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2023-06-14 19:11:32

Doner Kebab Recipe At Home! By Turkish Food Recipes

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Hi , everyone .

This is a Alton .

Welcome to Turkish food recipes .

Today we are making Turkish dinner at home .

I'm very excited to share this recipe with you so you can make it at home too .

Very close to one you can eat in restaurants .

Let's get started here .

I have a three piece of rib steak .

It is a 500 g .

You can also use a short loin or the meats that are has fat .

You can see the fat parts .

So choose something will be soft when it cooks .

And also I will use 500 g uh ground beef .

Uh You can change the recipe and use only meat if you want .

I will marinate both meats separately for the steak .

I will use two tablespoon plain yogurt , one teaspoon each ground black pepper .

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Uh This is optional oregano and red pepper .

I also have two medium onions .

I will use one of them for the meat and one for the ground beef and some olive oil .

First , I'm going to grate the onions .

This is enough .

This was the worst part .

Actually , the hardest part I'm crying .

Now I will put the half to the meat and half to the ground beef .

So , oregano and ground black pepper , I will add ground black pepper here too .

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Plain yogurt , five tablespoon olive oil .

First , I'm going to need this meat evenly and then the meat mixture , I'm going to make the steaks thinner by using meat mullet .

This way , it will also soak the marinate sauce better .

I will do the same thing with the other two pieces .

So my uh , meat is ready .

Both of them .

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I will cover and let it wait in the refrigerator about 12 hours or overnight .

Let so I waited about six hours .

You can make it 12 2 .

And right now , I'm going to put them together on top of stretch film because I have three meat pieces .

I will put the ground meat mixture in three batches also one meat and 11 3rd of uh ground beef mixture layering .

As you see .

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And uh don't forget to put some of the sauce between the layers and don't waste the taste .

Here is the second layer .

Yeah .

And the last piece .

So our donor is going to have a shape .

Now , I will cover with a stretch film tightly and I put it in a second layer too and it is ready to go to the freezer now until it is frozen .

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Uh at least about 12 hours or whenever you want to make take out the frozen don meat about half an hour before you want to cook as a side dish .

I'm making rice pia .

I got many comments about Turkish pilla .

So I'm going to share it separately in the coming episode .

My rice pia is cooking .

I'm taking out the dinner now .

Actually I should have , uh , take out a little earlier .

I just forgot .

So it's , it's gonna wait when I continue to prepare my dish .

I wanted to make simple grated carrots and red cabbage salad .

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I'm going to add some chopped parsley and which is some kind of crust .

Some olive oil , lemon juice and salt .

My salad is ready in about 15 minutes .

My rice is done .

I'm just going to steer without breaking it and then let it rest with the lid closed on the stall .

I have cast iron pan which is heating and the meat is defrosted a bit so I can cut it thinly .

Now , at the same time , I'm going to grill some green peppers and tomatoes .

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So I have another pan heating .

I'm going to push it in order to make the grill marks and easy to cook .

So here is our first batch .

I just add some butter to it .

And then the first pieces of the ar the heat should be medium high .

After the pan is heated about one minute , it feel brown on the side .

So after that , you can stir everything , it will get smaller .

It cooks fast and then gets too dry .

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So be careful not to overcook , they're almost done .

They browned evenly , but it still has some juices .

You can take one piece .

It , it smells delicious already .

So I get cut out the first batch and then continue to cook others .

Traditionally to give its unique and a deep taste we use , which means in English tailed .

Um If you have another translation for this or if you know about it , please let me know .

But nowadays , not many people use in the cities , but we still have in some of the butcher shop .

I used some butter and olive oil mixture , but I just wanted to mention .

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So to let you know , as you see , the donor meat is defrosting from the side .

So I cut it from every part and right now it looks like even more like a donor in the restaurants .

Just a frozen one .

I grilled the peppers .

So right now I'm putting the tomatoes .

So we are almost at the end to serve our plate .

After I cooked enough Don pieces , I put the leftover meat to freezer again .

We will make in it is one of your wishes also .

So make this recipe and be ready for another delicious traditional dish .

After last batch , I put some more butter and put everything back to make it warm again and seasoned with salt .

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My pelo is rested .

You can see the rice pieces rather than a sticky .

It is what we want in turkey and lots of dinner .

Some peppers and tomatoes , grilled some pickles and we are ready to serve our Turkish donor plate .

So , what do you think ?

Do you like it ?

I hope you try and like it .

Please let me know the result .

I'm excited to share that as you wish .

I opened an Instagram account .

Turkish food recipes so you can share the photos of recipes that you make from me .

I would really be happy to see that .

Thanks for watching .

Hopefully , see you in another Turkish food recipes .


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