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2023-06-14 19:10:41

GoPro BMX - Woodward East

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What's up guys ?

My name is Adam L Z .

And something that a lot of you guys have requested is a video like my Woodward West tour , except at Woodward East .

So I'm going to start at the very top of the Woodward Campground and work our way down starting with a skate park called the launch pad .

So I'm just gonna kind of like JB around just ride enough to where you guys can get an idea of the park .

That way if you're interested in coming here and want to see what they have to offer .

It'll help .

This park is pretty bumpy , but for prefab ramps , it's actually really fun .

Double Vicky lunch pad also has a pretty sweet street side that we'll get a clip on real quick .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , boy .

I haven't done a stair that big in a while .

That's sketchy .

We'll ride this little in between section .

This is actually one of my favorite things here at Woodward .

Even though it's really small and chill , it's just super fun , downhill , fast , aggressive .

I learned a lot of tricks out of that .

Something about it .

I learned like trucks out of banks out of that .

Thing too .

It was just really fun .

This park right here is called the school .

So , oddly enough , this place actually has resi like phone stairs and a res mat at the bottom of the stair set .

It doesn't really serve much of a purpose for bikes , but it's a cool idea .

There's this little Arrow and this wall ride right here is really fun .

We'll do like a quick Reuben or something .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's fun And then there's also a rail to foam .

But it's kind of weird on a bike down here .

There's like a mini foam pit and mini resi again , not really ideal for bikes , but it's still kind of cool .

They have these mats at the end .

So you don't just run into the wall .

I just realized I lied .

This park is actually the playground and not the school .

So I'm very sorry about that .

There's a little , lots of jy stuff in here .

That's probably why they call it the playground .

There's a small spine over here .

That's really good for learning spine tricks that you're scared of .

See if I have enough speed to make this .

There's a cool little opposite wall ride transfer here .

I'll give it a go on the way out of the park .

Oh , that was scary .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Bye guys .

Right now , we're going to head to the newest edition to Woodward Temp and that is the cage .

It's an old park , but they redid it high and concrete and it's probably one of the nicest outdoor parks here now .

So we'll shred it .

Not really that good to this park since it's brand new .

And I don't know any lines , but I'll do my best .

One of the lines I do know at this park is this little hip , but the main important thing is not to pull back or you will and flat is right here , which is my favorite park .

But since we have a lot of nice daylight right now , I think I'm going to ride the outdoor parks and then come back up and visit the indoor ones later .

Right here is the mini Mega ramp , which is really rad , but it's sketchy for me because I don't have brakes and I'm not that great at hitting that quarter with like 30 miles an hour of speed or however fast I go maybe a million miles an hour .

So we're going underneath the mini Mega ramp and we come out at a park over here that's called The Rock , which is one of the oldest concrete parks here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't really ride this park that much , but I do know there's one little cool hip line , just kind of pump around this bowl .

Get some speed , hope not to hit someone and wow , fun .

And there's cool little like street stuff over here .

If you want to do some fly out , maybe these ledges are nice and low and good for learning stuff .

My first hot tail up up a ledge was actually off this one right here .

That was quick .

This park used to be called Target Plaza .

I honestly don't know if it is anymore because I don't know if Target is still a sponsor of Woodard .

But nonetheless , it's still a really cool skate street style plaza .

Sorry , try to do a little technical line real quick .

Well , big drop didn't see that coming .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then over here on the side , we have a place that they call the block , just another kind of extension of the Target Plaza .

This ledge right here is really good for learning crank arms , but I suck at them .

This is a pretty high nose manual for me .

So we're probably going to have to lay down some grunts to get up as high as we need to .

I'm sorry guys .

It's just what we gotta do right down below the Target Plaza is my favorite park at , called Outdoor Street .

And it's fun because when you fall it doesn't really hurt that much because it's wood .

Oh , my gosh .

Are you Tanner Fox ?

You are nice to meet you .

I'm such a big fan .

Tanor Fox .

Me too .

He's Rod .

This is the best .

Fly out at camp .

If you're trying to learn a new trick .

This is where you're gonna learn it .

Just kidding .

You're probably gonna learn on the .

But this is really fun too .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , I thought you were gonna , it was a 3 60 .

Really good little quarter for learning lip tricks on .

This big guy is really fun .

Too .

Cool .

Close call happens a lot .

Backside outdoor streets .

Really cool too .

Lots of just fun little transfer lines .

This one's my favorite .

And then down right here we have an indoor park called Egypt .

I don't know why it doesn't resemble Egypt in any way .

Shape or form .

This place is really loud and there's a lot of skateboards .

Maybe I can ride here too long .

Yeah , thanks guys .

Catch you later .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Another somewhat recent addition to camp is this downhill snake run looks super pretty .

I don't really ride it that much , but I'm gonna try to do all the cool lines for you guys .

The ones that squiggle back and forth , picking up speed .

Oh , that was fun .

Now , they actually had to put all these planners here because kids would come in with so much speed that they would just launch this and then they would just l like nose dive and just die .

Shout out to Woodward for making going downhill .

So fun and exciting .

You're so considerate .

Oh God , that was close .

I've never done that before .

That's fun .

Oh .

Oh , Willie Bullet .

Willie Bullet over the wall .

Alright , that was fun .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then you get to end with a nice little street obstacle down at the bottom of the hill is a park called Art Park because all the obstacles look like little pieces of art actually used to be a giant Vert ramp here called B Three , but they got rid of it .

But it's fun to kind of just play around here .

Lots of little gyms place is super fun for lining stuff together with manual lines down here .

We have what's called the F Bowl because it's obviously shaped like an f seems like a chill little bowl .

But you can get pretty hurt here .

I actually got cut off by a skateboarder back a couple of years ago , face planted down there and had my first ever blackout .

That was not fun .

But if you're not comfortable with riding bulls , it's nice because there's no coping .

So you can just kind of roll in , you can hit hips that might otherwise scare you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't really feel like riding this one that much , but you guys get the idea , just show a little ball good for doing manuals .

All right .

We'll go out something else right next door to the F Bowl is an indoor park called the school .

I personally like the old layout better here .

The new one is very street and cool .

Lots of cool lines in here .

I just haven't really found them all .

This is something I was eyeing up earlier .

Just a nice little drop and then there's this cool wall right up here .

But you got to go fast at it , but it's a little bank .

Oh , first time I know you that that was fun later guys , technically , small dirt is closed right now .

But fortunately for you guys , I got you .

The all access pass jumps seem kind of like chill , but you have to be careful .

Otherwise they'll send you to flat .

You have to race or jump like all of them except the last two .

Otherwise you'll land super flat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's another line to the left , but apparently if you're braless , it's kind of dangerous because it gives you too much speed .

The nice thing about this line is you just kind of roll down the hill and it sets you up with the perfect amount of speed for these jumps .

My , we're kind of up in the back section of camp where they have the pump track that's new .

They have this like slope style course , which I don't think anyone really rides and then the bigger jumps are behind , but we're going to go there in a minute for now .

We'll ride a little pump track if you don't know what a pump track is .

It's one of those things that you can kind of go around without pedaling .

It's fun .

You can jump manual , which is a good way , you know how to stay in shape .

A great way to stay in shape .

Actually , the next park which is cloud nine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Cloud nine is probably the biggest indoor park here .

And by biggest , I mean , the biggest ramps as you'll soon see .

Unfortunately , my mic stopped working on both lot eight and cloud nine , the two indoor parks that I had remaining to film .

Thankfully , there are two parks that I've covered pretty extensively in other videos , but nonetheless , I'm pretty bummed .

Anyway , guys , uh I put a lot of work into this video and it took probably about two complete days for me to get all this footage , rid all the different parts .

So I'd really appreciate it if you hit the like button and come back tomorrow for another insanely cool point of view video that I'm very excited to show you .

Thanks guys .


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