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2023-06-14 19:10:51

I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at PARIS Hotel in Las Vegas.. 🥂

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Ruby today .

We are staying in the cheapest room in Paris .

So we have just booked their standard king , let me show you around .

So the standard rooms are called the burgundy rooms .

We have a one king and I am really impressed .

Actually , I love the art and the decorations that they have in here .

The color palette is really beautiful .

It does have a lot of big furniture , but I still think this is a really great size room .

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The so we are on the 29th floor , which is actually a pretty high up floor in Paris .

We have an ok view .

We can see Hilton Grand vacations and the mountains , but it's definitely not like a strip view .

And so you have a little desk area here instead of a closet .

They have this pretty big arm thing with the TV .

Underneath it , the mini fridge , which was a nice surprise because a lot of Caesars properties don't have a mini fridge in the room overall .

Really happy with the main area of the room for this being the standard room , but we have to go check out this bathroom or a standard bathroom .

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This is fantastic , a huge shower .

It takes up almost this entire side of the bathroom .

You have a full length mirror behind your door here , beautiful vanity area .

I love the red frame around the mirror .

This is a fantastic bathroom for the standard room she in them .

So that was the tour of our beautiful room .

As always , I will go over the prices and everything .

At the end of the video , it's been probably over a year since we've been to Paris and so much has changed .

They've added so many new amenities and restaurants .

We have a lot to do today .

We're basically looking at this with fresh eyes .

We want to go to the pool , try two of the new restaurants including Vander Pump and overall just check out the vibes .

So we better get going .

My my I miss you .

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I see .

Oh no , decided to get some lunch quick .

We're gonna try out Bobby's burgers .

It's brand new and I think everybody else had the same idea as us .

I'm still excited to give it a try .

Hopefully the line moves pretty quickly .

Ok , guys , we got our food .

We came at the worst time .

Everybody came at once but we waited maybe 30 minutes or so .

All of this together with the soda was like $40 .

That's not cheap per se .

Now we have to see how this compares to in and out or let's give it a shot .

The meat is really good meat .

Like , I'm mostly getting the burger patty and it is like so delicious .

All right .

We finished Bobby's burgers .

I really liked it .

I do think it's comparable to in and out .

Obviously it's a little more expensive , but we did enjoy it a lot .

If you're at Paris , I think it's worth a shot .

I would eat it again .

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I think we are ready to go and lay out by the pool now .

But , you know .

Yeah .

Ok .

We made it to Paris Pool .

I do really like this pool .

It's definitely more of a relaxation area .

The water is always a really good temperature .

You have some really gorgeous views of the strip .

Unfortunately , today it seems like a life guard must have called in sick or something because only half the pool is open usually because it's such a big round pool .

You're kind of not on top of anyone and you have a lot of space to swim , which is nice , but not today .

I guess that's ok .

I can still lay out and get some amazing sun and relax you , baby .

Ok .

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You guys just got back from the pool and tried to take a shower and there's like something wrong with it or something .

The water pressure was like , so weak .

Like you could barely rinse and it was getting hot and cold .

It's so pretty , but like , you can't even use how big it is because the water pressure doesn't work I called back .

Yeah .

So Paris does have a good casino .

I like the , the , it's really fun .

You're supposed to be like , you're outside in Paris .

They don't have the best variety of games , in my opinion .

But it's always really lively and by that , I mean , really crowded .

So you're definitely going to have like that hype atmosphere inside Paris .

So they have a really beautiful center bar here .

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It's like chandeliers really pretty seating fun place to grab a cocktail in the middle of the busy casino .

So the best selling point to Paris is the location .

You are right across the street from the Bellagio Fountain .

Some people say that the view of the fountain is actually better than those who are staying in Bellagio .

You're right next to Planet Hollywood .

You can go to the Miracle Mile and get some cheap eats .

Honestly , it is such a draw .

And one of the reasons that I recommend Paris to people if you are at Paris and you come outside , make sure you check out beer park , fun beer list , good food and you can sit right on this edge and check out the amazing view and watch the fountains go off .

Yeah , you go .

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There have been so many recent changes to Paris , particularly here in La Boulevard , right off the elevator doors is basically like a restaurant row .

They've opened a No , here this is where Bobby's burgers was .

They're going to be opening a Martha Stewart restaurant here soon .

So all these new things have been coming into Paris , which is kind of crazy because they already had a ton of great dining options like beer park and gay .

And now they have opened Vander Pump and I'm very excited about it .

Our reservation is coming up .

We should head over , got seated at Vander Pump and , oh my gosh , it was insanely busy .

But now I totally get why the theme is a rainy night in Paris out on a patio .

We are in the piano room .

So there's a piano behind us .

The detailing and everything in here is already like boggling my brain and the menu looks absolutely incredible .

I know these cocktails are going to be .

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Oh , thank you .

Ok .

You guys , first of all , they pulled out all the stops for the cocktails .

We got the love locked .

This is a gin cocktail .

It has fruit and it also has a key and a lock on it which we will unlock , write our names on it and we get to lock it onto a gate kind of similar to the lock bridge in Paris .

It's time to put our lock onto the gate to join all the others we ready .

That's a thing .

So we are trying Lisa Vander P's absolute favorite goat cheese cakes they have and dive and watermelon .

They smell amazing .

This is the mac and cheese .

It's got and it's French onion soup on the bottom .

That sounds ridiculous .

But we saw the start of the show , which is the beef or pot pie .

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It's in a van crust with beef tip on the inside and it looks insane .

We're so , so excited to give this a try .

You guys last but not least I did order another cocktail , the la la la pop gin cocktail with some champagne really good .

But the star of the show , the Grand Puff .

This is a crouch was a traditional wedding cake in France .

It's a little cream puff stuck together with little caramel sauce .

The presentation is stunning .

Mm All right .

We finished up our meal at Vander Pump at Paris and it is probably going to be my new top recommendation to you guys .

Our meal all together was about $145 which I don't think is that bad ?

I did order really , really pricey cocktails .

The service was excellent .

The atmosphere is amazing and every dish we had was top notch so highly recommend .

Now it's getting a little bit later .

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I think we're going to hang around Paris maybe hit the strip and I'll see you guys in the morning to good morning .

You guys .

It's actually really , really early .

We have to catch our flight .

So it's time for me to give you all my final thoughts on Paris .

Let's start by talking about our room .

We paid 100 and $77 originally and then $50 to check in early .

I will say prices vary super wildly at Paris like three days in a row and they're all totally different price points .

So sometimes this hotel can be reasonable , but other times it can be a little expensive .

We really liked this room .

It was really nice .

My only gripe the shower .

Unfortunately , we did go down to the desk , but our option was either to like switch rooms or they were gonna send someone up , but no one ever came up .

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So if I have one complaint about Paris , it's just that it's crowded and there's like a lot of bottlenecking of like hallways .

So you're gonna bump people a lot .

And I , I'm a claustrophobic person .

So like when I'm getting bumped into all the time , it just kind of bothers me .

That is my biggest issue with Paris .

Otherwise I think this is a really relaxing hotel .

It's in a fantastic location and it has a ton to offer .

So I do think a lot of people would really like it .

And for the most part , I recommend it .

I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did make sure you're subscribed .

So you didn't see all of my videos in the future .

And uh now I need to go get on a plane .



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