it with the heat and it begins to rise again .

It's been 3.5 minutes .

Just keep calm here and don't touch the phone yet .

Or still Vape let it rise slowly .

Not yet .

We have still time .

It rises a little more and now I can collect the top form first .

I get it two teaspoon on each coffee cup and I still had it .

So I added one teaspoon more on each .

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And now it's time to get it off from the flame , pour it slowly from side without disturbing the phone and pour halfway on each cup giving a little smell .

So if there is any foam on side , you can get it and fill the cups .

If there's a little gap , you can close it with the help of the , make sure you serve water with it , which is the story behind when guests come to your house .

First thing you serve is a Turkish coffee with the water .

And if the guests drink the water first , it's kind way of saying that they are hungry .

But if they begin to drink coffee first , it means they are full .

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It's also traditional to serve some small sweets with the coffee , it can be Turkish delight or chocolate and we are ready to enjoy our Turkish coffee with my daughter .

Excellent .

Here we were joking about having the water after the coffee .

I said , then it means you are not hungry .

And she said , no , I'm very hungry .

Let's make pacha after this .

She said , so my friends , this was the story from my view on how to make Turkish coffee .

I hope you enjoyed watching and we'll give it a try .

If you are interested .

You can also watch how to make Turkish tea .

You can support me by subscribing , liking and commenting .

Thanks for watching .

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I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs .


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