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2023-06-14 19:09:58

Traditional Turkish Dinner Menu _ 7 Recipes And Planning Guide

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Hi , everyone .

This is a tan .

Welcome to Turkish food recipes .

Today , I have a guest about 15 people .

I prepared a meal for them .

They will come in the afternoon and stay for dinner .

So I prepared something to go with Turkish tea in the afternoon and for a dinner time .

And you will see all the preparations I made the day before and the same day .

So let's get started the day before I begin to prepare my desserts .

The first one is I shared the recipe with you before you can get the link from the top corner .

The semolina and milk mixture is waiting here for it to get hardened and then I will continue to make the toppings .

And here I have a butter at room temperature .

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I'm grating an orange and I'm gonna make a cookies to serve along with my Turkish tea in the afternoon .

It is a soft cookie .

You pipe it and uh very delicious .

Uh This time I wanted to put some hazelnut , a ground hazelnut .

Also to make it more tastier .

I will put the recipe amount and uh hopefully I will share the cookie recipe gradually in my channel too .

So I begin to pipe them .

But after a while my a piping bag , it wasn't strong enough .

So I continue to use this gadget for it .

We used both methods .

So it was ok .

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Just the cookies were a little smaller .

I cooked them in preheated a 170 degree oven .

Meanwhile , my dessert was ready this time .

I cut them in rectangular shape , which is a classic shape for this dessert .

Uh But in the recipe I shared with you , uh I made a star shape cut .

You will see when you watch .

Another difference is I used almonds before .

And here I use peanuts , which both are OK .

It just takes a little more time for peanuts to put on .

So my daughter helped me .

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So my chamboo dessert is also ready to be cooked after my cookies are out when there are many guests coming and you cook too much food for them .

It is better to cook the desserts the day before .

They will be still fresh and ready to be served .

And here is the dessert .

After taking out from the oven , I put the syrup and in no time , the dessert soaks the syrup .

And I'm done with my second recipe too .

The third recipe I made the day before was the cheek of them .

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It has wheat bulger in it and lots of different spices , onions , garlic , red pepper and tomato paste .

It's so delicious .

It's a popular street food in turkey .

If you have tried it , know about it , please give a comment .

It will be on my list to share with you .

The last preparation I did was soaking the chickpeas for my main dish .

The next day , early in the morning , I begin to cook my cheek soaked chickpeas in pressure cooker and begin to make Turkish craft and potato dish .

Then you mix the , the dough in the morning and let it rest in the refrigerator .

It will get more tasty .

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This recipe is also shared on my channel .

Turkish food recipes .

I will put the links on the under the video description box and also top this time .

Of course , the amount was too much .

So I need it in the kitchenaid mixer along with the ground beef and spices .

I put lots of onions which will make the meatballs soft and more delicious .

Here , I can give you another tip for a better taste for your meatballs .

Use the 23 day old sour dough bread .

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If you can find to give a little more color , I put a red pepper paste and it's ready to go to refrigerate before I shape it .

And at the same time , my chickpeas are already cooked soft .

And here is another recipe uh which will go with my Turkish tea in the afternoon is a I will do it from scratch .

It's a rich dough , unleavened dough has a , a baking powder in it .

You don't have to use store bought pillow sheets for this because you make it easily from scratch .

Actually , my 16 years old daughter helped me to eat this .

It's the same idea as Baklava .

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The recipe I shared has a wheat or corn starch between the layers .

So even though you roll them all together , they don't stick each other .

And you see a delicious thin layers , crunchy layers after it is baked .

So after putting the bottom layers , I filled the middle with feta cheese and parsley mixture .

These are the remaining dough .

After cutting it to fit the tray , you see how thin the layer is and the top layer .

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Please keep following as soon as possible .

I will share the recipe in English .

After pouring the butter and vegetable oil mixture , my bar is ready to be cooked .

Meanwhile in the pressure cooker , I cooked diced beef with tomato paste onion to make a nice sauce for my uh chickpea dish .

And here the chickpeas comes .

It will be my first main dish after the soup .

And here is my second main dish which is and potato .

I decided to fry them before putting them in the oven .

Uh This way , they got more delicious .

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You can skip this part .

But if you're gonna make it uh as I did just uh partially fry them , don't over fry because they will continue to bake in the oven .

I put to be around one o'clock because my guests were coming at two for the 10 potato dish .

I cooked it close to the dinner time with the tomato paste sauce .

And here is my lentil soup .

I already also shared this recipe which is very delicious and some of you made it uh give me a common , it's a very common traditional soup in our Turkish dishes .

And I'm almost done with the menu .

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Now , after cooking my uh soup , I pour it to another pan in a clean pan .

And here is the best part .

My dishes are ready to be served .

So my preparations are ready .

It's about two o'clock now and my guests are about to come .

The only thing I have to do is to bake the potato .

And in the meal time I will serve , serve my and cookies with the afternoon tea and the dessert chickpeas with meat lentil soup with vegetables , potato dish and rice pilaf as a side dish .

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I will serve all of them at dinner time .

Of course , I made a seasonal salad to go with them and serve plain Turkish yogurt .

These are a typical each meal we serve .

I hope you enjoyed watching it .

Please leave your comments .

And if you like my video and recipes give thumbs up , don't forget to subscribe if you haven't to my Turkish food recipes channel .

Thanks for watching again .

Hope to see you in another recipe .


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