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2023-06-14 19:11:03

Tesla Model 3 Review - 6 Months Later

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What's up guys , cars across Texas here today and we are meeting up here at the Sico and Tomba and meeting up with more cars to do a little roll by past Karen's house .

Once again , the rest of the neighborhood actually asked us to do this , but the only people that weren't enjoying it the last time were the Karens .

Everyone wanted us to come back , do another birthday pass , do a little mother's day pass for all the moms out there .

But I'm here a little early .

I want to get some of the cars rolling in .

It's more of an open invite this time .

I think we're trying to get like 100 cars to go .

So it's going to be loud .

It's going to be crazy .

Hopefully get a good reaction out of Karen .

That'd be funny .

She listed her house for sale by the way , 18 hours after I posted that video .

So I'm into it .

Get into the meat and potatoes , the video I guess you could say and uh enjoy guys a couple more cars that just roll up .

Six G 01 C 706 .

And this fifth G sounds like it's chopping pretty hard , man .

What , what camp set up you got in it ?

Speed on it .

Ok .

So we got a couple more boys rolling up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh , see what else comes the boys over here ?

Sound pretty , pretty rowdy , man .

Listen to this here .

We got the six and 06 over here .

Sounds good .

Ok .

A couple cam is rolling up .

Nice , nice with the nitrous C 63 pulling up .

What's going on ?

Boss got the homie out here in the G T 500 .

This dude's car is stupid loud .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He's been in a bunch of videos doing all sorts of stuff , but homie's car is ridiculous .

Course , exhaust some sort of long tubes on it makes me deaf .

This uh three valve here is I like the wheel set up , man .

It's good .

Fit is on point clean W six rolling up .

That paint is in like mint condition .

Admiral blue Grand sport .

Rolling up .

This thing looks sick .

Oh , I love this color man .

Justin in the 01 .

That's where I rode with last time right behind him .

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We got Daniel in the hurricane like and the twin turbo Mustang , the hurricane , twin turbo mustang .

You wanna come ?

Hello brother .

You want a sticker .

How are you another hurricane pulling up ?

That's a supercar mean now swapped 300 Z .

This looks crazy , man .

Hell yeah , this looks crazy .

Neighborhoods , grab our cars and then come home .

Uh So we're super safe on the way up .

We're gonna hit 99 exit bir what y'all do on the way up is not my problem .

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If you all want to get Christy by all means , uh , just be careful with other people .

There's a lot of civilians out .

That's all I ask .

And we'll sure I'll be back in with the same , uh , 61 last time .

See what activities we can get in .

We've given the cops a heads up for Tombo in Montgomery County and apparently that whole neighborhood , not just the block , we went on , that whole area around us are all outside their house and we're going to have like a parade route .

We're actually going to go on .

So it's gonna be even better , Karen .

We're coming back for you , come back to see you mama .

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So I guess this is where our parade route begins .

Is this specific from last time we got the Spectators out giving us some support , some love .

No , angry Karens to be seen yet , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , like legit told the whole neighborhood we're coming people out everywhere .

Look at this .

It's crazy .

Good to see .

People are enjoying the show .

Not like Karen blocking as we're going , Jesus .

Look at all these people .

This is crazy man .

Karen .

You've united the community over hating you .

How many people are out here ?

Oh my gosh , this is crazy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look at this , the race car parade .

Getting the love .

Hello ?

Yeah .

Oh , I just , they're doing like big hits one thing up like the lawn chairs and everything else .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Get , this is so crazy , man .

This is the neighborhood right here .

Look , we're going back in Karen's neighborhood .

We just came in the back way this time , I guess .

Keep on going straight .

They might be meeting back up at the or no , I guess not .

Call the vet .

All right , we're coming back in Karen's neighborhood .

Here's the hurricanes I got .

So we got to loop back around our buddies right down here .

Karen's in one of these houses .

Find it .

Let's spot it , let's spot it .

Where's Karen's house for sale sign ?

Right ?

I can't , I can't give their address away but it's for sale right over there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We literally made this lady sell , sell her house .

Oh my God , they're all out .

It's so crazy against .

Yeah , this is , there's no hostility here anymore that Karen ran away .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is a freaking , it's the beautiful , yes , fastest car here right behind us .

Oh , there's that dog that I scared last time that almost tripped up .

That guy .

Everyone was all over your dog .

Give a little on your way out like Montgomery county sheriffs literally encouraged us to be loud .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , this is crazy .

Oh my gosh .

All the people over there he said , don't look how my God are inside the Yeah , I start my own movement peoples against .

Yes , sir .

Oh my God .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He got a little squirrely towards the crowd , people against Cairns support and showing love for the loud boys .

Are we inconsiderate now ?

People that weren't happy with us .

There are some comments that aren't liking us but I mean the people are here for it man .

Just not caring .

Corvette sounds so good .

Yeah .

Alrighty , we just missed Karen .

She apparently came out right after we passed by but um we missed a few roads so we're going back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , we were told Karen was outside .

Let's see if she's here .

Make a real happy .

Hopefully she's outside , man .

That would make for a good video .

You said this park up if there is , they're outside .

Yes .

All right .

Spider joining us out here , man .

This is sick .

We got here in a supercar parade now .

Got hurricanes on .

Ok .


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