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2023-06-14 19:09:47

The Untamed Kaziranga Edition by Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles

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Raja is the single largest home of 100 rhinos in the world .

Kaja is very famous National Park of our country .

It's known for rhinoceros , tiger , elephant , swamp deer , buffaloes .

The Kaziranga Park has its share of problems though the speeding on the highways that cut through the park that endangers the animals .

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The monsoon flooding from the brahmaputra poaching was also a huge problem earlier .

But with the constant patrolling of the rangers is now largely under control .

The rangers begin their patrol before dawn .

There are about 1 78 anti poaching camps in the park .

The commitment of the rangers is unparalleled .

Kaziranga is the beating heart of all the five districts that surround it .

The park officials work in tandem with the communities around to promote the local culture .

It is this magical land that has inspired the new range of S U V s from Tata Motors presenting the Kaziranga Range .

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A homage to this pristine land .

The earth is not only ours , we have to preserve it for the generations to come , to allow all other species to thrive a celebration from Tata Motors .

India's number one S U V brand , the untamed Kaziranga edition .


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