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2023-06-14 19:09:49

I Make This Almost EVERY WEEK! 😍 Turkish Borek In 15 Minutes & TWO EASY WAYS

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

This is a Alton .

We are going to make easy Turkish cheeseburger on stoop in a pan .

In the previous episode , I shared how you can make sheets , fill sheets easily at home to check the links here or here .

It is also possible to make it with the frozen rectangular plow sheets with the same idea .

So let's begin .

I have two kinds of cheeses .

Usually we use only Turkish white cheese feta cheese .

You can use , it is similar to that has like some puy taste and a little bit .

It's similar to mozzarella to give some zines .

It is optional and some chopped parsley .

I'm just going to crumble the feta and mix everything .

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The pant size is .

It doesn't say here is about 2022 centimeter medium size pan nonstick .

And uh since our sheets all are also small , it will be better to uh place down here .

And uh we need a sauce to dampen and uh flavor our for that , I'm gonna use egg , some milk and vegetable oil .

18 third of a cup of milk in same amount vegetable oil I'm gonna use mix So , and some flour and olive oil just going to this , uh , the cheese are already salty , but you can add a pinch of salt to the sauce too .

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Next , we're gonna assemble everything and just cook .

And normally when we use bigger sheets , one sheet would be enough to place it here and then we will have enough to cover them all .

Since our are smaller , I'm gonna place it , couple of them hanging on the sides before that .

Let me quickly scale how much I'm gonna use .

It is all close to 300 g .

OK .

Here we begin .

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We will feel halfway and then place the filling , use the rest and close it just soak a little bit from the sauce and then place two .

I'm gonna dip to soak as much as I can place it like this wrinkling and the next one and here is the third one .

Cool .

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If you use bigger , just tear it apart or use one and then wrinkle it like this .

It will create some air pockets here and places for the cheese filling .

Next , the cheese .

I can use one more .

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Close my feeling and it's ready and you can put the leftover sauce inside .

Not here because if you're gonna cook it can stick and that's it .

OK .

Our is ready to cook .

Let's go to the start up .

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It's been about five minutes .

I have been cooking it .

Let's turn it .

No , it's not gonna work it should fit .

So I'm gonna use another one .

I oiled my plate , placed it here and turn it over and going to cook the other side .

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Ok ?

My birth looks very appealing , crunchy .

Let's turn it over and take a look .

Look at this very crunchy and inside it cooks well with the steam .

Look at this crunchy Sound Council .

It looks smells delicious inside is uh cooked soft crunchy outside .

It is still hot .

You can make roll very as well , either roll or make like a just place from the filling you want .

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In this case , this is white cheese with chopped parsley and then fold it to make rectangular or square , whichever you like drizzle some olive oil and heat the pan and cook .

And for the second one , I tried using ground beef and onion sauteed along with some shredded mozzarella cheese and again seal it with the help of some butter and it's done I think different , different way .

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Mhm And don't forget to like share my videos .

Leave your comments to support and see you next time .

Yes .


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