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2023-06-14 19:10:20

Massive Costco Haul 2022 _ Grocery Haul for Rural Alaska With Prices

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Bye baby girl .

Hi baby .

We are here in June .

Flew in today uh for our six week check up .

So I have my six week check up and then she um decided we should just bring Marlyn over too to have him checked up .

Yeah my little .

Mhm .

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Ok .

For , for this one .

Oh God .

Guess what time it is ?

Grocery haul time and the , the very , the very Alaskan section of Costco .

Shut down riggs , bug spray and bear spray and camping chairs .

The first thing we're getting some bear spray kids .

We don't want to take our gun with us when we adventure .

Wanna be the person that you call up when you're down .

Wanna be the person who knows ?

I love your deepest secrets .

Can I be the one who wakes you up before you miss ?

Right ?

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Cause I wanna be close to you and I want to show you something or just pour , stop .

What are you doing ?

You think four is too many ?

I major Marlon got hungry in Costco .

Yeah .

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Did you know what this our shopping buddy fell asleep after his milks gonna try .

Page was some .

That's the word it , it you every day .

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So tax major the , we need to stop and reorganize stack things up better and I'm gonna show you something .

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Look at what they have who this has been my after pregnancy craving peanut butter M and M my probably not a good thing but it's ok .

Tier one day one at school .

We're coming back tomorrow .

Marlon got so sad there at the end .

Right when we were done .

Good job Marlon .

We always end up with two cards no matter how hard we try .

Uh , total today was 8 80 36 .

Marlon was too sad .

So Joe is loading it , but then he just fell asleep .

I think he was just tired of being in his car seat .

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Silly boy , I'm not loading coats yet , right ?

Ok .

Love you .

The plan right now is to , um , load up the bed of the truck and then put toads on top of the cover so that way we can get double the space , but we'll see how that goes .

We have , um , two days to do the shopping trip .

So we flew into June today .

We had appointments .

We are just had a baby Marlo if you haven't been watching our vlog .

Um , if you're just here for the grocery haul .

Hi , welcome back .

Um , we're just calling this one our um , just massive grocery hall , massive Costco grocery haul .

Um This is day one , so don't come at me yet .

Um , we will come back tomorrow and do some more .

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And , uh , yeah , so we're slowly , we're taking this truck home .

So we bought this truck here in Juneau when I very first got pregnant .

And so now we're gonna load it up and take it back on the ferry .

So we're going to be doing a couple loads of grocery shopping just because , um , it's hard to do it all at once with a newborn .

So , um , yeah , we're gonna be shopping today uh tonight and then we might also do Fred Myers tonight .

We'll have to see .

We might have my sister watch Marlon and go do Fred Meyer after dinner time for shopping up at my starting off with a break maybe next time we'll get one .

Does it , does it move on ?

I no , it does .

Now if you think about that creepy .

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So we left with Auntie Ray Ray and we were coming to Fred Myers to do our big shop here and we thought they were open until midnight , but apparently they are not anymore .

So they closed at 10 .

I think we got here at like nine and we went to like the back of the store and we were gonna like go the aisles and just see what we needed .

I have a list too .

But you know when you see something you're like , oh yeah , we need that .

So um we were doing that and then they're like um you need to leave in two minutes we also need gas , so Joe is getting gas .

But , um , yeah , so they were like , um , you need to check out in two minutes and we're like , what , uh , we thought you were open till like midnight or 11 30 or something .

I'm like , no , we don't do that anymore .

Like , oh , well , that's , uh , shows how often we come here when I was waiting for , when I was waiting for Marlon .

You have Marlon ?

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I was here for two , at least two full weeks , maybe almost three .

And , um , they , we never actually came to admire .

It was kind of funny .

We just never really needed to .

And , um , but yeah , so it was pretty crazy .

So we had only gotten like four things I think .

Um , and then they had this coupon where if you spent more than 100 and $50 you got $30 off .

So I was like , we should just come back and do that tomorrow because we're definitely gonna be spending more than 100 and 30 100 and $50 .

So we ended up just leaving what we had and we'll just pick it back up tomorrow .

And , uh , yeah , so we'll just have to come back tomorrow morning and try again .

I was really hoping this will work so we could get this out of the way today because tomorrow I , me and Marlon fly back at 5 30 .

So we have to finish the rest of our shopping tomorrow .

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And , um , yeah , it's just gonna be a long day , long day for Marlon .

Long day for me .

Long day for Joe because he is not flying back .

He's going on the ferry with the car with the truck .

So the ferry leaves at like 2 30 in the morning .

So tomorrow night , but the next day , uh , yeah , so it's gonna be a really long day for Joe .

Uh , oh , well , we'll go home and go to sleep and start shopping again tomorrow when we .

Mm no , not see .

Got to go down any stone .

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One thing is fine .

Where haven't seen a big you are days grand got it .

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683.039 --> 751.15

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What do you think the total is gonna be six bits ?

I think it'll be 4 50 .

What does Marlon say ?

Marlon says 500 ?

Think his little hands is hanging out sleeping on a tee ?

I don't think so .

Grab have a wonderful day .

Thank you .

4 76 42 Costco day two .

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And so .

Mhm .

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And this white sleepy boy sure is there was some funding .

Yes .

Sky .

The name Dennis .

Sparkly .

I was scared .

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Good .

Thank so reaching for the crowd .

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Yeah , you I felt this week one of them .

Guess what we're getting for Bone ?

All right at Costco .

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Um the plan right now is that me and Marlyn are flying home and we're gonna bring all the freezer stuff with us , uh , because we have £50 that we can bring and then we'll just have to pay for whatever it's extra .

And then Joe is gonna bring the truck on the ferry and , um , so he's gonna take all the refrigerator stuff .

We try not to take anything too perishable .

I think the most perishable thing is probably like cheese and butter , but everything else is kind of like , you know , veggies and it won't be too bad .

Um , and then hopefully everything else just fits in the truck .

We , uh , we can try to stuff it as full as we can .

So that's what we're gonna do .

And , um , Marlon needed to have a mama's break .

So he's hanging out with me in the car while they're trying to finish , um , loading up the truck .

But guess what ?

We got bony .

So it's Bonnie's birthday in a couple days .

Our daughter who's turning three and we got her one of the Costco , um , play kits , play areas , playgrounds .

I don't know what you call it .

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So we're hoping it will fit on the top of our truck to go on the ferry .

If we can't make that work , then we are gonna have to run into the barge , but fingers crossed , we can make it work to go on the top of our truck .

And , uh , yeah , we're super excited .

She's gonna be so stoked .

Baby girls swing set that's gonna go onto the truck .

Yeah .

Playing , putting the track to the test so you can see that it is like stock full packed in there .

Yeah , it was my favorite part of the whole process .

So , here we are , it's all loaded .

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Got the playground up top .

There's another box at the back .

You saw the videos .

Um , but the truck is almost completely loaded except for a Home Depot and maybe say play and that's about it .

I think a rely for a turn signal or something like that .

But yeah , we're pretty much all done grocery haul 2022 find .

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Uh So it is 1 30 in the morning .

Um I'm sitting in line at the ferry terminal .

Dad .

You come here .

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Uh All right y'all , we've officially arrived in cake officially home and there's my wife videoing me coming in .

Oh , ok .

And here's the full truck bed all opened up .

Everything squeezed in about as tight as we could get it .

Not so bad if I do say so myself and there it is all empty .

I think we got it mostly inside what we're gonna bring inside .

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What didn't go right into the freezer or the chin and I'm gonna start putting it away .


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