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2023-06-14 19:11:44

My Worst Crash Yet @ FD Seattle

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Welcome to today's video guys .

We're actually starting after the grills garage trip .

Got some annoying news .

All right , I tried to book a cool rental car on .

I kept getting declined .

I think they see my Facebook associated with it and see I'm a drifter and they think that I'm going to drift their car .

You know , I just want to use it as transportation to get to the drift trap .

So all I could get accepted for was this Tesla Model .

Si don't know much about Tesla .

Sounds fast .

Sounds cool .

I get it .

I'm excited to enjoy the nice sophistication and everything .

Of course , of all the things that can happen to me .

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Look at this , I feel like the video is not going to do it justice .

No , I won't do it at all .

Ok .

This thing is terrifying to drive .

It feels like either one of the engines is working or like every like all the lug nuts or like one of the suspension arms has no bushing .

You step on the gas and this thing just like pulls you into the left lane kid , you not the dude warned us .

He was like , yeah , careful .

You don't want to get , you can get a little squirrely .

And I'm thinking like this dude , right , like traction control .

It shouldn't get swirly dude if we go through a puddle on the on ramp and the whole thing nearly spins out .

I'm not exaggerating .

This thing is terrifying .

I'm very , not stoked because I want to spend a little bit of extra money and just have like , you know , a nice rental car and I genuinely think I would prefer any of my half put together drift cars over this thing .

But I wanted to give the Tesla a chance .

I heard that these things are bad build quality and yes , I got an old one .

Maybe these ones are junkier .

But that's terrifying , dude .

I , I just can't wait for someone else to drive .

I'm not gonna say anything .

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I'll be like , yeah , you know , I just ride in the back .

It , especially when the regenerative braking is on .

It's 10 times worse .

You lift off the ad .

Yeah .

Yeah .

And like you do the crunchy thing .

Oh , yeah .

Oh , it's also vibrating .

It has like a crazy ass solution .

Everything in here crunches .

Even the brake pedal , right .

Can you hear the brake pedal ?

Yeah , I can hear it .

I can hear it .

It sounds like a little salamander running up and down the escalator .

At least we have Starbucks watch the single if you can't drive while you're drinking Starbucks Teslas , right ?

So it's officially practice day .

It's Friday practice Saturday comp .

I'm stoked to be out here .

This is a track that I've driven before and I actually took some decent notes that hopefully will be a refresher for getting this track down faster than other ones .

I'm excited to drive the new set up on the car .

It's going to be a little bit different , making more power now , but we got a lot more rear suspension play with .

So , uh we've discussed kind of a little different uh tactic if you will for practicing qualifying that I think should make a decent difference .

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Um Abandoned the Tesla .

I'm pretty sure we found out that just had like the lug nuts were the wrong size , the wheels were about to fall off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

184.809 --> 289.73

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's do a little bit of post run reflection .

First lap out there .

Car felt phenomenal , felt super comfortable on the bank night and day from my experiences with this car in the past super , super happy with it .

I don't know if it was easy to tell in that clip .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know if you guys noticed on that next run , the car actually started fighting me a little bit .

What happens is once people start driving a lot of rubber gets laid down on my track .

So even though I'm on the same pressure and the setup is the same , the track starts getting way gripper .

We started kind of fighting when I go from a handbrake getting on throttle , the initial fight is so much that it was lifting the front end and making the car really unsettled .

Coming down the bank .

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Well , our boy crashed in practice , um , real courteous guy .

You know , last time he drove with Odie , he hit him , you know , it's not a very nice thing to do .

So , he gave him a little space , I think what happened is he went a little too far up on the wall , caught some marbles and did a little bit .

The car has been running really good .

He's really comfortable like lap one right out the gate .

He's like loving it .

And I think what he was really worried about was , you know , us having too much free time , you know , he wants us to stay busy .

So we went ahead and booed the wall , gave him something to do for the rest of the day .

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584.909 --> 655.77

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Probably my best one too .

I tried leaving it in fourth , coming off the bank , the , with my timing and make it a little tricky or leaving in the fourth kind of seem to make everything happier .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

665.419 --> 748.69

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He's now on tires , arguably one of the best looking vehicles , the grid .

Let's see if he can perform as good as it looks .

Remember .

Rookie of the year in pro spec as Adam L Z comes off the big bang , massive angle from him rips into that second outside zone into the third outside zone .

See him turning back on the smoke machine approaching that inside cliff nails it and that final outside zone haven't had words with Adam yet on what he thinks of this track .

But again , your 2020 F D prospect rookie of the year .

Yeah , and the kid is no joke .

He definitely deserves to be here .

He's had some tremendous competitive accolades already and looking to make an impact here in qualifying in Evergreen .

Let's take a look from above .

Gets that nice big snap and then kind of settles into that line .

You can see he's a little bit lower than he probably wants to be a huge smoke line coming off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The bank is able to get to two and three pretty well came off maybe 6 to 8 inches early but nice tight line there on that inside clip straight line approach that final outside zone , but he's able to manipulate the car even with that tighter line into the outside zone .

Number four , here's his approach on the big bank a little bit below that white line .

That's an indication that they're not all the way up against the wall or at least a few inches away from it , but does a really dynamic job of being able to move the car into the right spots in those zones when the judges are really taking a close look at it .

And especially from the drone overhead , as you said , the truth serum , you really get a good perspective of where he's going in in 87 87 for Adam LZ in 87 .

Mm , I'm super happy with that run .

Um I felt the smoothest I felt all day on the bank .

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I haven't watched the footage yet to kind of see where I went wrong , but super happy .

Just a nice smooth run and for the car , I needed it to a couple of little bobbles that I've probably avoided , but it looks like we'll be like upper mid pack .

So warm up .

We are going into a battle today .

First battle is really good for the car and we're actually changing how we do practice .

Now .

We're doing like a lead and it is kind of like a battle of practice .

So you get two hours from warm up , which is more than usual to make an effort to get more practice and more comfortable on the track .

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Going up for my first battle on top 32 .

Going against Trenton Beacham .

We got times .

I think we'll be chilling .

Just got to keep my distance .

I do my lead first .

I'm having a little bit of a hard time with without too .

I think I see what's going on .

I just need to throw a little more angles .

So I can dig out of it .

So I work on that on my lead and then in the chase , hopefully I'll pull a bit of a gap on him on the lead and then I can just kind of chill and do my thing .

It seems like I might end up going against Chelsea again .

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Thank you so much .

Here we go .

Our next battle .

A lot of fans pulling for this guy , Adam L Z but Trent Beach gonna try to put a stop to him .

Adam L Z and his L Z has 15 on the wall goes hard .

Adam L Z going deep into and you can see the rims .

Oh oh boy .

And Adam L Z S vehicle comes to a halt .

You saw , did you see the metal ring ?

Just make sure he's ok .

Such a great start too .

And then you could kind of start to see that building up .

Jared these situations with that wall .

There really is no other outcome .

No , I mean you saw him , he got into it and that wall will suck you up .

So that back , right ?

And we'll throw the replay here , but that back the back left taps and it just sucks him up and riding that wall .

You saw the ring of the rim just going next to the vehicle and that's when catastrophe hit .

I'm , he's ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's take a look at it again here .

Yeah , this is coming off of a great start .

You could see Beacham was already losing ground to L L was on a pretty high line there with big angle , but right there , as soon as he taps that front end gets sucked right into the wall .

And then you can see just the immeasurable damage that happens along the way from rubbing on the wall .

You get the tire coming off , you get the wheel damage and also you have the first hit which is going to damage the left rear as well .

Here it is from the sky and you'll see that nice gap established .

But once he hits with his back bumper and the front end goes into the wall , it's pretty much game over from there .

Well , that sucks .

I didn't really get in the wall there at all , all weekend .

Pretty said I entered way faster and deeper .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I think what happened was I was higher and shallower where normally I'd be lower in shallow and building up .

So I guess I started high and then just pushed in the bank .

This is such a defeating feeling when you , when you put the back end in the wall and it pulls the front end around .

I tried to do the best I can .

I probably would have pulled on him a lot .

So I wish I just kept a little bit more and try to jump off the ball from my lead .

But a lot of stuff , but you guys are still getting on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Am I getting right now , Adam , when he should have zagged , got a little bit too deep in the wall , caught the rear end , did old tail to nose slide .

I'll drag the front end in and crush the entire front section in as long as bend , a couple arms at the back .

So sub frame is done on this .

A couple of arms pretty much every arm in the rear .

So both wheels are done and we're done for the weekend .

But these guys aren't .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

As always , I try to look at misfortune or issues or problems that I do or issues that I have or things that I , as a learning experience , I'd say in this track , I've had this issue before where I get up in the marbles and watch .

I go on the wall .

I think I just was driving a little bit too hard for a top 32 battle .

That could have been an easy win .

So next time I just got chill a little bit , but the car felt phenomenal all weekend .

I know you guys are going to see it in the footage .

It is the most comfortable I've ever felt in the car .

I was starting to kind of lose hope in the chassis because I was just constantly struggling with this round .

Zero problems , zero issues .

The car just did exactly what I needed it to do .

The G 42 feels sick without taking too much time .

To explain it .

Basically , I have a bigger window of torque that can spin the tires .

Now , even though the rps have moved up higher before it just rolled over so hard that a very small window where my wheel speed would be where now I have like say 1500 to 2000 R PM where I make enough torque to really , really like the wheels up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I have resolution so I can control the wheel speed with my foot instead of just having to have it pinned and just have it kind of fall down to where that torque rolls over .

So that was awesome .

The car sounds sick .

Had a lot of fun .

So many of you guys came out here and hung out unbelievably appreciative of it .

Definitely , definitely a strong crowd here in Seattle .

I appreciate you guys .

Hope you enjoyed the video .

Sorry that you guys didn't give me too many battles today , but nonetheless , it's constantly learning experience and we're figuring the car out finally .

So thank you guys and I'll see you soon .


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