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2023-06-14 19:11:12

Race! Toyota Hilux GR Sport vs Hilux Legend 50 - Offroad Shootout

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Hi there .

My name is IVIS Page .

And you join me at a race track .

Well , the parking lot of race track , you see , I am driving this the new Legend 50 and after 50 years of making Toyota Hilux Buck , this might be one of the best ones .

This legend 50 is kind of at the top of the bay food chain , at least for Toyota , except as of recently , it isn't introducing the Gazoo racing highlights .

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It costs 50,000 more than the Legend 50 but it has exactly the same engine with the same power , but because it's an auto , there's a bit more talk .

It has smaller wheels and tires and for improved handling and all new front suspension developed by Gazoo racing .

But most importantly , it has a lot of racing stripes , which means it must be faster inside .

Plenty detail to remind you that this is a zoo racing parking and you even got a little name plate over here .

They let you know which number your one is out of the 600 made .

Now , I'm trying to figure out if the changes that Toyota made to this car have made any difference and the only way to find out is a race .

And so the good people at Tiger Raceway , let us set up our own racetrack on the property with a mix of gravel and tarmac and some fast and tight corners .

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It was time for a hot lap shootout .

543 .

Here we go .

Legend 50 Manuel , get off the line .

Come on .

This former Manuel fans out there hard on the brakes here .

Oh , a bit slippy through there down into second gear .

Now , let's see if we can swing it all the way through here .

He's gonna under steer three here on the hand brake .

Keep it sideways to keep it sideways .

Come on , I'm gonna leave it in second gear with this section over here .

Out of the brakes on the hand brake drive much easier with a manual gearbox .

And this one of course doesn't have the quick suspension up front .

It's got the bigger wheels .

But will that make , make a difference on it's quick ?

That is quick .

That is quick through the art of the brakes here now .

Ok .

Down to second gear and 50,000 rand for that Kazuo racing .

Is it worth that ?

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We're about to find out the clock does not lie through this section here and finish .

Not bad .

52 21 not too shabby at all .

So is the stripy Hilus any quicker ?

54 one .

Come on now , all ready .

I can feel that there's a slight difference in the front .

The says they change the shots on the front of this car as well .

Has made the wheel slightly smaller .

Let's see if this puts a difference through here .

But under , there are p under , they actually does feel like there is a little bit more in the front .

Let's see how the hair pin does on the hand brake .

That of course .

So I'm waiting for the park to kick in there .

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Come on because we're coming to the second to last corner .

Now on the hand brake here , I see early .

Oh , sliding all the way across the track .

Let's see .

The final corner .

Now , keep a tiny page .

Keep it tidy and finish .

Let's see .

That's a 50.94 .

Oh my God , this is way faster .

This is way , way faster .

I knew it felt faster , but I wasn't quite sure it's gonna be that big of a difference .

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So it turns out the G R sport is more than just stickers , different wheels and trick suspension on our course today it was a full two seconds faster than the legend 50 and yes , I could have gone faster in each , but throughout the day they were separated by exactly the same amount of time .

Now , looking at the G R , you would think that it should be faster with all those stickers .

But I tell you what , 535 lucky owners out there are gonna be very glad that they opted for those stickers , those wheels and that suspension .

Did you know that we also sell really awesome car themed merchandise .

Check out our range of custom t-shirts and prints at our online store .

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Now simply click on the square box on your screen and we'll take you there or the link is in the description below .

Thanks for watching .


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