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So almost a year ago , I posted the ultimate football boot tier list where I took all of the current top end models available at the time and I ranked them using the tier list format .

You guys really enjoyed it .

And honestly , the tier list format is actually a pretty good way of breaking down what football boots are elite , which football boots are pretty good and which ones are just ok given that almost all the boots on that previous tier list have now been updated or changed entirely .

I figured it was only right to make a brand new tier list , which is exactly what we're going to do in this video .

Keep in mind this tier list is exclusive to top end models and also top end models that are general releases that are readily available all year long .

Also , please keep in mind that all of these ranks are based on my own personal opinions and experiences with these football boots .

All of the boots in their respective tiers are not in any kind of particular order .

So keep that in mind as well .

And then finally , if you disagree with my opinion , try not to get mad at me in the comments , I guess just if you disagree , that's fine .

Leave a comment .

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Let me know why you disagree and where you would rank the boot instead .

And if you are by chance looking to get a brand new pair of football boots , you can click the first link down below or the little pop up in the corner of the screen that will take you to the deals of the week page on my website , a page that is always updated with the best deals on all the best football boots .

All right , then let's get started .

The X 19 plus , in my opinion , is the best lace speed boot you can buy right now .

It also happens to be one of the only lace speed boots currently available , but that does not detract from how good it is .

If you're into the whole lace concept fits quite well , offers a lot of speed boot characteristics in terms of tightness and responsiveness as long as they fit you properly .

I think that the X lay skin upper is really underrated , gives you nice pinky barefoot feel kind of more of a synthetic rather than a knit upper like we see on so many football boots these days .

The soul plate and stud pattern is also top notch .

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It's lightweight , I think for $275 it's maybe a little bit pricey , but because it's not the most popular , you can regularly get them on sale in my previous tier list .

I had them at B tier and I think that's a pretty fair ranking .

The X 19 plus is still a B tier football boot .

The X 19.1 is one of my personal favorite boots from the Adidas brand in the speed category specifically .

I think what makes it stand out is one overall comfort .

This is easily one of the most comfortable speed boots on the market right now .

It's also very fairly priced at $225 .

But again , you can regularly get them on sale .

It's lightweight .

It fits well because of the addition of a lacing system , the speed mesh upper maybe isn't as thin as something like the Mercurial Series from Nike .

So it's not really a true barefoot sensation but definitely on the thinner side , just with the padded feel to the upper because of that mesh base as a whole though .

It's a really well rounded boot .

And I think the simplicity of its execution is what makes it so good .

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Previously , I ranked it at a tier .

It stays in a tier , the Predator 20 plus the latest and greatest from the Adis brand and a football boot that has had a ton of hype around it .

But honestly , I feel like that hype is well deserved because I think from a design standpoint , not only is this extremely ambitious , it's one of the most unique football boots we've seen in the last several years .

And the performance backs up the bold design that they've gone for , it has a prime upper , which is not too surprising .

But the important part here are the spikes that you see scattered across the entire upper .

These are called demon skin elements .

They're made out of a rubber material , provide a ton of extra grip on the ball and really do provide at least some aspect of what we used to get from the Predator Series .

But obviously on a much more modern silhouette , the soul plate and stud pattern has been hugely improved over the Predator 18 and 19 generations .

It's also a lot lighter .

I think it fits really well .

The shape has been modified again , kind of more old school predator .

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The lace system I don't think is the best .

It's pretty much equally as effective as previous generation lace .

Predators were the super long collar , I guess looks weird , looks cool , depending on what your opinion is .

It's a very well rounded football boot .

I think if you're into the lace thing and what the Predator Series has on offer , you'll really enjoy these previously .

The Predator 19 plus was ad tier football boot .

I'm bumping this all the way up to be here .

The Predator 20.1 I have it here in the low cut variation .

There is also a mid cut version if you prefer a collar , go for the mid , if you prefer the low go for the low .

But this to me is my personal favorite football boot on the market right now .

Basically , the difference over the 20 plus is obviously the addition of a lacing system , which is where this makes up a lot of points .

I don't think that the lace list system on the 20 plus is particularly effective in terms of overall lockdown or lockdown on this boot is really , really good , almost giving speed boot levels of lockdown , which is quite impressive .

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It technically doesn't have a primate upper , but it might as well be the same material because it feels the same when you're wearing the boots , you'll also notice that the demon skin elements , one , there's not as many of them and they are a slightly different shape but just as effective as what you get on the 20 plus for a significantly lower price 225 for these versus +27 five for the plus model .

It also has the exact same soul plate and stud pattern overall .

It's a very well put together football boot and the performance characteristics because of the fit and because of the additional grip on the ball , by way of these demons skin spikes , it really does separate this boot from everything else on the market right now .

Nothing feels quite like it .

This to me is a very impressive product which is why it gets the highest ranking .

It's the nemesis 19 plus this is a football boot that was not well received when it first came out .

And like the Predator , it launched a very ambitious concept with these criss cross bands across the top of the foot hoping to lock your foot in place .

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Unfortunately , it's not the most effective lace system .

The design as a whole , I think is maybe just a little bit too weird looking for a lot of people , the soul plate and stud pattern I think are really good .

But because of the lack of lockdown , because of this lace system , I don't think that it all comes together all that .

Well , it's also $275 which is extremely expensive and means that you have to pick these over pretty much every other option .

Granted , they haven't been that popular , you can get them on sale .

But out of all the lace boots from Adidas right now , this is easily the least desirable one and rightfully so previously , I had this as ac I think because so many new boots have come out that have just done a better job than this .

This actually drops a rank to D tier .

The Nemesis 19.1 is an extremely well rounded football boot .

And I think in comparison to the 19 plus variation is significantly improved and also less expensive .

Again , due to the lack of popularity , you can get these well under the normal retail price .

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The addition of a lacing system makes for huge improvements in terms of fit and overall lockdown .

The low cut design I think is not only more aesthetically pleasing , but I think it feels a little bit better as well .

The touch on the ball is quite good really giving you arguably more of a true barefoot feel in terms of that pines on the ball versus the X 19.1 , which is more or less the flagship speed boot from the brand .

And then of course , the soul plate and stud pattern , it's great on versions of the nemesis , but it just works better on the 19.1 because of the improved lockdown with all of that said as well rounded as this is , I don't think it does any one thing in particular really , really well , which is why I previously had this ranked at a tier .

I think it has to drop a little bit because there have been so many good speed boots .

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It's now B tier the copa 20 plus , which of course is the replacement for the 19 plus with really the only significant change being the addition of some texturing on the surface of the fusion skin upper , which is a combination of kangaroo leather as well as prime knit doesn't really make for any big difference in terms of field .

Though this to me though , is one of the most special football boots on the market from an experience standpoint , it's baseless , which I think does actually on this boot more than anything else play into the overall feel and touch provided because of the way that it's designed .

This is one of very few football boots from the Adidas brand that actually feels like it was designed to be lace from the very start and it shows because the fit is great .

I think this is for me , at least the best fitting lace football boot you can buy right now .

The because of this extremely soft kangaroo leather here that you have at the front is phenomenal .

There really isn't anything else like it .

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I'm not a huge fan of the soul plate and stud pattern admittedly .

And I don't think the boot is as light as it perhaps should be either .

But because of how special they feel on your feet and the touch that they provide , it really is a unique experience for me .

This is an S tier football boot , the copa 20.1 , which of course is the replacement for the 19.1 .

And again , the only real change here is the addition of some very minor texturing on the surface of the upper .

My opinion on this boot hasn't really changed all that much .

It still has the same soul plate and stud pattern , which like I just said , I'm not really that crazy about .

I really don't like the idea of this Burrito style tongue .

I think it just makes for added stiffness through the mid foot , which I don't find to be particularly comfortable .

The kangaroo leather in the four ft though is extremely soft and honestly , some of the best leather you'll find on any kind of football boot out there right now .

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Unfortunately , I just feel like the comfort and just general feel of this boot is a little bit lacking from the four ft back , which is why in previous tier list , I had it ranked at sea tier and I'm going to keep it in C tier .

And then finally the classic copa which out of respect , I think has to be an S tier football boot .

Yes , it's not the boot that everybody wants to wear anymore .

But I still think there is a huge following for this particular product and there's a reason why it's been around for so long .

If you're looking for top notch leather quality and really the ultimate in old school feel look no further than the copa , the future 5.1 which sees a completely redesigned , knitted upper over previous generations of the future where when they first introduced knitted uppers , I don't think it's what everybody was expecting .

It kind of just felt like hardened to glue rather than soft sock , like material , which is what you get this time around .

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With the future 5.1 .

It's super soft , it's very sock , like it's definitely not as thin as some of the early variations of the future were , which is one of the complaints that I have heard from longtime fans of this particular boot series and also the net fit system has been reduced to a couple different holes on either side and really doesn't give you a lot in the way of adjust ability like previous generations did .

So there's that to complain about as well .

But I think the fit is quite good .

It's a little bit wider , it's a little bit higher volume , so maybe not for everybody .

This is also the mid cut version .

There's a low cut model as well .

Slightly different construction in the heel again , kind of pick your favorite in terms of style .

There's not a huge difference between them and then it does maintain the exact same soul plate and stud pattern .

It's a really solid pair of football boots .

I think one of the most comfortable ones on the market right now and arguably one of my personal favorites , at least probably in the top five .

I would say previously , I had the Puma future in the B tier .

I bumped this one up to a tier .

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The king Platinum is a perfect example of simplicity done , right ?

It's the ultimate no nonsense football boot .

If you're a fan of thin , simple kangaroo leather , which is exactly what you get scattered across the entire upper .

It's soft , it offers pretty much as little bulk as you're going to find from any leather football boot out there right now .

It features a simple central lacing system that runs nice and deep and then to modern the boot and really cut down on even more bulk .

They've gone with a one piece construction to the upper , with the central portion being filled in with an elasticated tinted material , which works surprisingly well .

It has a low cut design and then of course , shares the rapid sprint soul plate and stud pattern along with the heel counter from the Puma One series , which not only makes this kind of speed boot esque in terms of feel on feet , you'll notice that the shaped silhouette and overall fit is very much along the lines of a speed boot as well .

So for the money $200 being the retail price , but again , because it's not that popular , you can get them on sale pretty regularly .

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This is an incredible value for money and honestly , one of the best boots in the modern leather football boot category .

This for me is easily an a tier football boot .

The Puma 1 20.1 , which is still a football boot that maintains many of the same elements as the Puma 1 19.1 that I ranked in my previous tier list video still utilizing the same rapid sprint soleplate and stud pattern , which I think is very good kangaroo leather here on the medial side , then the outside has this kind of web material that's a little bit more structured .

I don't think it's really any more responsible than previous generations of the one .

And I don't love the fact in terms of how the leather cuts off here in the four ft area lockdown is still really good .

It's still a very comfortable pair of football boots , but it's at a point now where I think people are a little bit sick of this Puma one concept and I really do feel like they could do something better .

Previously , I had the Puma one series in eight year .

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I'm dropping it now to be the Phantom Venom Elite , which is the only Nike football boot from the four main lines that still is around from that previous tier list .

And I had this ranked in S tier and I still think the Phantom Venom is one of the best options on offer from the Nike brand .

But the reason why I had this boot in S tier rather than a lower rank is because the Mercurial at the time , which was the vapor 12 and the Super Fly six , I don't think took this and did it quite as well flying it upper aggressive traction , responsiveness and an overall lightweight design .

This I think was better than the previous generation of Mercurial .

However , the new generation of Mercurial has improved dramatically .

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And with this particular concept , Adidas have now launched the Predator 20 generation , which I think takes the idea of kind of a modern day power boot with striking ball in mind and I think it just amplifies that concept to a point where this maybe feels a little bit boring in comparison .

Like I said , it's still an excellent pair of football boots .

And if you are a fan of kind of the older style hypervenom line , this is still kind of what you're getting with the Phantom Venom lead .

I previously had it in here .

I have to drop it to eight here , but again , still an excellent pair of football boots , the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite and you can lump in the Superfly seven Elite as well because they are basically the exact same thing Superfly has a collar vapor does not pick your poison there .

But as far as speed boots go and as far as the Mercurial Series is concerned , I think that objectively this is the best Nike Mercurial .

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Nike has ever made as a brand , the flying it upper with the high tenacity yarns as a reinforcement element is fantastic .

It's thin , it's soft , it's flexible , it's structured , it's responsive and it's also remarkably comfortable .

All things considered central lacing system allows for plenty of adjust ability and plenty of lockdown as you'd expect from a Mercurial model .

And then this whole plate and stud pattern while it looks largely the same as what we had before , they did manage to change the stud played in the four ft ever so slightly where it has a little bit more of that spring back effect and honestly just feels a little bit more natural in terms of how it flexes with your foot .

It is a very big improvement over the previous generation , even though it might not look like it's a big change .

But for me , this is the best speed boot on the market right now .

Possibly the best speed boot that has ever existed .

It's easily an football boot , the Tiempo legend eight elite objectively a very good football boot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But one that I would argue is a little bit lacking in terms of feel in comparison , not only to past Tiempo models , but also in comparison to other options you now have in this particular category , the Kangaroo leather with its new diamond 3d texture to it , which does absolutely nothing , by the way , is still really soft .

The quality is as good as I think it's ever been on a pair of .

But because of the addition of an internal quad fit system as well as a flying it tunnel through the mid foot two layers of material , you really don't have a great leather feel for the ball .

There's just too much going on objectively .

The boot is still great , it's really comfortable , it's super responsive , it's very lightweight , the traction is very aggressive for this style of football boot as well .

It does a lot of better than the Tiempo Legend seven that it replaces .

But in terms of feel for the ball , I think the main reason why you buy a leather football boot .

This just doesn't offer the best leather experience that you can get for this kind of money .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So previously , I had the legend seven elite ranked in a tier I stand by that ranking .

I can't rank quite as high because of the lack of feel .

This to me is a B tier football boot , the Phantom Vision Two Elite , which of course is the refresh for the original Fanta vision , an excellent pair of football boots , but Nike haven't really gone back to the drawing board and redesigned this boot in any way .

It's largely the exact same thing with some enhanced texturing on the surface that provides a little bit of additional grip .

But again , in comparison to that new predator , it's really nothing .

It's still a flying shell on the outside and then an internal quad fit system , which is so it's flexible offers a really nice touch on the ball .

I think if you like that knitted feel to your boots , this is by far your best option from the Nike brand in terms of just being soft and flexible but also remarkably responsive .

The soul plate and sub pattern has not changed at all .

And again , it's just a very well rounded football boot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The original Phantom vision I had in B tier and because they haven't really changed anything to push the needle forward , it's still a B tier football boot .

The Nike Premier two is a boot that I'm including because I think it's a really good option if you're on a budget and if you're just a fan of simple leather football boots , retail is 110 bucks , which is relatively inexpensive .

In comparison to all the other boots on this list , you get a majority kangaroo leather upper , you get a good looking design .

It's also a very comfortable football boot .

It's maybe a little bit lacking in terms of a lot of modern performance characteristics .

But again , it costs half as much as most top end products .

I ranked it previously in sea tier .

It still stays in C tier .

But again , it's still a very solid product made in Japan , Mizuno Bula three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This for me is the reason why I have to put the Tiempo Legend Eight Elite in Beats here because this takes the Tipo concept of having a high quality kangaroo leather upper which this has some of the best leather you will find on any football boot period .

It features an internal support gauge made out of some kind of foam .

You can see it here in this kind of webbed grid pattern .

And it also features a design that fits extremely well .

It has a nice deep central lacing system , lightweight material towards the heel , an excellent fit , remarkably comfortable .

I think one of the best soul plates in the business in terms of how naturally it moves with your foot .

I just love the feel of this and the stud pattern while it might not look like anything special is actually a lot more aggressive that I think a lot of people would expect as a whole .

It's an excellent pair of football boots .

Obviously , the downside here is that it's also quite expensive with a $300 retail price .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you can afford it , you're looking for the best of the best in terms of football boots that have a kangaroo leather upper but also all of the modern tech also incorporated .

This to me is a fantastic option .

It's an S tier football boot , the made in Japan , Mizuno , Morella Neo two , a football boot that has been around for basically 10 years now .

And pretty much the last hold out for a more traditional style speed boot .

If you will in that there's no knitted materials or textile materials , it's not a one piece construction , it's just a central lacing system with the tongue .

And I think a lot of people appreciate that .

Not to mention it's a made in Japan Mazo product .

So the quality is as good it gets , I think in terms of durable speed boots , you're probably looking at the most durable one you can buy the synthetic material through the mid foot offers plenty of lockdown and structure making this more responsive than I think a lot of people would expect .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then the thin super high quality kangaroo leather through the four ft and toe box area , not only offers a great touch on the ball , not only is super comfortable , but it also molds to the shape of your feet really nicely , which is not certainly something you're going to get from most other speed boots , the soul plate and stud pattern .

I'm sure you're familiar with at this point , gives it a nice light weight base and the conical stud pattern is maybe a little bit more traditional , but it's also more aggressive than you might expect .

Definitely not on mercurial levels of aggressiveness as a whole .

It's a lot of money .

But I think if you like this boot , you can justify the cost .

I ranked it previously as a tier , it stays at a tier and then finally the classic Mizuno morella a football boot that has again been around for a very long time .

This is technically not the latest variation .

There has been an updated model that I've yet to get my hands on that actually eliminates the tongue entirely that I think a lot of people would like either way , extremely high quality leather all the way through .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Think of this almost as a Japanese copa man build quality is fantastic and you is lighter materials , more modern materials versus what you'll find on the copa and a silhouette that's also a lot more familiar for people that are used to wearing football boots that aren't from 30 to 40 years ago .

So for me this is arguably an improved variation of the COPA and not to take anything away from that .

But for me , if you're into that classic style , there really isn't anything better than a classic Mazzo Morelia .

It's the tekeyla V Two Pro , the second generation of the Tequila series .

I was a big fan of the original and I really do like what they did in the update , but I have to say the kinetic stitch up for , for whatever reason doesn't feel quite as soft .

The second time around the fit definitely improved because of the deeper lacing system that they incorporated and the soul plate and stud pattern while not hugely different than what they were doing before has definitely been improved as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

At least feels a little bit more natural underfoot .

It's a really solid well rounded pair of football boots , but like a lot of boots on this list .

I don't think that it does any one thing in particular all that well , that makes it stand out from the crowd previously .

I had the tequila at be here because I really like them .

The second generation I do have to say given all the options out there does drop a little bit even though because it's not the most popular , you can get them on sale for some really good prices .

This to me is a sea tier boot .

The fear on V Six Pro , the sixth generation speed boot from the new Balance brand and I'm happy to report that they finally got it right .

This brand new knitted upper is incredibly soft , incredibly flexible and also does a pretty good job of maintaining decent structure .

It's not the most responsive football boot in the world , but it's definitely not lacking in responsiveness either .

It's comfortable .

It fits really nicely with , it's one piece construction and the soul plate and stud pattern .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You might recognize that it's a very mercurial ask to the point where you could argue that they copied it entirely .

But there are some very slight differences either way in terms of aggressiveness in traction and feel underfoot .

It's one of the very best options out there right now .

And again , due to its lack of popularity , you can get it for some phenomenally low prices right now .

Previously , I had the Fear Hunt V Five in D here .

This is a gigantic improvement .

This for me is easily an a tier football boot as far as other brands go under armor seems to have disappeared .

They may or may not come back .

We'll see what happens with them .

Umbro is another brand that has not really done a lot in the last little while or at least I haven't been exposed to a lot of the latest Umbro products .

So I don't feel that it's fair for me to rank them and then a lot of kind of just puts out all these random models they did that kind of predator looking lace food .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's ok , but I'm not really sure why you would buy that over other lace options from the brand , especially given the Predator 20 generation .

Either way that pretty much concludes the ultimate tier list of football boots for 2020 .

Obviously , it's subject to change because I'm sure there will be some new boots coming out at some point in the future .

Either way , let me know what you guys think of these picks down below in the comments and you guys enjoyed this video in general and perhaps would like to see more tier list videos support this one with the like that lets me know that you want to see more .

Of course , if you're not subscribed to the channel already , be sure to hit that subscribe button along with the little bell notification .

So you get notified when the next new video goes live , you can find all my social media information , link it down below in the description as well .

Other than that guys , thank you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one .


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